Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our Little Angel!

Before 9 months I posted a topic under Al7amdulelah!!!!  title where I was extremely happy.. Everyone was wondering why I was happy.. To know why.. I finally became an aunt.. My sister in law has giving birth to our sweet baby angel boy.. On 15th March Mohammed has lighten our day.. It was a day full of tears of happiness.. I still remember how we were all - my sisters and her sisters - sitting at the hospital hall waiting for her.. She was in the hospital since the morning and she gave birth  at night.. She got so tired but thank God she and the baby were fine.. I am so happy and I miss the baby so much because she has to stay in her mother's home for 40 days if not more..

He is our first child in our small family.. My mom is finally a grandma and my dad is finally a grandpa..
Welcome to the world Mohammed Junior.. We love you so much baby boy :*..

Allah ya7fe'9a yarab o e5aleeh lena inshalla..


Sadness4ever said...

awuh yay! hehe congrats on becoming an Aunt =)

Anonymous said...

yay, that's reat news!:)
mabrook !

p.s pray that me and my husband will have a baby soon ! :)


Anonymous said...

I meant great news!

lol , where did reat come from!

Butterfly Chick said...

Yes Yes Yes!! I am finally an aunt! lol I miss him already 7beeby!
Thanks dear :)

lol @ reat, inshalla yaraaaaaaab allah yarzegkum el thereya el 9al7a.. Just dont think about it .. It will come inshalla and will bright your life.. All the best yarab

Standy said...

alf alf alf mabroook..

my sis also gave birth awhile ago to the first grand child in the family, its an amazing feeling :D

Butterfly Chick said...

thaaaaaannnnnxxx :***
it is 7adaaaaa :D

Vainglorious said...

Congrats!!! il7amdila 3ala salamt'hm o mabrook ma yaakum! yetraba ib 3izkm inshala ;**

Butterfly Chick said...

thaaaanks sweetheart :*