Monday, December 17, 2012


There is something wrong with me, with the blogs, bloggers, or nah with me?!

I love posting, I love writing, I love reading,! but lately been so busy to do all of this! lately I have nothing to post or write about!

Well,, I just got married and I guess I have been busy with marriage life! busy with work.. not having time to sit online and post or think of something to post..!

I have seen many bahraini blogs rising! so happy for that..! and seen some old bloggers returning back which also made me smile :) !

I never disappeared.. not completely I mean! I go and come, go and come..! I guess I will be posting recipes these days! staying at home made me cook! hahaha I am so proud of myself! I cooked rice today! for the first time on my life! I COOKED! Yes it is HUGE for me :P !! I never cooked! well you learn all the things when you get married :P ! Don't believe them when they say you have to learn from now naaah I never cooked with mom lol !

hmmm.. It is late.. sometimes I wonder, do people write on there blogs for other people to read or for them to just write and let go?! In my case.. I write to write! I know I always jump from one subject to another! but hey this is me :P I just write to write!

& yeah.. I removed the chity chat from my blog.. Sorry to all who were chatting with me there.. I will miss u! but the box was not fitting into the blog's column and it looked really bad so I had to remove it! if I found a better chat box I will try to add it to my blog.. I hope this doesnt stop you from visiting my blog :)

Good night all.. & Happy National Day Bahrain

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Unspoken words

There are just certain things in life that are better off unknown. things you wish you never asked, never saw, never heard or never even felt.

Now I have to be the strongest here.. The one who assure them that things are gonna be right.. But are things gonna be right?! We have been there.. Gone through this.. Fixed this.. But how many times we will fix it until its really fixed!!

Trust? Trust?! What is trust? How can you trust someone so blindly?! Why! Why would you betray this trust! What do you need more? What do you want more?! I cant understand why someone would do this! It is so painful! So pain inside.. I dont know how to deal with this..! All my life I was scared of betrayal and life surprised me with many ways of betrayals..!! I've seen it from everyone! Everyone I truly loved! Am I scared? Yes I am.. So scared of what life is bringing for me next! Things are falling apart yet I am trying to hold on.. Things are disappearing yet I am trying to clearly see.. I thank God for everything, yet I ask why this happened.. Why to us.. What went wrong.. What needs to be fixed.. Will things be back to normal? Will we forgive and forget AGAIN? Isn't it hard to continue forgiving people on the same mistakes they make?! Will Karma hit me on the face even when I had nothing to do with this!?

I pray silently.. I pray.. I pray to wake up from this horrible dream.. I pray to wake up again.. I pray .. But I am not even sure what to pray for.....!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Truth or Dare

I was never a big fan of this game.. I always get embarrased when I play it! Perhaps because I am a shy person so I don't feel comfortable to be asked some private questions! I dunno why people ask these kind of questions! Such a stupid ones and the purpose is just to know more about your private life! It sucks!

Okay let's play? I wanna know more about you, your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend and the questions go into a very deep details! I sometimes also wonder how could people answer to these questions! Why would you answer? Why would anyone say the truth? Or are they saying the truth?

** Have you ever tried any drugs?
** Hmmm.. Silence << which would let you think that this person did try drugs.. Then a smile.. Then a NOOOOOO of course NOT!

Usually when someone asks me a private question I go red! I dunno what to answer and I stay silent.. I don't play this game I get forced to play it.. YEAH LET'S PLAY! LET US ROLL THE BOTTLE .. BOOM BUTTERFLY YOU ARE THE FIRST TO BE ASKED! ....!!

I also wonder why its easier to answer questions rather than accepting the dare! Perhaps because when people answer they can lie, but there is nothing to lie about in daring!

I suck at answering questions & I suck at even asking questions.. I thought this game is fun, but since I have been there I knew that people only play it to get into each others privacy.. Or perhaps it is how people do it here..

I am off to bed.. I have a bad headache today.. I have been thinking a lot on shutting this blog of.. I might be doing it soon.. Perhaps yes and perhaps not.. Will see how it goes.. Good night all and have a great weekend..

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

just for me to stay awake!

