Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mai a Make-up addict

I am one of the girls who loves to put make up, I love buying make up and I love practicing it on my face. Unfortunately I don’t see myself good at it! I lately heard about Mai. I heard that she is giving a basic classes where she covers almost everything step by step! I really found that interesting and I decided to join her class!
You wont believe me how well organized her class was! Well let me start from the beginning!
When I heard about her – from my cousins - I started following her on twitter, and I found a lot of people commenting about her class, so I contacted her to get more details. She is such a sweetheart girl! She was replying on every single message and she was very helpful even before the class!
So on the class date I was so excited! I went inside the class and got amazed of how everything was on order and everything was so organized! I forgot to take pictures that day but I will show you the pictures she posted in her blog

Here what the class covers:

I benefited a lot from the class, I loved attending it and I enjoyed it to the max! I am pretty sure you will find it useful! She teaches almost everything in these three and a half hours! And she will tell you which product is good to use and stuff! She is such a lovely girl that she actually welcome any question and she answers back nicely!
I highly recommend you to join her class! She is planning to make an advance class for the eye shadows and she is taking the girls from the basic classes! So join her today before its too late!

& if you are not from Bahrain, why not visit us and try to attend one of her classes! I assure you its worth it!

To know more about her makeup class please visit: http://themakeupmanual.com/2012/02/22/my-makeup-class-full-details/

To know more about Mai:

“”I’m Mai and I’m a Make-up addict.
The obsession with make-up started out a few years ago & I decided to actually explore everything about it! I felt the urge to educate the women who use make-up but have no clue on how to apply it: shes uses a wrong brush with this or applies this before that or uses a dark color with this.. Etc. What made me start was when friends kept asking me: what’s that eyeshadow? How do you even out your skin after foundation? How to use the eyeliner? How to How to How to…. So i gathered them and created a MAKE-UP 101 session & taught them all the basics. Then I realized that many other girls need to know about this. Guiding them through this will enhance their make-up skills & make them feel pretty.””

You can visit her on her website:
twitter @TheMakeupManual

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Anonymous said...

I love putting makeup ! , maybe because i'm kinda of a girly girl , so applying makeup comes naturally to me :), but i think this is a great lesson any girl could have , because every girl puts makeup now and then and those who say they don't are lying , because they can't go without makeup when they are invited to parties or weddings.


Butterfly Chick said...

I agree! It was such a great class and I highly recommend every girl to join it!
Thanks lulu :)

Anonymous said...

I think Makeup makes pretty girl prettier and ugly or plain girls also prettier , so every girl needs makeup :).
Well i can take a cource in how to apply makeup ,even though i do know how , but a cource wont be so bad , i wish we have such cources where i live .


Butterfly Chick said...

Yalla visit us for this course :P we might meet who knows :)

Anonymous said...

Yea well maybe when i visit Bahrain one day ! :)