Sunday, March 25, 2012

You & restaurant with bars!

Since I live in Bahrain, we have a lot of restaurants which contains bars inside.. to be honest I hate this thing here in Bahrain, I think they really should close all the bars in the restaurants and at least keep them inside the hotels only – although I wish we live in a country with no alcohol access –
So my question today, would you go to a restaurant with a bar inside? If you saw someone entering such places what would you think of them? What will be the first impression you would take?
To be more specific, if you saw a girl entering these restaurants would you think that she drinks?

Share your thoughts =)


Cate Joubran said...

For me I think its ok, maybe the culture of the place I'm in. I enter Chilis and its a bar hehe, as long as I don't order, I'm fine.

Butterfly Chick said...

Yeah I guess your culture might be different than here in Bahrain, I remember we had a bar in Chilis too but they closed it..For me I dun like this access to alcohol here in Bahrain.. You would see a lot of young people who hit these places to drink! It became an easy thing to do! They can mix it with the soft drinks saying that people wont notice that this is a drink! It became easy to drink these things here that so many people are actually trying it!

amalikrunner said...

Depends on your mentality, however I have entered a dance bar (18+) and I didn't even raise my eye brow to look - I had to go there for a big reason. So no we can never assume. Assume makes an a** out of you, and me.

Butterfly Chick said...

I agree, I went to that rest. the other day but to be honest I didnt feel comfortable at all.. I mean I was sitting somewhere near the bar and I could see how the drunk guy was staring at me and my friend! I am pretty sure that he wasnt really looking at us but still it felt uncomfortable. I am strongly against having these stuff here in Bahrain, yet I am not against going there if you will control yourself and you wont drink...
You were missed :) Thanks for passin bye

amalikrunner said...

It flew... Time or us sometimes I questioned my existence.. our existence.. the presence of us all on this planet we are destroyed day by day with our actions intentional and unintentional... - We are the worst tenants who disobey the landlord of this world and barely ask for forgiveness...

I feel sour... bitter... lost at times while I run that highway and cars going to work.. as my feet pounds the ground.. every step every stride I think and think of everything the lost people.. we became so blind that we have to hide behind our big cars.. hide our realself behind those expensive make-up... the highest heels.. that serious look while on th drivers seat yet feeling so lost.. alone.. insecure deep within yet refusing to accept reality and fixing it we've become slaves of what we see... we have become slaves of what society expects of us.. do what God expects from you only and what you expect for yourself.. no human but perrhaps maybe your parents will only be there for you always..

I remember the days I had turned around from my parents just because I had or do? truly loved my x-wife.. but I learned... nothing can replace a mother and a father you see I am confused as you can see how many different subjects I have jumped from alrady.. Everyday is a struggle.. struggle of emotions.. struggle of thoughts.. holding those tears back.. It seems that I cant run out of tears somedays.. I wish we had a box of tears and it was possible to run out of them.. but maybe then we wouldn't be able to wash our eyes and clearly view the world with open soul

I missed many things,, many people.. many people I hurt many people I let down.. I sincerely realize and I always wish to go back and do everything differently - how many hearts I broke along the way only God knows.. some intended some stupidly thought but I realized that pain inside the chest.. it hurts doesn't it? That needle inside.. bringing those tears in your eyes... as I was battling to go to sleep yesterday I couldn't.. tears rolled down my cheek onto my pillow.. I remembered.. and I cried as I type this you can see the hair standing on my body my watery eyes and my heart beat at an unexpected speed sometimes we forget.. we meet so many people.. somewhere deep inside each of them change us.. the world isn't that bad afterall you know.. we're all good but make wrong decisions.. we're just lost we need someone to open our eyes.. at such moments strong relation with God can only do that healing.. I promise

I wonder at times if she thinks of me just like I do maybe not.. maybe yes who knew.. if we had answers to such heartly questions we'd all never be sad maybe? See maybe I'm wrong so many maybes in life.. I write and its all scattered I didn't know where to begin and now I don't know where to end.. :/ The pen may run out of ink but the writing never stops.

Anonymous said...

Well i do kinda drink when i go clubbing with my friends :) , so Restaurants with Bars don't really bother me . I hope this fact wont bother you , and that you wont like me less :( .


Butterfly Chick said...

I am sorry for what you feel.. You shudnt be thinking much.. Thinking lead to all these stuff.. Just let it go.. Let what happened go away.. I know its not easy but you should do that.. We all do mistakes.. We are humans! Maybe we cant correct what happened before but we still can correct ourselves! We still can be better persons.. We still can change.. Let your past go away.. Dont stop your life on something happened before.. We all loved someone and at some point we had to let go even when we didnt want to.. You will find someone who will complete you one day.. Just stop running after your past and look forward!
All the best :)

Butterfly Chick said...