Oh God.. I am soooooooooo soooooooooo soooooooooooooo 7adi very much sleeeeppppppyyyyyy!
I cant work, kelma ashte'3el 3yooni t'3ame'9! seriously I am falling asleep.. gabel cham yoom.. chee I was working o ada5el numbers.. mara wa7da chaaan.. 5oshh .. '36aat 3aini.. LOL min 9ijii I slept for 1 min :P rasi kan be6eg fel desk so thats why ge7a9t LOL.. esta'3fer allah .. I love ramadan.. I do.. bas dawami wayed mut3eb in ramadan.. I have to wake up at 6 am cuz dwami at 7.. o I try to sleep early but I also wanna spend some time with my family at night.. I usually sleep at 12 these days so next day adawem metkasra.. 5wati now ejazat el 9aif 3endhum so they all stay up to 2 am yets7roon weya ba3ath.. ela ana 7ta su7oor matsa7ar :(!! ga3da afaker a5eth ejaza a5er yoom fe hal sboo3 shraykum?! abee arta7 shway + thyabi el 3eed la7een ma5l9thum! bas agool 7ram el wa7ed ya5eth ejaza fe ramdan! ya3ni its only 6 hours laish a5aser ejazati.. Hmm let me c cham yoom 3endi.. ee walla agdar a5eth! madriii hmmm..
b3d shenoo.. I only do this for me not to sleep.. zain shway 9a79a7t! shakli rada b3d 3gb shway to talk bas 3shan I dun feel asleep!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hello All.. I missed you.. Missed blogging world.. << adri wayed gelt hal 7achi :P
First.. Embarak 3laikum el shahar..
Second.. Well.. Hmmm.. I am a lazy lazy lazy lazy lady! Yes I am and I sometimes hate it!
How are you all?! How's Ramadan going on with you? For me esta'3fer allah all what I do is watching tv and sleep.. Okay I do read qur2an but I know eni emga9ra and I can read or do more...
I am so not an out going person so I usually spend time at home.. I wish I was an out going girl! lol..

So feeni sowalef :P min zeman masoolaft! shet6al3oon fe ramdan shetab3oon? sheno 3ajebkum o sheno mo 3ajebkum?! ana matam shay machoofa :P min 2 PM emjabla MBC Drama lee 5 PM!
Hmmm.. What elseee... I am seriously thinking of creating a new blog called lazy something :P LOL.. well I am trying with my fiance so hard to create one with me, & since we both are lazy I dunno when this blog will be born :P
I love ramadan.. I love home.. I love sleeping.. I love talking.. Adri wala shay min ely geltah foog la 3elaqa eb ba3ath but I really missed talking here! I missed talking about anything & everything! I am currently at work doing nothing just counting down the hours to go home :P!

Take care all o 3eedkum embarak moqadman in case e5tefait b3d :P

Monday, June 25, 2012

New Blog.. Yes or No?!

I am thinking of creating a new blog! I don't know why! I just feel like I need a change!

Shall I go for it or shall I keep this blog?!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


 He stole my heart, that's why I had to steal his last name...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Your opinion VS your friend's Opinion!!

""I am not mad, I am hurt. There is a difference.""

Hello all,, how have you been? Missed you!

Thanks for those who keeps visiting my blog and I am sorry for being away.. I miss blogging but I was really busy.. I got promoted at work thanks to God =) ! and more nice news are coming soon =D !!

So let's have a chitty chat!

A quick question for you!

Let's say that you bought something for a special party and you so loved it and found it so amazing on you! & the party is in few days! and you are so excited!! You showed it to your family and they all said it looks gorgeous on you!!

So finally you decided to show your friend what you bought – because this is what we girls do before any party - ! andddddd here is the big BOMB! she tells you right straight on the face "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU BUY AND WHY THE HELL DID YOU BUY THAT?" LOL!!

Now tell me how your reaction will be? What will you say? What will you do? & do you honestly think that what your friend did/said was right?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I can't keep myself from smiling everytime I read this poetry.. I love you baby so much..


It still seems like magic every time I remember how love softly touched our hearts, bringing 'em together.

Ever since I met you, you've opened my heart to new joys, touched it with your loving way, and now I can't imagine my life without the beauty of your love!

My world was a misty blue before I met you and saw the love in your eyes!
Now it is a rosy pink, with you by my side, it seems like a dream…

Honey, The warmth of your magical touch, your sweet smile, your amazing kisses, and the love in your eyes, your hugs, and your caring ways make me feel so special.

