Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vacation here I come!!

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I am sooo happy.. Finally I am having my vacation.. After long time of studies I am going to rest
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I am not sure if I will be able to sign in from there, I am not going to take my laptop but I might use my daddy's laptop if I had time..
Take care all and see you in two weeks
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 7: Something New

A new book I bought recently.. Picture Perfect..

Thursday, August 25, 2011


First of all I apologize for the title of the topic.. I thought that this criteria has decreased, but then I realized that I have grown up and started to communicate less with people..
I am not here to say whether what they are/do is wrong or right.. I am here to put you in a situation and see your opinion on it..

So let’s say, your sister/wife/daughter/best friend/etc.. is in a friendship with a lesbian girl.. What would you do about it? Would you see it normal and we shouldn’t ignore those type of people because they live with us and some are really nice? Or would you try to ask them to stay away from those type of people because they can drag others to their path?

What would you do.. & why?

Going deeper.. Do you have this type of friends? How do you act in front of them? How do they act in front of you?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 6: Childhood Memory

In this bag.. I hide all my memories.. Since I was in primary school I had this bag for my lunch break :P or was it a breakfast break? lol.. I still have this bag.. I have a lot of letters inside it and a lot of memories.. I cant throw any of them =)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 5: Someone I Love

Without thinking.. He is my little baby boy.. Love you Chochi so much :**

Any Recipe Please!

Morning all..

I am bored, sleepy and feel lik cooking!

I've been surfing in the net searching for some sites for recipes..

Do you have an easy recipe which you share? Or even a site which has some recipes on it?

I would really appreciate your help ^^..

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fedait Trabech Yal Ba7rain!

بلد عيني وبلد قلبي وبلد روحي وبلد مثل العشق ماينقسم نصين
بلد أصلي وبلد فصلي وبلد أهلي وبلد شكل البحر فوق سما بحرين

We7ashteeni yal ba7rain.. we7ashni nasech el 6aybeen.. we7shatni deera belaya 7eqed wala kerh.. we7shatni deera gloob el kel 3ala ba3ath.. we7ashteeni yal ba7rain.. oo we7shani nasech el 6aybeen.. wainkum ya ahl el karam wel 6eeba..!!

Allah ehadii el nfoos yarab..

I dun want any political comment plz!

Day 4: Favorite Color

Pink is my favorite color =).. I also like blue ^^..

This pic is actually the wall of my lil sis bedroom..

Love you Laila =)..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Secret Blog!!

Good morning bloggers..

Some of us here are hiding behind their blogs.. They spill everything out in their blogs.. Their feelings.. What they did.. Who they love..
Maybe they didn’t tell their family, friends nor lovers about this blog.. They just need to talk and talk without hurting someone's feeling or they just dun wanna share all these details with someone who knows them well..

Somehow for me, I might be talking about stuff in the blog I wudnt talk abt in real life.. The blog gives me this safe area where I can explain and express myself and no one will know who am I! Well, yeah my sisters know about it, but still they know everything about me!

Now this is not my topic all about actually.. What I would like to know.. What if you love someone and you discovered - by surfing in the net - that they have a blog and they never told u about.. & the annoying thing is that they somehow talk bad about you there.. They actually talk about ur fights.. About how bad they felt the other night.. About how they cried.. About what they hate about you.. & sometimes in an anger about how they think of breaking up with you – when they actually dun mean it - .. etc..

Will you freak out and get mad at them? Will you talk to them about it? Or will you find it as a way where you can really read how they feel and try to improve yourself and your relation?

Just think about it for a moment before deciding..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 3: Clouds

My sister took this picture on February.. I love it so much.. I am amazed how the sky can be this pretty.. Sub7an allah..

Brain VS Heart

Its Thursday! I should be happy! I shouldn’t feel that depressed! I hate my mood swing.. I hate how in a sudden I can be so depressed.. I wish I could talk to you about it.. I wish you could understand me.. I wish you do something to assure me.. I am starting to get bored of myself doing this.. Its like I’m so desperate for it.. Am I? I dunno! I just wanna be with you.. & I got bored of us sneaking behind everyone’s eyes! I’m loving it, yet I’m hating it!

Let’s say you love someone so much and this someone has a commitment phobia! You promised yourself to wait for him until he gets through it.. You talked to him many many times about it and all what he gives u is promises with no real action! You knew he is just running away from your questions but still you wanted to believe him!

Until that day comes.. This almost perfect guy come to propose, he has a great job, great personality, everything you were dreaming of in a guy.. But he wasn’t the guy you loved.. You didn’t have any feelings toward him!

I know now most of you will say stick with someone who came straight away to your house instead of someone who says he loves you and do nothing about it! But come on.. It’s not an easy choice for anyone to decide..
I mean if you got stuck between your brain and your heart which one you will choose?!