7abeebti! Why wud I like you less? Who am I to judge you or to judge anyone! I dun like drinks because I know how bad it is and what drinking do to people! I hope you can stop it one day not to get hurt because of it :)
I am not against having fun, I am against ruining your health and life

Anonymous said...

Well maybe some day i will stop drinking , but as for now i like to have fun and enjoy myself with friends and outings , and also there is this peer pressure from my friends, i just can't tell them no to drinks :S.
P.s I am not a heavy drinker :)


Butterfly Chick said...

See this is bad friends influence :P lol I’m just kidding, no offence to any of ur friends.. See I have friends who drink but they don’t do it when I am around, even when we go to such restaurants they don’t drink, they do it out of respect and I appreciate it.. I guess the difference between us is I don’t like partying or clubbing so I am mostly not around drinks, but it seems that you are a party girl – which is nice of course – and you get to stay around people who drink which encourages you to do so!
I wish you all the best in quitting dear :)

Sadness4ever said...

um sorry to here tht lulu, u should stop tht u must stop.. i no how hard it is siso but try u must quit it's unhealty and u no its even "7ram" siso i wish u all the best try harder to quit i wanna say more but i should stop coz i think u know tht but u must stooooooop ...

Bfly n my opinion i think u should stop going to these place even f they had delecious foods n u don't drink but just think abt what people will say or think .. i hv just one q ?

f u have a daughter, would u let her to go to tht place even if u no she's no kinda girl tht are doin' somethin' wrong ?

i think u will not ..

i hope u stop going to these place too siso

sorry f i said somethin' botherin all of u but i wanna say somethin and it's up to u , finally its ur choice ur health ur life wish u all the best , hv a nice day ^_^

Butterfly Chick said...

Thanks dear I appreciate your advice.. The restaurants I am going to are normal restaurants which has a bar section on them. As I said we have a lot of such restaurants here in Bahrain, so basically going there for bahraini people doesnt mean that all of those who go there will drink. I wouldnt mind if my daughter went to such restaurants as long as I know and I trust that she wont drink. For me, my parents do know where I go, sometimes also I go to these restaurants with my family but we sit far away from the bar area.
It is sad that we have this here in Bahrain really

Sadness4ever said...

basically going there for bahraini people doesnt mean that all of those who go there will drink,

yeah ur right but it's so dangerous to have a bar there mayb some drink guys go out and make some problems ( if u no what i mean ) being with ur family ok but alone .. it's so scary

to be honest..if i have a daughter i really never gonna let her go to these places even if she goes out with her friends or cousins too it's not tht i don't trusted her but it's so scary place i think n it's too dangerous not just for a girl even a boy too

and we have these to here in q8 but only in hotels i didn't know tht till my friends told me abt it coz they're working there n see everything .. it's really sad to have such these places like tht .. just wanna say takecare siso ..

Waleed Addictioneer said...

In Kuwait, alcohol drinks are forbidden. So I didn't experience any restaurant with bar inside. Though I went to a bar with restaurant inside :-)
It was in Australia and the situation was like everyone was eating and drinking. In the first time, I was looking at them wondering how they still having fun and chatting about life with all this drinking. I got used to the situation afterwords.

The situation isn't always like this though. Many drunk arab and British are making troubles as they walk. In this situation, I don't agree with having restaurants with bars at least in arab countries

Although alcohol in Kuwait is illegal, you can hear about ppl drinking. The drinks are either smuggled or home made. Many of them also travel abroad to drink. This makes me wondering if there should be a place for them here in Kuwait.

I don't say here that my country should allow access to alcohol but it's complicated. We shouldn't lie to ourselves. Many many Kuwaitis drink

And I wouldn't judge the girls who enter a restaurant with bar ... If that restaurant has good reputation of course

Butterfly Chick said...

Emmm I dun think it is this dangerous as u said, I mean I am not going to bars bars, these are normal restaurants.. I guess its hard to get my point unless u see these restaurants, and no I am not telling u now to go to such places :P
It is bad to have these things in our countries really.. But our country use it as an economic source!

I somehow disagree with your idea of having rest with bars, maybe because we have it here and I am hating it, ok we cant lie about people drinking but we can reduce their ability to drink, the harder it was to get it the less people who would drink! but if it was at an open place where everyone can enter anyone will drink or even try drinking! I know many girls/guys who felt desperate and the first thing came in their mind is drinking when they were having dinner.. so if we didnt have such places you think they wud still think about drinking? I doubt it