Sweetheart, The pearly treasures of the sea, the lights that spatter heaven above, more precious than these wonders are my heart-of-hearts filled with your love.

Our love's like the wind strong and growing, our love's like the river forever flowing, our love's like the sun that shines so bright, our love's like the moon with it's gentle light, our love is rare, our love is true, a bond that's grown between me and you. And
I believe our love is forever, neither time nor distance can take you away from me!

Whenever I see you, I'm as happy as can be, for you bring a smile upon my face' and a feeling of joy within my heart; you remind me that I'm special, and to love you is the most beautiful thing I could do

Love is the sweetest emotion that springs in my heart, love is like that tender kiss you gave me at the start, love is to see that special smile appear on your face, love is like a bouquet with its trimmings & lace, love is like sunshine, strong & true, love is all that I feel so deeply for you.

I love you so deeply, I love you so much; I love the sound of your voice, and the way that we touch. I love your warm smile, and your kind, I love you today as I have from the start, and I'll love you forever... with all my heart.

Dear, My love's like a red rose, each of the petals has your name written on it.
And I am a little bit more in love with you, each morning when I wake up, every time you call my name, when you come and hold my hand, and every moment, everyday!

I love thee - I love thee! 'this all that I can say; It is my vision in the night, my dreaming in the day; The very echo of my heart, the blessing when I pray:
I love thee - I love thee! Is all that I can say.

I love you today, tomorrow, and forever :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bahrain's Romeo!

شاب بحريني يتسلق أعلى برج للاتصالات ويطالب بحضور محبوبته ووالدها للموافقة على زواجه

تسلق شاب بحريني يبلغ من العمر 19 سنة أحد أبراج الاتصالات بمنطقة مدينة حمد مساء أمس مهددا بعدم النزول من أعلى البرج إلا بعد حضور البنت التي ينوي الزواج منها برفقة والدها والموافقة على زواجه منها. 
و قد فوجئ الأهالي بإقدام الشاب على هذا التصرف الذي لا يشاهد إلا في الأفلام الرومانسية، وقال شهود عيان بأن الشاب كان يصرخ بأعلى صوته مطالبا بحضور محبوبته مع والدها إلى الموقع والموافقة على زواجه.
وحضر رجال الشرطة إلى الموقع على الفور، وبعدها حضر أيضا والد الفتاة إلى أملا في إقناع الشاب بالنزول إلا أنه طالب بحضور الفتاة أيضا و موافقتها على الزواج منه كشرط للنزول من أعلى البرج.

و احتشد عدد كبير من الأهالي و المارة حول البرج، حيث استمر الوضع لقرابة الساعتين إلى حين صعود رجال الشرطة الى البرج وانزال الشاب العاشق دون ان تحضر الحبيبة ودون أن يتحقق حلمه بالزواج.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

المهمة الحلقة 1

I liked this show very much.. Interesting and worth watching :)..

  فكرة البرنامج تعتمد على إقامة برنامج تدريبي شبابي تلفزيوني يتم فيه اختيار مجموعة من الشباب المتخرجين أو المقبلين على التخرج والباحثين عن العمل في مختلف المجالات حسب تخصصاتهم، يقام بتدريبهم وتهيئتهم لسوق العمل من خلال ورش عمل يقدمها متخصصون، من بعدها يقام بتوفير فرص عمل لهم في مختلف الشركات والمؤسسات، وهنا يبدأ التحدي الحقيقي بين المشاركين في كيفية إثبات القدرات للحصول على الوظيفة وكل ذلك يتم تصويره كبرنامج تلفزيوني واقعي.

يا معيريس الحلقة 4 و 5

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dubai Here I Come!

Heeeeeeyyyy alll :D

I am sooo excited for the weekend! Finally my dad is treating me like a grown up and he is allowing me to travel with my friends :D So this weekend I will be off to DUBAI! I am so extremely happy about it.. I need your recommendation in where to go? I know there are a lot of stuff to do and to go in Dubai! But I am just spending 3 days there “the weekend only” so I wanna know where are the best places to go in these 3 days! Places for activities, fun, restaurant! Anything comes in your mind! I don’t wanna miss something there I wanna enjoy the whole weekend!

 Appreciating your help :D

PS. I heard that there are real penguins in SKI Dubai where you can touch them and take photos with them! Is that true?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

وين الضحك

So loved this song.. So touching..

