Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012.. Surprise us

2011.. A year I wont forget..
2011.. You brought enough pain to my heart..
2011.. I got betrayed.. I got hurt.. I got cheated at.. I lost people..
2011.. My country got hurt.. My country got damaged.. Our people died.. Our people got hurt..
2011.. You showed me the inside of a lot of people and the hate and hatred inside their hearts..
2011.. I passed my exams..
2011.. Made new friends
2011.. Being with the love of my life means the world to me..
2011.. Traveled alone for the first time in my life..!
2011.. Traveled with my family and loved it..
2011.. I started baking and loving it
2011.. I quit my job and joined a better company where I am much relieved..
2011.. You brought pain.. You brought happiness..
2012.. Please.. Please.. Please return back Bahrain to where it was before..
2012.. Please bring the love back to our hearts and remove all this hate..
2012.. Surprise us..

يا نهايات السنة، أخشى أن تسفري عن كذب وعدتني به، بأن يكون القادم يحمل فرحا! دعي المستقبل يتفتح للآخرين ولنا.. نحن معا.. راكعين معا.. وفي اليقظة والحلم لا يحركنا شيئ غير الخير لهذا الوطن.. أيتها السنة الجديدة قولي من أنتِ؟ من أنتِ؟ لأنك كنت الجروح، الدماء، الدموع، الثقوب في القلب.. والوطن الحزين، كلما زرته سمعته يئن وكنت الملتفة على ذاتي ألعنها ولاشيئ بيدي!
نجوم بلادي تنوح، لا تضيئ .. كنت أردد.. أهذه ديلمون التي لا ينعق فيها البوم!
أيها البحريني.. افرك عينيك.. لقد مضت السنة.. دماء هنا وحقد هناك.. زجاج مكسور في اليد وفي القلب.. تلامذة مشتتون حول علم واحد.. إخوة مختلفون في بيت واحد وزملاء منشقون.. معتقلون ومحكومون قيد الانتظار.. جدران مشوهة.. نقاط تفتيش وطرق مؤجلة.. أهذا وطني؟! أهذه هي البحرين؟ أهل الساحل الطيبين..!
سنة.. و شيعة.. فقير.. وغني.. فاسد.. وكادح.. أصيل.. ومجنس.. ظالم.. وعادل.. نتكلم عن أحدهما دائما وفيما بينهما تبدأ يومياتنا ولا تنتهي! دون أن نحرس فضاء شارعنا القديم..
ماذا سيهدينا الوطن غدا؟ عندما تهترئ نفوسنا بالألم والحقد.. وعيوننا تنظر إلى الاشيئ!
سنتي الجديدة خذي وطني للأمان.. كوني السلام واندفعي من هناك.. بعد العاصفة وعندما تكون السماء عالية واسعة وكلها نور.. هل انتظرك يا بلادي هناك؟

(بروين حبيب)

2011: Year In Review

New Year Plans?

Good morning All!
I am being so lazy lately.. Well I know I am lazy! But I just feel that I am not having enough sleep! I miss sleeping for more than 12 hours! I miss sleeping till the afternoon! I wanna do this in the coming holiday but I still don’t wanna waste my holiday in bed ><

So what are you planning to do in the new year? Did you plan for anything yet? Going out somewhere?
For me I might wake up late on Saturday then go out at night.. I still dunno where to go but perhaps I will be going out with my cousins!

4 days left for new year! I am so excited I don’t know why! What are the things you are planning to do in this year? Make a list and share it :D!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Out of Blue

Sometimes, there are some stuff which are hard for us to forget.. Even when we try our best to forgive that person for doing it all wrong.. Even when we try our best not to think about it.. Even when we convince ourselves that we forgot about it.. Deep inside.. Deep inside it still hurts when you remember it.. You try as hard as you can to push this thought.. Not for them.. For you not to get hurt.. For you not to hate them.. For you not to remember what happened..
I do forgive.. I just find it hard to forget.. It still hurts.. It still hurts so deeply when it crosses my mind.. Sometimes those who are so close to you.. Whom you trust the most.. Are those who hurt you the most..
I hate myself when I remember this.. I hate myself when I flip back the pages to where we were.. I hate myself when I hate you even for a second.. All my life I was scared of this.. & life surprised me by bringing it to me from all the people I truly loved.. All the people I truly cared for.. & all the people I truly trusted..
I believe in second chances.. I have been saying this over and over again.. I do believe in second chances.. But.. Maybe I am still scared.. Maybe a part of me still afraid.. I am scared to love.. I am scared to trust.. & I am even scared to think of this.. I try my best to shake this idea out of my mind.. It just comes over and over and over again.. Maybe I don't talk about it.. Maybe I don’t show it.. But it still hurt.. It hurts so deeply.. so so deeply that you will never know.. That you will never understand.. That you will never heal..

