Monday, April 9, 2012


Good morning all..

As you know I just turned 26 and I am still single and since people here think that girls cant live without marriage everyone around me starting to ask me when I am getting married! What surprised me is one of my friends once sent me a msg with a number of "5a6aba" [a stranger who looks for the right match for you]! First I laughed thinking that she is joking, then I realized how serious she was! She told me call her tell her what you want in a guy and send her your picture!

Now if you were on my shoe, would you accept doing this? Would you send your picture to some stranger and ask her to find your soulmate? For guys, would you marry someone this way? Would you also give your picture and meet someone this way?

Please share your thoughts :)


I'm Farsilla said...

happy belated bday sweety. hope things r getting better for u inshaallah n talking about ur friend. well no. just becareful. n meet that guy in person, well if u want to, just try but make sure u r with ur friends that u can trust :)


Butterfly Chick said...

Thanks sweetie :**, well for me I did not accept doing this, no offence to all who married this way but for me no I wud never do this.. I just wanted to see how other people think before me giving my opinion on it :) I dun wanna effect anyone's answer :P
and I agree, you shud meet the guy in person to know him more, u can tell from a picture or from what you hear about him

I'm Farsilla said...

yesss truee!! n pics can b deceiving T_T dont take a risk ok sweety :)


Butterfly Chick said...

Thanks sis I will not.. Just pray for me whatever in my heart happen soon inshalla :).. I wish u the best too :*

Anonymous said...

Well, i don't like the old traditional way of marriage like what you mentioned , today girls and guys are more modern , they meet through people , work and friends then they get hooked , this is how i met my husband , through friends.


Karamilah said...

no, never, none, impossible,... and any other word that says laaaaa.

like seriously, this is fate, if god wills god wills, if not then it is your destiny. And sending your photo is insane, you don't know what might happen to it, right?! do you trust this stranger no, so it is obvious the answer is NO.

lol. this is funny

Cate Joubran said...

Happy birthday babe! Dont worry, 26 is still young :D What if your not getting married? That doesnt change anything about you :)

Butterfly Chick said...

I kinda dun like the traditional way too.. I prefer to know the guy before marrying him.. & I totally agree with what you said about today's guys and girls.. We are more modern now and there is no harm with finding your other half by searching for him/her!

Lol.. True.. I somehow find it pathetic for me to do that! - No offence to any who did that or plannin to do it - But for me, no I wud rather stay single than going to someone and give her my pic and beg her to find me someone!

Thanks sweetheart :*.. No worries at all! I am enjoying my 26! Keeping myself busy with the gym, outting with friends & back to study :P lol

Vainglorious said...


I believe it will happen when it happens.. I'm not going to chase it.. leave it to fate

Standy said...

i second vain.. big no no.

if its through an aunty or family member then yes bas wa7da i dont know asking me stuff as if she is goig to cook the husband for me, uhh no thank you :p

Shwaish said...

NO never in a million years. happy bilated birthday :D

Butterfly Chick said...

True.. if it meant to be it will happen sooner or later!

Yeah I agree, if it was through the family then I guess I wont mind it!
LOL @ cooking a husband LOOOL

Thanks sweetie! hahaha so dont we all agree on the same?

Anonymous said...

Well 26 is still young as in not a number for a you to worry about if you didn't get married :). 30+ and not yet married is worrying , like someone mentioned enjoy your 26 , for you are only 26 once and leave the marriage part to when you are in your 30's .


Butterfly Chick said...

hahahaha.. the time is ticking :P I will be 30 soon lol.. well yeah 30 scares me so thinking about it make me go "WOHOOO"!! and not woho in a good way :P lol
Thanks Maha :*

Leilana said...

To a stranger? most definitely not. Unless I was REALLYYYY desperate.

You're only 26! Like Karamilah said, these things are fate.

Waleed Addictioneer said...

I don't like getting married this way though I would accept doing this if I get desperate :)

I would give them my super ultra photoshoped acne-free photo :p

One should make some effort to get married. don't lock yourself in a room and expect a knight on a white horse to knock the door and take you from your bed :p... (for some girls I know)

26 is perfect age for girls to get married :p 28 and 29 is the danger zone for women imho

Jma Design said...

oh common stop wasting time, don't wait until u reach the danger zone (one year from now)
and don't believe comments from other girls they hearts are full with invy..

I say go for it, plus soulmate is something over exaggerated