Monday, April 9, 2012


Good morning all..

As you know I just turned 26 and I am still single and since people here think that girls cant live without marriage everyone around me starting to ask me when I am getting married! What surprised me is one of my friends once sent me a msg with a number of "5a6aba" [a stranger who looks for the right match for you]! First I laughed thinking that she is joking, then I realized how serious she was! She told me call her tell her what you want in a guy and send her your picture!

Now if you were on my shoe, would you accept doing this? Would you send your picture to some stranger and ask her to find your soulmate? For guys, would you marry someone this way? Would you also give your picture and meet someone this way?

Please share your thoughts :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mai a Make-up addict

I am one of the girls who loves to put make up, I love buying make up and I love practicing it on my face. Unfortunately I don’t see myself good at it! I lately heard about Mai. I heard that she is giving a basic classes where she covers almost everything step by step! I really found that interesting and I decided to join her class!
You wont believe me how well organized her class was! Well let me start from the beginning!
When I heard about her – from my cousins - I started following her on twitter, and I found a lot of people commenting about her class, so I contacted her to get more details. She is such a sweetheart girl! She was replying on every single message and she was very helpful even before the class!
So on the class date I was so excited! I went inside the class and got amazed of how everything was on order and everything was so organized! I forgot to take pictures that day but I will show you the pictures she posted in her blog

Here what the class covers:

I benefited a lot from the class, I loved attending it and I enjoyed it to the max! I am pretty sure you will find it useful! She teaches almost everything in these three and a half hours! And she will tell you which product is good to use and stuff! She is such a lovely girl that she actually welcome any question and she answers back nicely!
I highly recommend you to join her class! She is planning to make an advance class for the eye shadows and she is taking the girls from the basic classes! So join her today before its too late!

& if you are not from Bahrain, why not visit us and try to attend one of her classes! I assure you its worth it!

To know more about her makeup class please visit:

To know more about Mai:

“”I’m Mai and I’m a Make-up addict.
The obsession with make-up started out a few years ago & I decided to actually explore everything about it! I felt the urge to educate the women who use make-up but have no clue on how to apply it: shes uses a wrong brush with this or applies this before that or uses a dark color with this.. Etc. What made me start was when friends kept asking me: what’s that eyeshadow? How do you even out your skin after foundation? How to use the eyeliner? How to How to How to…. So i gathered them and created a MAKE-UP 101 session & taught them all the basics. Then I realized that many other girls need to know about this. Guiding them through this will enhance their make-up skills & make them feel pretty.””

You can visit her on her website:
twitter @TheMakeupManual

I Support Bahrainis

Sunday, March 25, 2012

You & restaurant with bars!

Since I live in Bahrain, we have a lot of restaurants which contains bars inside.. to be honest I hate this thing here in Bahrain, I think they really should close all the bars in the restaurants and at least keep them inside the hotels only – although I wish we live in a country with no alcohol access –
So my question today, would you go to a restaurant with a bar inside? If you saw someone entering such places what would you think of them? What will be the first impression you would take?
To be more specific, if you saw a girl entering these restaurants would you think that she drinks?

Share your thoughts =)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our Little Angel!

Before 9 months I posted a topic under Al7amdulelah!!!!  title where I was extremely happy.. Everyone was wondering why I was happy.. To know why.. I finally became an aunt.. My sister in law has giving birth to our sweet baby angel boy.. On 15th March Mohammed has lighten our day.. It was a day full of tears of happiness.. I still remember how we were all - my sisters and her sisters - sitting at the hospital hall waiting for her.. She was in the hospital since the morning and she gave birth  at night.. She got so tired but thank God she and the baby were fine.. I am so happy and I miss the baby so much because she has to stay in her mother's home for 40 days if not more..

He is our first child in our small family.. My mom is finally a grandma and my dad is finally a grandpa..
Welcome to the world Mohammed Junior.. We love you so much baby boy :*..

Allah ya7fe'9a yarab o e5aleeh lena inshalla..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Angry Me!