My Black Berry!

My black berry is not working :( I dunno whats wrong with it! It had shut by itself! I took the battery out then in but all what I get is a white screen! My sister told me maybe the battery is damaged and I should buy a new one, but what I think is I should buy a new black berry! I had it long time ago and its becoming so slow and hard to handle!
It sucks not to have my black berry now.. I will get bored all the day at work if I couldn’t open it lol..

What black berry do you recommend me to get? I dunno much for these stuff so I am confused and I dunno which one to buy! Could you help me please?

Challenge - I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present

Sunday, December 25, 2011

احراج طفل لمذيعة الرااي

Hahahaha I found him adorable!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas to all.

I am frustrated with those who say don’t celebrate Christmas or don’t greet non Muslims with Christmas! For God sake! Is this what Islam about? Is it ignoring people and being rude to them? Someone sent me a link which prohibited saying Merry Christmas or replying to non Muslims! Sorry! But I believe that Islam told us to respect all religions! I wouldn’t ignore someone who tells me Merry Christmas! & to be honest! I would celebrate Christmas because the purpose of it is celebrating the born of Prophet Isa (Jesus)!
Whether you accept what I say or not, you don’t have to force me to believe in what you believe and I wont force you to believe in what I believe. People have mind to think and everyone can do whatever he/she wants!

A broadcast I received in black berry Which I honestly loved:
Before you say “sorry Christmas I am Muslim”
Remember, they are always with us “Ramadan Mubarak” and “Eid Mubarak” every year, it wouldn’t kill to be nice!

وَسَلَامٌ عَلَيْهِ يَوْمَ وُلِدَ وَيَوْمَ يَمُوتُ وَيَوْمَ يُبْعَثُ حَيًّا

A Yummy Easy Dessert!

I’ve been viewing my old recipes which I saved and I saw this one, I had it long time ago and I really don’t remember if I copied it from a blog or an email I received!
Its really an easy dessert and a yummy one! I recommend doing it for children I bet they will love it!

What you need:
1) Nutella chocolate (& trust me everything with Nutella turns YUM!).
2) The recipe says choose sesame biscuit but I used digestive because I love it more.
Kiri cheese
4) Nestle Milk [and here I got confused I didn’t know what milk they mean, is it the fresh normal milk or the sweetened condensed milk, but I used the sweetened condensed milk (7aleeb mu7ala)]
5) Hershey Chocolate syrup (I didn’t use this one because the dessert was sweet enough!)

What we do:
1) First we should have the cupcake containers:

2) Then put in each one big spoon of Nutella chocolate

3) Then put the biscuit. What I did is smashing the digestive biscuit and I’ve put it on top of the chocolate.

4) Beat Kiri cheese with the milk, the put the cream above the biscuits

5) Then freeze it. The more you put it in the freezer the better. After they freeze, flip them and put some hershay syrup above it!

& enjoy eating!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pray for my baby bird :(!

I am so upset.. I cried.. But I don’t wanna lose hope and faith in God.. My little baby is so sick and I am not sure if he will make it.. I have nothing to do now but praying.. & I want you all to pray with me.. Tears are rolling on my eyes right now.. Thank God for everything.. Please all pray for my little baby bird Chocho..

اللهم ياودود ياودود ياذا العرش المجيد يافعال لماتريد أسالك بعزك الذي لايرام وملكك الذي لايضام وبنورك الذي ملأ اركان عرشك أن تشفيه ياغياث المستغيثين أغثه فأنت أرحم به ..لا اله الا أنت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين..

