Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today.. Its either a beginning or an ending ..
اللـهـــم إنـي آمـنـت بـقـضـائـك وقـدرك

Morning to all

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Late thoughts

It is so easy to say I love u these days :)..
Love just lost it meanings!
If u just know how much it hurts me everytime u say it :)!
Good night all..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who Is Your Role Model?!

Like mother like daughter
I never thought I will end up like my mom.. Not only the look but the personality! When I was a kid I used to tell her that I will end up raising my kids different than her, that I wouldn’t be so strict on them like she is, that I would let them go and do whatever they want. I used to think that her parenting is wrong!
Now, as I grew up, I can see myself a lot like my mom! Maybe I am not married and have no kids but still, my thoughts have changed! I started to think exactly like her! I took the good stuff and the bad stuff too from her! & by the bad stuff I mean that mom forgets, forget faces and usually she doesn’t concentrate and a lot of times when someone on the road or something raise a hand to say hi she doesn’t recognize that person or she usually don’t really see him/her! & yeah I got this from mom and it sometimes lead to misunderstanding specially with those who don’t know us well!
I love my mom so much and I am so happy that I ended up like her!

So how about you guys? Who did you end up looking and acting like? Mommy? Daddy? Someone from the family? Or someone else?
It would be nice to share your story too =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

تم افتتاح موقع
موقع يهتم بـ جديد التكنولوجيا من أجهزة كمبيوتر و موبايلات و أجهزة اخرى
التحديث على الموقع رح يكون بـ شكل يومي رح نعرض في آخر اخبار التكنولوجيا بالاضافة الى شروحات ل برامج و تطبيقات ونصائح تهم كل المستخدمين لهذه الأجهزة
كما يمكنك ان ترسل ايميل الى الموقع ب أي مشكلة تواجهك مع جهازك
ورح نقوم ب حل المشكلة على الموقع و حلها


This site is concerned with a new technology of computers and mobiles and other devices.
Update on the site suggested to be daily! It will offer the latest news in technology as well as explanations for the programs, applications, tips and advises to all users of these devices.
You can also send an email to the site to any problems you experience with your device!

Ghazi.. Get ready for my questions :P I know I have silly ones & I am 100% sure I will annoy you lol.. Feel free people to ask him and check his website its really awesome!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Too Much Hate!

I dunno whether I should apologize before posting this topic or not.. I don’t want my readers to read too much hate from me.. But sometimes you just wanna let some stuff out of your chest.. I am not a hateful person.. I am just going through a tough time..

Seriously? You are asking what’s wrong?! SERIOUSLY!!
I hate how men act like jerks! Oh or perhaps they are jerks! Do you really wanna know what’s wrong? So all what I told you the other day was nothing? All what I said the other day does not give me the right to be mad at you? No nothing is wrong! I’m totally fine! Look at me! Screw it…
I hate being the one who is over wanting, who is over loving, who is over caring! I cant give more than I get! I don’t wanna give more than I get! My life wont end here.. wont stop here.. I know this and you need to know that too!
Wanna see more hate?
I hate men
I hate liars
I hate betrayers
I hate love
I hate Monday!
I hate how I love you
I hate how I love you so much that it hurts!
I hate how I am feeling right now
I hate how I am counting the days down to end all this
I hate how all the people around me are upset now too
I hate the first two weeks in October
I hate freezing at work
I hate how you act like nothing happened
I hate how you know what’s wrong with me and you still don’t give a *&%! about it
I hate how you act upset like I am the one who is hurting you
I hate how you want me to act normal and speak normal when I am really angry at you
I hate how you know I am upset and you do nothing about it
I hate it when people ruin their second chances
I hate men? Yeah I know I’m repeating it!
I hate not knowing what I want
I hate not knowing what you want
I hate not knowing what will happen
I hate not knowing what’s in your mind
I hate how I wanna write more hates!
I hate how I am feeling
I hate how I am not writing all what’s inside me worrying that you might read it!

Too much hate.. I am just so angry.. It’s been weeks now.. Trying to act normal till I fed up with all this.. I can’t take it anymore.. Screw everything!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What a surprise =)

How cute! It really made me cry! Must watch till the end =)!

Wedding Ring!

"A ring is round, it turns forever and that's how long we'll be together!"

What does the wedding ring means to u? Is it so important for you to wear it? Is it so important for you that your spouse wear it? Will you force your spouse to wear the ring?

Married people.. Do you wear your ring?

For me I love seeing couples wearing the ring.. It might not really represent how deep their relationship is, but still it is nice to see them wearing it!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoughts Out of Mind!

I feel so bad that I need to cry.. Feel so bad that tears are rolling inside my eyes.. Why did you visit me.. Why did you come to my dream last night.. I know I got over you.. I know I did.. Then why I am so upset about this dream! They say when you dream about someone who you weren’t thinking about it means that this person is thinking of you! Are you thinking of me? You didn’t forget me? Didn’t get over me? I cant do this to you.. I don’t wanna harm you.. What was between us.. It was pure love which ended.. Ended because they said so.. Because they knew better.. & I believe they did know better..
I am feeling so bad because I am remembering everything was between us.. Because I remember how hard you tried to be with me.. because I remember how even after we broke up you were still talking to my friends after years telling them you still cant stop thinking of me and be with someone else while I already moved on..
Am I a bad person? But I can’t stay on a memory that will never happen! We tried.. You tried.. I tried.. & I honestly believe that you were not the one.. Not the right one for me.. I loved you.. I really did.. But you were not the one..
I am sorry for all the things I did.. Please let me go.. Please stop thinking of me.. Please stop coming to my dreams.. I can’t be laying in someone else’s arms and be dreaming of you! Please set me free…

>>Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars I could really use a wish right now<<

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

EZ Burger

Last night me and one of my friends went to try a new restaurant at Muharraq.. She heard that the burger there is good and I was starving so we hit all the way to Muharraq just for this burger - & yeah I know Bahrain is a small country but Muharraq is really far from my area :P –
The restaurant is located in Dohat Arad – دوحة عراد –. Dohat Arad is actually a “koornaish” where you can walk or sit with your family.. I loved it there.. The weather was awesome and the place was so nice, I would love to go some day just to sit there next to the sea with my friends!

