Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Picture Competition.. VOTING TIME

I know its been like forever since I posted something.. & I know I should have posted this long time ago.. But.. Now is better than never :P..
So.. Here are the pictures who joined in this competition.. I really hope I didnt forget someone :$.. I will not say who is who untill there is a winner..

So you can vote by choosing the best picture.. The poll will be on the right of my blog page ^^..

Here we go..

Picture #1:

Picture #2:

Picture #3:

Picture #4:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I am a big fan of food.. I love food.. I cant stop eating.. I adore food..!
I am not fat but perhaps I am in the process of becoming fat lol, my mom keeps telling me not to eat much but I really cant resist food =(..

So I thought starting from 26 November I will go on diet! For two months! Hopefully I can make it! I will start eating less and will start to exercise.. I really really need to exercise!
So I would appreciate it if you have any suggestion on the kind of food I can eat and the food I cant! And what kind of exercise I can do.. As I said I am not over weighted, but some places in my body need to lose weight =P lol..

So any suggestions please?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

So Frustrated!!!

I am so frustrated this morning.. So upset.. So wanna cry.. I couldn’t sleep last night.. I stayed in bed till 3 am! I heard everything at that time..!! I heard a rooster at 2 am! And I was like WTH! It didn’t shut up which really freaked me out and I tried to close my eyes so tightly not to imagine stuff.. then I believe I heard an ambulance, then I guess I was mistaken it was only some stupid cars at that time! & what doesn’t make sense is that my room is not located near the road! I am surrounded by my neighbors so honestly it was the first time I hear cars sounds next to my window!
Waking up this morning.. So tired and so feeling like crying.. trying to get out from the garage to find out that our stupid/annoying/new neighbor is standing behind our garage!!!!! & NO IT IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THEY DO THAT!! GRRRR!! I really hate it when they do that.. they didn’t live here yet and they are being sooooooo annoying! I swear I will fight with them one day! JUST STOP PARKING BEHIND OUR GARAGE! It wasn’t him actually, it was the workers but yeah he also and his wife do the same thing!
Anyway.. after calling the workers to move the car I drove to work.. I am sorry for saying that but I hate Indians who drive here! So I was waiting in the traffic and the signal was red, behind me was an Indian man.. the signal became green but there were still cars passing from the other traffic! So what I hear is BEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEP!! I am like WTH! I hate how they use the horn! They use it ALL THE TIME! WHICH IS VERY ANNOYING! I hate how now a days you cant even talk to them! Because when we do they just raise their Bahraini passport in our face and say HEY I AM BAHRAINI AS YOU ARE! For God sake!

Yes I am not in mood.. Yes I am frustrated! & yes I finally came to realize that I suck at cooking! I dunno shall I quit or try and try and try!

Good morning to all!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Picture Competition! Lets Have Some Fun!!

HelloOoOoo All..

So I thought of making this competition.. Okay it is not a real competition but it is something we can do for fun! So who ever is fine with sharing his/her baby picture join me please :D

Send me your baby pictures on and I am going to post them in my blog without mentioning who is who and we will see which baby pic gets the most vote.. I will reveal on the names once we are done with it so no one vote for the person but for the baby :P

So are you interested? Please join! It will be fun! & yeah I will join in this too! Last date for submitting your pictures will be on 31st October 2011.. 2 weeks is enough for you to searchy search for some adorable pictures of yourself! If you would like to join with someone’s else picture just mention it.. Spread the fun & please do not disappoint me :P.. Join.. Join.. Join :D..!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What are friends for?

I tried to write.. I tried to express myself.. I tried to express my anger.. But I couldnt let it go.. I just cant talk about this.. Its too big.. Too big for me to think about.. Too big for me to believe.. Too big for me to imagine..!
I cant believe that you actually doing this..! I cant believe that people are so stupid! I cant believe that people run from their problems this way! Screw it..
What friends for? Share it.. Talk about it.. Cry.. Shout.. But dont do this..! Not this! You are walking in a wrong path.. So wrong! STOP.. Please.. Wake up and see where you are going! Wake up!
Its so sad.. So sad that I wanna talk about it but I cant.. So sad to see your friend drowning and you do nothing about it.. So sad that I wish I could help.. So sad that I still cant think about it because it hurts.. So sad that I dunno what to do!
What friends for? Shouldnt I talk to you? But how.. How..!!
What friends for? What friends for if they cant be there for each others! Screw those people.. Screw them.. No one is perfect.. We all done mistakes.. But it doesnt mean going further.. It doesnt mean doing more.. It doesnt mean we cant stop! It doesnt mean we are bad persons! It doesnt mean we have to stay bad to the rest of our life!
I hate how I am feeling.. I hate how pissed I am.. I hate how I dunno what I am writing.. I just wanna write and write.. I wanna let this out.. I wanna shout at you.. I wanna slap you.. I wanna slap her and blame her! I wanna hug you so tight and promise you things are going to be right.. I love you..

Thank you God for everything.. Thank you God for being always there for us.. Thank you God for forgiving us.. Please God.. Help her.. Help her to go through this.. Help her to stand on her feet again.. Help her to be stronger..
I believe.. That tomorrow is a better day.. I believe that the better days yet to come..