I am pissed.. Angry.. Mad.. Angry.. Pissed.. Grrrr!!
I dunno why! But today is so not my day! I don’t feel like working! Since I came to work I’ve been doing nothing but staring at the screen! Nothing went the way I wanted! I am just so angry right now! I just wanna go home! And I have a lot of things to do today and I am nervous about it! I have to go to the saloon, get ready for today’s wedding and I will miss my family gathering! I hate weddings! No I don’t hate weddings I hate preparing for weddings! We have to do a lot of stuff! Saloon! Hair! Makeup! Dress! Jewelry! And I have none of these! I guess I will wear my short pink dress hmm!!
Hmmm.. do I feel better? Somehow! But still I am pissed off! And you also piss me off! KAIFI ! EE KAIFII! You piss me off! I will do whatever I wanna do and you don’t have the right to tell me YES OR NO! It is my life and I will live it the way I want!
I am also kind of pissed from work! I guess I will not get the position I always wanted! I don’t wanna be an engineer! I am not an engineer! And I did not study engineering! I am a business student! I have business certificate! And I am planning to continue my studies in business! So NO I am NOT INTERESTED in working in something NOT RELATED to my MAJOR!
Enough anger….

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to All Moms in this world..

I was listening to Bahrain FM this morning and I loved the questions they asked, I would love to know your answers to these questions.. So here we go..

1. What did you take from your mom (from both personality and look)?
2. What is the punishment that your mom gave you which you can never forget and which makes you laugh about it now?
3. A word you would like to dedicate to your mommy?

For me, my answers are:
1. I look like my mom, this is what all say and I am happy about it! I took my mom's face! I still look like my dad I guess :P.. From the personality, I guess I took her kind heart, also, I am like her in always assuming good about people! "7sn el '9an" which I kindly hate to be honest :P

2. Hahaha, well my mom is not a bad mother, but I guess our moms before used to beat their kids which is normal, so there is something I can never forget which make me laugh everytime I remember it and makes my mom upset wondering how she did that lol, I was maybe 3-5 years and I used to refuse to go to the toilet to pee *excuse my langauge* so my mom used to take me there and asking me nicly to do it and I used to refuse, the moment I leave the toilet I pee outside in the livingroom :P which used to piss my mom off and she used to beat me on my "butt" really hard *excuse my language again* lol actually she was doing it with a wood spoon the one we use in cooking :P LOL

3. Last word is I love you Mama! Allah e6awel li fe 3omrech o e5aleech li o e5aleech etchofeen 3yaal 3yaali yaraab!

Yallaaa share your answers please :P

اللهم يا ذا الجلال و الإكرام يا حي يا قيوم ندعوك باسمك الأعظم الذي إذا دعيت به أجبت، أن تبسط على والدتي من بركاتك ورحمتك ورزقك.

اللهم لا تجعل لها ذنبا إلا غفرته ، ولا هما إلا فرجته ، ولا حاجة من حوائج الدنيا هي لك رضا ولها فيها صلاح إلا قضيتها, اللهم ولا تجعل لها حاجة عند أحد غيرك

 اللهم و أقر أعينها بما تتمناه لنا في الدنيا،اللهم إجعل أوقاتها بذكرك معمورة،اللهم أسعدها بتقواك

 اللهم اجعلها في ضمانك وأمانك وإحسانك،اللهم ارزقها عيشا قارا ، ورزقا دارا ، وعملا بارا

 اللهم ارزقها الجنة وما يقربها إليها من قول اوعمل ، وباعد بينها وبين النار وبين ما يقربها إليها من قول أو عمل

 اللهم اجعلها من الذاكرين لك ، الشاكرين لك ، الطائعين لك ، المنيبين لك،اللهم واجعل أوسع رزقها عند كبر سنها وانقطاع عمرها

 اللهم واغفر لها جميع ما مضى من ذنوبها ، واعصمها فيما بقي من عمرها، و ارزقها عملا زاكيا ترضى به عنها،اللهم تقبل توبتها،وأجب دعوتها

 اللهم إنا نعوذ بك أن تردها إلى أرذل العمر،اللهم واختم بالحسنات أعمالها اللهم آمين

 اللهم وأعنا على برها حتى ترضى عنا فترضى ، اللهم اعنا على الإحسان إليها في كبرها

 اللهم ورضها علينا ، اللهم ولا تتوفاها إلا وهي راضية عنا تمام الرضى ، اللهم و اعنا على خدمتها كما ينبغي لها علينا، اللهم اجعلنا بارين طائعين لها

 اللهم ارزقنا رضاها ونعوذ بك من عقوقها،اللهم ارزقنا رضاها ونعوذ بك من عقوقها

Monday, March 19, 2012

I Will Miss You!

