Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Your opinion VS your friend's Opinion!!

""I am not mad, I am hurt. There is a difference.""

Hello all,, how have you been? Missed you!

Thanks for those who keeps visiting my blog and I am sorry for being away.. I miss blogging but I was really busy.. I got promoted at work thanks to God =) ! and more nice news are coming soon =D !!

So let's have a chitty chat!

A quick question for you!

Let's say that you bought something for a special party and you so loved it and found it so amazing on you! & the party is in few days! and you are so excited!! You showed it to your family and they all said it looks gorgeous on you!!

So finally you decided to show your friend what you bought – because this is what we girls do before any party - ! andddddd here is the big BOMB! she tells you right straight on the face "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU BUY AND WHY THE HELL DID YOU BUY THAT?" LOL!!

Now tell me how your reaction will be? What will you say? What will you do? & do you honestly think that what your friend did/said was right?


I'm Farsilla said...

welcome back n congrats sweety!!
well about me, i always ask my mum's opinion. friends opinions might b right but sumtimes its bcoz of jealousy. but seriously sweety follow ur guts. if u think its good, be happy with it


Anonymous said...

Well I think they might be jealous or blunt , it depends on the friend , if she always blurt out hurtful things than she's blunt , if she seems jealous from you and you noticed that before then she's just jealous OE your friend has a different taste then yours .


Anonymous said...

i meant OR not OE! :)


Maqsood Qureshi said...

If I were a girl: I'd consult The I Ching! :-)

Maqsood Qureshi said...

Never heard of Jodi Picoult. I'll try to get something by her. Thank you.

Sadness4ever said...

hi bfly
how r ya
first congrats abt ur promotion
sec i wanna say as farsilla says f u think it's good b happy with it ^_^

waiting for nice news n hope u will hv always nice news siso ^^

Anonymous said...

Well, depends because sometimes u friends make u relaize that u bought that thing is really ugly but on the other hand u move on cuz that thing gave u pleasure

Waleed Addictioneer said...

Congratulation sis
منها للأعلى انشالله
and welcome back

Most of the times I can't keep straight face if a huge group of ppl say "WHAT THE...." . I would say "Okay... I'm wrong" and maybe leave the party
But I can handle it if they were one or two threw a "bomb"
In both situations, I don't get too emotional though :)


Cate said...

I would just ignore her :D Doesn't matter what she thinks really, I'm the one who will wear what makes me feel happy at the end :D

Missed you so damn much sweetie! Sorry I wasn't around that much :*

Lots of love,

r.alsharif said...

Who the hell cares, if you like it keep it :p ilnaas athwa8