ياودود ياودود، ياذا العرش المجيد، يامبدئ يامعيد  يافعال لما يريد، أسألك بنور وجهك الذي ملأ أركان عرشك وأسألك بقدرتك التي قدرت بها على جميع خلقك وأسألك برحمتك التي وسعت كل شيء لا اله الا أنت، ياشافي ولاغيرك اشفيه

أســـــال الله العظيم رب العرش الكريم أن يشفيه
أســـــال الله العظيم رب العرش الكريم أن يشفيه
أســـــال الله العظيم رب العرش الكريم أن يشفيه
أســـــال الله العظيم رب العرش الكريم أن يشفيه
أســـــال الله العظيم رب العرش الكريم أن يشفيه
أســـــال الله العظيم رب العرش الكريم أن يشفيه
أســـــال الله العظيم رب العرش الكريم أن يشفيه

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Harvesting the Heart

Harvesting the Heart, by Jodi Picoult..

You love your baby. But you just cant cope with being a mother. What would you do?

Pagie has only a few vivid memories of her mother, who left her when she was five. Now, leaving her hometown of Chicago for dreams of art school and marriage to an ambitious young doctor, she finds herself with a child of her own. But her mother’s absence, and the shameful memories of her past, leaves her with painful doubts about her self-worth and maternal ability.

The only way to reunite her fractured family is to revisit her childhood – and find answers in the past to give her the strength to face the future.

I am currently reading this book, I liked her previous books which I read before more, but this one is still nice and it’s somehow something new for me to read!

Sally's Accessories

I Support Bahrainis

Sally is a girl who started her own home business.. I amleaving you with some of the stuff she is selling.. Enjoy and if you areinterested you can contact her =)

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Bahrainipreneur Blog!

Lately I've discovered an awesome Bahraini blog which supports Bahrainis and talks about Bahrain events. It is really nice to see such a Bahraini blog.. I am proud of this blog and I find it so helpful and interesting.
Please take a moment and visit this blog:

About the blog:
I’ve always been interested in supporting new talent in Bahrain. We have so many talented people on the island with great ideas but usually they are very hard to find, you have to ask someone who knows someone to reach them.
This blog will post all new creations and ideas of Bahraini Entrepreneurs. So if you have already started your own business or just doing it from home, drop me an email with information about what you do, some photos and how people can reach you and I will post it for you!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To end it or to stick with it

How would you know that you are giving so much in a relation where you are getting nothing out of it?! When a girl gets engaged to someone she doesn’t know, she tries her best to understand him, to love him, to love this new man in her life, to talk to him, to share with him every little thing about her own life. When she does that and she still feels that he is rejecting her, that he is hiding stuff, that he has something he didn’t tell, she starts to lose faith on him, she starts to doubt this relation!

In our culture, the girl has to do her best with this man.. Not to get divorced.. Yeah a divorced lady is a shame in our society! Even if it was his fault, still she will turn to be the bad person! And there are few men who would accept marrying a woman who was married before!

I know maybe I am not making sense in all what I am saying.. The problem is, how am I suppose to give someone I don’t know all the love I have in a sudden.. How am I suppose to share with him everything, how am I suppose to solve our problems! What if he was a stubborn person, what if he tried to control me, what if after months of our engagement I still feel that I am not ready to take this step further, that I am not sure about my feelings, that I am not sure about him, that maybe he is not the right person for me after all!

Divorce is something big.. I don’t want to even think about it! I don’t want to take this road.. I just.. I just want to make this work.. The more I try the more he pushes me away.. The more love I give the more hate I receive! I am so confused that I am sick and tired of fighting with him every day.. I am so confused that I don’t know whether I should end it or stick with it and stay with the statement that says every couples won’t get along first because they both came from different environment!

To end it or to stick with it, I know, and I am sure, me and many other girls who would be in my shoe, would surely stick with that man, no matter how bad he is, no matter how crappy he treats us, we just don’t want to be divorced!

Congrats To Laila!

Congrats to the winner of this competition.. You all were so pretty kids and I am sure you ended to be a beautiful/handsome adults.

So as I promised, its time to announce each picture belongs to who..

Picture #1:
SunShine (3 Votes)

Picture #2: m7mdghazi (1 Vote)

Picture #3: StandAlone (2 Votes)

Picture #4: is my sister “Laila” congrats sis.. (6 Votes)

I didn’t join as I promised I know, I might share my baby picture here one day =)..

Take care all and thanks for joining and thanks to those who voted!