Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hello All.. I missed you.. Missed blogging world.. << adri wayed gelt hal 7achi :P
First.. Embarak 3laikum el shahar..
Second.. Well.. Hmmm.. I am a lazy lazy lazy lazy lady! Yes I am and I sometimes hate it!
How are you all?! How's Ramadan going on with you? For me esta'3fer allah all what I do is watching tv and sleep.. Okay I do read qur2an but I know eni emga9ra and I can read or do more...
I am so not an out going person so I usually spend time at home.. I wish I was an out going girl! lol..

So feeni sowalef :P min zeman masoolaft! shet6al3oon fe ramdan shetab3oon? sheno 3ajebkum o sheno mo 3ajebkum?! ana matam shay machoofa :P min 2 PM emjabla MBC Drama lee 5 PM!
Hmmm.. What elseee... I am seriously thinking of creating a new blog called lazy something :P LOL.. well I am trying with my fiance so hard to create one with me, & since we both are lazy I dunno when this blog will be born :P
I love ramadan.. I love home.. I love sleeping.. I love talking.. Adri wala shay min ely geltah foog la 3elaqa eb ba3ath but I really missed talking here! I missed talking about anything & everything! I am currently at work doing nothing just counting down the hours to go home :P!

Take care all o 3eedkum embarak moqadman in case e5tefait b3d :P