I loved it.. Loved how we sat and talked.. Loved how we were so comfortable that day.. Loved how comfortable I felt when I was eating.. I loved how we used one laptop.. How we were looking at one screen.. I loved feeding you.. I loved drinking from the same straw.. I loved spending time with you..
For the first time that day I felt I am going to lose you soon.. I couldnt take my eyes from your face.. I wanted to explore every part on it.. I wanted to see every part.. Your eyes.. Your cheeks.. Your lips.. Your chin.. Your hair.. I'm gonna miss you.. Gonna miss everything about you.. Gonna miss everything about us.. Gonna miss our chit chats.. Gonna miss our late calls.. Gonna miss our early morning calls.. Gonna miss your voice.... I am not sad.. Not even crying.. I am smiling.. You made me happy in the past years I knew you.. You made me laugh, smile, love life.. You made me believe in love.. You made me love you.. I am not angry at you.. Perhaps we are not meant to be together.. Even when I believe that you are my soulmate.. Even when I know that you complete me.. Even when I know that its hard to live without you.. Perhaps its better for both of us.. I love you.. But its time to go...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Date Cake

1 1/3 Cup all purpose flour
1 Egg
1/2 cup and 2 table spoon of melted butter
1 cup of date soaked in 1 cup of boiling water
1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of nuts (optional)
1 tea spoon of baking powder, A bit of salt, & 1 tea spoon of vanilla

What to do:
Beat the sugar and the butter together then add the egg.
Sift the flour, baking powder, salt, & the vanilla together then add it to the mixture above.
Put the dates in the boiling water then start mashing it so well with the spoon until it becomes so smooth - Do not throw the water, you will need it to mash the dates -
Add the dates and the nuts. (its optional to add the nuts)
Insert the whole mixture in the tray and then inside the oven (if your baking a whole cake put it inside the oven for 45 minutes, if your baking cupcakes put it inside the oven for 15 to 20 minutes)

2 table spoon butter
2 table spoon brown sugar
2 table spoon thick cream (Geemar/Qesh6a)
Add the above ingredients together, then keep it in the fridge to cool, then put it on the cake!

As always, I only bring easy recipes =).. I tried it and its so tasty. I would recommend to put less sugar though!


1 1/3 كوب طحين جميع الاستعمالات
بيضة واحدة
1/2 كوب وملعقتين من الزبدة المذابة
كوب تمر منقوع في كوب ماء مغلي
كوب سكر
1/2 كوب جوز
ملعقة شاي بيكن بودر،ذرة ملح، ملعقة شاي فانيلا

يخفق البيض ثم يضاف اليه السكر والزبدة
بنخل الطحين والبيكن بودر والملح والفانيلا ثم يضاف الى المقادير
يضاف التمر بعد ان يهرس بالملعقة ثم يضاف الجوز
تدهن الصينية وتدخل الفرن لمدة 45 دقيقة (للكب كيك تدخل لمدة 15 - 20 دقيقة)

2 ملعقة اكل زبدة، 2 ملعقة سكر بني، 2 ملعقة قيمر
تسبح الزبدة ثم يضاف لها السكر والقيمر
يوضع الصلصة على الكعكة بعد ان تبرد قليلا


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Living in the shadow!

I'm sorry..
How can someone say sorry when they are repeating what they do over and over again..
How are you supposed to say its okay when its not?!
How are you supposed to say its fine when it hurts so much?
How are you supposed to smile back to them when you have tears on your eyes?
I am hating this routine! Crying at night and wake up looking miserable!
I don’t understand you, I don’t understand how can you say sorry when you don’t know you’re sorry for what!

I'm hating your sorries, your promises, your words! I'm hating how you tell me you love me, you want me, you wanna be with me! I'm hating how your telling me your trying when your not! I'm hating how a month has passed and you are still doing nothing, how we are still in the same page.. I'm hating how actually its been more than a month for that, how every time I've been saying this time is different, how every time I'm trusting you, how every time I'm believing you!
You're sorry? You want me to close this subject and leave it to you to deal with? You don't want me to think about it because it hurts me and it makes me cry? You don’t want me to think about it because it’s effecting our relationship?