So anyway, when we reached the restaurant I loved how it was decorated! You could either sit inside or outside near the sea! So we chose to sit outside since the weather was nice..
I didn’t take much pictures but here what I got..

The burger was so yummy.. Loved it! We ordered EZ cheese burger combo – The regular one – and one cheese stick – which we didn’t finish :P –

It cost us around BD 5.. It is highly recommended to try :)

Are you ashamed of your age?!

So if someone asks how old are you? What would you say?
Why people are ashamed of their age?! Why when someone asks me about my age and I say I am 25 my friends look at me and say never reveal your age! What the..!! I am not ashamed of being 25 and being single! I am not ashamed of even being 30! I will be saying my age in the next coming years! Perhaps when I reach 30 I will stop LOL I am not sure but the age is not a big deal for me!

So is it like when I say my age people will look at me like oh look this old lady is not married?! So what if I am not? I have accomplished many things and I am so proud of myself! I don’t need a man to complete me just for people to shut up! I don’t care whether they say I am old or not! I don’t see myself old.. Not that old! I am still young and I have life in front of me and I am enjoying it! Enjoying being me! Enjoying my 25 years!

Hmmm.. Did I complain much? Lol I think I did!

So.. Will you reveal your age? & why?!

Monday, October 3, 2011

For Serious Dog Lovers

You love dogs? Interested in having an adorable puppy? I know someone who has got +/- 7 weeks old puppies for sale at BD 130 each! Check them out in the below pictures..
If you are interested please contact me on

ميريام فارس شبه عارية .. وعبد الله بالخير يصاب بالجنون !!

أثارت ملابس المطربة اللبنانية ميريام فارس جنون الفنان الإماراتي عبد الله بالخير أثناء وجودها معه خلال حلقة الجمعة من "ديو مشاهير"، حيث أطلت الفنانة بملابس كاشفة ومثيرة.

وكان تأثير فارس كما ذكرت مجلة "أنا زهرة" واضحاً على الفنان، حين قال لها إن "الملابس هتاكل حتة منك"، وأضاف قائلاً:"جننتني ميريام".

وأضافت المجلة أن الفنان الإماراتي نسى نفسه ونسى الكاميرا والجمهور، حتى أنه لم يعطِ رأيه بالمشتركة الأخيرة ديمة الجندي، التي شاركت ميريام الغناء في الفقرة الأخيرة.

وكان عبد الله بالخير يواصل مغازلة ميريام، بينما كانت المذيعة تسأله عن رأيه في المشتركة الأخيرة، إلا أنه لم ينتبه لها.

ميريام فارس ظهرت خلال الحلقة في أربع إطلالات من تصميم اللبناني نيكولا جبران، وشكّلت صدمة لمشاهدي "ديو المشاهير" بسبب جرأتها.


Pigeon = Good News

Good day all..
This morning when I was changing I heard a pigeon sound near my window, it made me smile, first because I love birds and second because I've always heard that having a pigeon next to your window means that you will listen to good news, and oh God I am dying to hear something and maybe I believed that I will hear it within these days because this pigeon alerted me!
I opened the curtains to find it sitting there and it made me even happier.. I hope.. I hope.. I hope..

"Why keep your life on hold, for hope?"

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kim Kardashian Wedding

I know this is old, but its nice to see over and over again :).. I am not even a fan of her and I enjoyed watching these pix ^^!

Kim Kardashian Wedding

Kim Makeup

Kim Dress Design by Vera Wang

Kim Shoe

Kim Accessories
Shots form the wedding


Second dress Design by Vera Wang:

Third dress Design by Vera Wang:

Crazy, Stupid, Love

On Friday I went out with my friends to lunch then we decided to go to the cinema.. We planned to watch “Crazy, Stupid, Love” I never regret watching it! Its such a nice movie, perhaps for girls and couples :P! it’s a combination of comedy, drama and romance! I don’t want to write the review of the movie because I will ruin it like this! & yeah just go watch the movie without reading the review :P trust me it’s a nice one =)
It’s plus 15.. Here in Bahrain they won’t let someone under 15 get inside which is good because the movie has some coarse humor, sexual content and language! So if you are old enough I really recommend to watch it =)

BlackBerry VS Proposing?!

I got this message on my black berry and I was planning to post it here so we can talk about it, but unfortunately I lost it! :P

Anyway, it basically says that, imagine someone propose to you and after saying yes this person asks for your black berry pin so you can stay in touch more and when you add him you come to discover that he is already in your list!! What would you do? How will you react? How about you as a guy? What will you do if that happened to you?

You would be knowing more about this guy even if you weren’t chatting, you can tell what kind of person he is from his status for example, from his broadcasts! Maybe you used to even dislike him/her :P

So honestly.. Share your thoughts.. What will you do & how will you react?!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Old is Gold!

I just miss those days where cartoons had meanings!