I feel stupid.. I feel stupid because if I knew someone else was going through the same thing I am going through I would say leave the guy he is not worth it! Leave the guy he doesn’t wanna be with you! Leave the guy because if he wants you he will do his best to be with you! I feel stupid because I can’t do this with you.. I feel stupid even when I know if you want me you will try harder, I can’t leave you! I feel stupid that I cry at night over my stupidity! I cry because you’re hurting me and I can’t let you go! I cry because I love you so much and you’re not appreciating it! What is hard? What is hard about us being together? You somehow make me think that all this will go eventually.. That this won’t work.. That I am a person who you are holding on until you find someone else who you wouldn’t hesitate in being with.. I am stupid.. Because even when I know all this.. Even when I know you can do better.. Even when I know you can try harder.. I still love you...

Sometimes it's difficult to see the picture when you're inside the frame... Perhaps that’s why it’s difficult for me to move on.. Because even when all these stuff are hurting me so much I still believe that you love me.. I still believe that you loved me like no one else did.. Maybe, I am scared to let you go because I won’t find someone who will love me as much as you do.. Maybe I am wrong.. & maybe I am right.. I just don’t wanna live in the shadow any more...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stop Kony


who exactly is Joseph Kony?

Born in Uganda, Kony is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army. For years, the rebel group kidnapped children in northern Uganda, using the boys as fighters for his movement and raping the girls.

It's estimated he's abducted 66,000 children and killed tens of thousands; often families of the kidnapped children.


Beads Brides

A Bahraini girl who started her own business.. Beads Brides.. Are you looking for some gorgeous dresses? Do you want to look pretty and unique? Do you have a dream?
Weave your dreams with Beads

They have interviewed her on AlWatan news paper but unfortunately I couldn’t find the interview!
All the luck for the Beads! 

For more details:
Twitter: @BeadsBrides 

I Support Bahrainis

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jena Bakery

A few days ago was my birthday, my dearest brought me a delicious chocolate cake! Somehow here in Bahrain most of people buy their cakes from la chocolat or Lilou, which both are really good, but to break this I got a real good cake from Jena Bakery! I totally loved it! The cake I got was full of CHOCOLATE!!! & I also got the chocolate diamonds which was also so delicious!!

I even took it with me to work and all the people at work complimented the cake! One said that even when he doesn’t like dessert he really liked this cake!
To be honest I have never been there, but I am planning to order from it soon! My mom also told me to order a cake for our family gathering!

So, let’s take a deeper look at Jena Bakery:

about Jena Bakery:

""One day I read a book called 'Like Water for Chocolate' and found my calling. It was a tale about longing, love, magic and food. The heroine was born in the kitchen, was passionate about food and possessed the ability to create strange dishes that evoked different emotions in people.

The book confirmed to me a feeling that I always had; what I was doing in my free time as a hobby- the food fairs, the cooking courses, the food literature- was actually what I should pursue as a career. This was my passion and I was ignoring it the whole time.

A chance meeting with an old friend - who later became my supportive business partner - put the Jena project on a roll. And with the help of an amazing support team, I was able to formally produce Jena desserts.

The idea behind the creation of Jena was to provide high quality, elegant desserts that taste like they were baked at home. Just like the heroine in 'Like Water for Chocolate', I believe I posses the ability to give happiness and pleasure to others through food. With this I want to be of help to everyone. To a housewife who has unexpected guests and needs a last minute dessert, to the person who is driving back home after a long workday and is craving the comfort of a cupcake or a brownie and to every person who wants to celebrate any special occasion of the year. I also just started to cater for corporate events, weddings and supply many restaurants with our desserts.

I do hope that I can help lessen people's stresses and be of servitude to them using my passion.

The best feeling in the world is to do what you love. Everyday I come to Jena, I get to experience that.""

A special offer for Mother’s Day:
Jam Crumb Cake
For this Mother's Day, why not treat your mum to some tea and a delicious crumb cake ?
The cake is made with vanilla sponge swirled with homemade jam and topped with a yummy crumb topping. So simple yet so good.
Serves: 6
Weight: 1 KG
Price: BD 10

Their location:

Their Menu:

For more details:
Twitter: @jenabakery

I Support Bahrainis

Happy International Women's Day!!

My work-mate just sent me this amazing email, Happy International Women's Day to All :)

1. "God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I've ever met." ~ Farrah Fawcett

2. "Women are the real architects of society." ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

3. "If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman." ~ Margaret Thatcher

4. "The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world." ~ Charles Malik

5. "Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels." ~ Faith Whittlesey

6. "Somewhere out in this audience may even be someone who will one day follow in my footsteps, and preside over the White House as the President's spouse. I wish him well!" ~ Barbara Bush

7. "Women have served all these centuries as looking glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of a man at twice its natural size." ~ Virginia Woolf

8. "Men who treat women as helpless and charming playthings deserve women who treat men as delightful and generous bank accounts." ~ Author Unknown

9. "Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition." ~ Timothy Leary

10. "Follow your instincts. That's where true wisdom manifests itself." ~ Oprah Winfrey

11. "One cannot be always laughing at a man without now and then stumbling on something witty." ~ Jane Austen

12. "The trouble with some women is they get all excited about nothing - and then they marry him." ~ Cher

13. "If men can run the world, why can't they stop wearing neckties? How intelligent is it to start the day by tying a little noose around your neck?" ~ Linda Ellerbee

14. "I earn and pay my own way as a great many women do today. Why should unmarried women be discriminated against - unmarried men are not." ~ Dinah Shore

All of us, no matter how big or how small, whether male or female -- we all owe our lives to a woman. While Mother's Day may not be till May, let's celebrate all the women of the world with these inspirational quotes during International Women's Day and Women's History Month.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

يا معيريس - الحلقة 2 و 3

الحلقة الثانية

الحلقة الثالثة

The 11 Questions Tag

I have been tagged by a sweetheart blogger “Standy” I guess its good that you tagged me since I wasn't posting these days :P so let’s start..

11 facts about me:
1.    I just turned 26 years on Sunday!
2.    I live in Bahrain!
3.    I am lazy.. so lazy.. and so in love with sleeping
4.    I love birds! I actually adore all the animals but I have birds and I treat one as my actual baby!
5.    I love pink & blue
6.    I wanna get engaged soon because I am hating being in a relation when I am old for these kinds of relations!
7.    I love reading!
8.    I am a shy person. I blush every time someone compliments me, flirts with me, blah blah…
9.    I love pajamas’!
10.  I don’t know how to put/use make up!
11.  I got tired thinking of 11 facts about me :P


1.      Will you ever consider giving me 1000 Omani Rials?
1. why would I? :P hahaha 1000 Omani Rials as  how much here in Bahrain? :P well.. If I was a millionaire I would :P

2. Are you a racist person?
2. No I am not

3. Are you an expensive friend?
3. What do you actually mean by that? :P I hope I am an expensive “as ‘3alya 3aleehum” to my friends :P

4. Why is the sky blue?
4. because the sun is yellow!

5. When was the last time you screamed from all your heart?
5. few days ago, I was stressed, upset, angry, so I started to scream and shout at home just to feel better :P

6. If i can grant you one wish, what would you wish for?
6. for your to get 1000 Omani Reyals :P

7. Name your bestfriend.
7. my monkeys (Zee, Zooz, Jass, Aimz), & Had

8. If sense sometimes makes no sense how can you sense the sense in the nonsesne that is suppose to be the sense?
8. well, you don’t make any sense with the sense of  your nonsense question :P

9. What is the scariest thing you ever had to do?
9. Hmmmmmmmm.. I cant remember anything now really

10. Iphone or Blackberry?
10. I have a blackberry although I wanna own an Iphone too :P

11. How many languages do you speak and what are they?
11. Arabic (mother tongue), English, and a bit of Persian (although I understand it very well, I cant speak)
My Questions:
1.      If you were walking and you saw a stranger wearing something that you really wanted to have long time ago, will you go ask from where they got it?
2.      Are you in love?
3.      Do you dislike/hate someone?
4.      Have you ever tried drinking alcohol?
5.      Are you a happy person?
6.      Would you live in another country than yours?
7.      Do you believe in second chance?
8.      Would you give a second chance?
9.      Do you own a pet?
10.  Do you have a good voice?
11.  Are you fat?
Now I tag:

1. Post 11 random facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions I asked
3. Tag 11 other bloggers and create 11 questions for them to answer
4. Inform those that you have tagged them
5. No tag backs