I hope I never get stuck between my brain and my heart.. But I am seriously getting bored of all this!

Day 2: What I Wore

I wore this shirt today for work.. It looks huge in the picture I dunno why LOL.. No I am not huge *angel*

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Photo Challenge Day-1 : My Initial

Yaaaay I am so excited for this :D

So I changed the first day to my initial as froyonation did on her first post..

This is a keychain which my brother brought me when he went on his honeymoon.. I liked it so much ^^

30-Day Photo Challenge

Hellooooo All :D

While I was roaming on some blogs, I found this “30 day photo challenge” in Froyonation blog.. I loved the idea so much and I am planning to work on it inshalla :D..

“Oh and feel free to join in, if you’re a blogger post the pictures on your blog. And if you’re not, you can send the pictures to me and I will share them here” QUOTED

& yeah I might change some of the stuff in the list :P

So who will join me?

P.S. Laila this is something I think you will like ;)

Me & Ages!

What is wrong with me! Seriously! I am never good at guessing someone’s age! And I always assume that they are younger than me! And I start treating them like they are younger!

Okay.. Okay.. I will tell you what is all this about..
You know I used to go to courses at night.. All the girls were on my age or younger and also the guys.. There was that cute guy who I ASSUMED that he was younger than me! My friend had a little crush on him and I was like “min 9ijech! Shtabeen feeh yahel!”
After one year with him.. After I ended studying.. I discovered that he is 30 !!!!!! OMG and I thought he was 24!!!!! What’s wrong with me =O!
I know it is not like I wanted to be in a relation with him “a9lan ebe6 el chabed kan lol” bas what I mean here.. When I see a younger guy I usually “age6 el meyana naw3an ma” I don’t put lines between us assuming that he is younger! & I guess I was treating that guy chee! Which is “FESHEELA”!!

Today also, a guy from work called me, I like this guy and I respect him so much – as a brother –, so he wanted something and I asked him to give me his CPR, and when he did I started to blush! I thought he was born on 1987 and the fact is he was born on 1984! Which makes him 2 years older than me! I blushed then I giggled! I told him you are 84? =O I always thought you were younger! Lol he laughed.. I swear I felt so stupid! No wonder I thought all guys in my age are taken! This is because I never knew that these guys are on my age or older :P I always assume that they are younger! Lol

I guess I should stop assuming people’s ages! I hate how I treated those guys as they are younger! I dunno a9lan why we girls treat guys who are younger different than those who are older! Or is it just me?!! Pff!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

وش اسم امك!

I received this video a couple of days back on my black berry.. It made me laugh but it also made me think.. Why do we think in this way? What if someone asked you about your mother's name? Would you say it?
Why when someone says his father's name he say it in a proud way and when it comes to his mom's name he keep quiet and prefer not to answer!
Which side are you in? Would you say your mom's name? If yes, you wouldn’t care what other people might think of you? If not, why not?!

In the video, you might notice, ena el sheyab ohma akthar nas kanaw egoloon esm omahathum and they were proud of it!

Allah e5alee lena omhatna yarab :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Alphabetical Tag

I have been tagged by our sugar friend Vainglorious. I am so excited to do this.. I love these kind of questions :P

So here we go..

– Available: Single but not available :P
– Age: 25
– Animals: I love birds and I have 3 lovely ones at home

– Beer: 5air? :P I don’t drink and dislike those who drink
– Birthday: 4th March
– Best friends: Many.. Like really many :P.. Huda & my monkey group!
– Body Part on opposite sex: The eyes! And the shape of the body :x
– Best feeling in the world: SLEEPING !! hahaha :P The best feeling is when you get in bed to sleep and wake up and you realize that you can still sleep more and more and more and you have nothing else to do :P
– Best weather: I love winter!
–Been in Love: Yeah.. Still ^^
–Been on stage: Yeah :P
– Believe in Magic: Magic is a trick that’s what I believe in!
– Believe in Santa: lol no :P but I like what he wears lol
– Brand: Nothing specific

– Candy: Not into it
– Color: Pink and baby blue.. I started to like green too :P
– Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla
– Chinese/Indian/Italian: If your talking about food here then the three of them :You’re your talking about guys I wud choose Italian guys :$ lol :P
- Cake or pie: Cake
– Cheese: Cheddar cheese – I love fudz cheese

– Day or Night: Night
– Dancing in the rain: I wanna do it with the person I love maybe *angelic*

– Eyes: Dark brown
– Ever failed a class?: Yeah :P and I always encourage myself by saying that Thomas Addison has failed many times when he was trying to create the light bulb:P So mo 3aib ena you fail el 3aib ena you stop and give up ;)
– Enemies: None hopefully :P
– Exercise: Me and exercise? Hmm I don’t think so :P! I am too lazy to exercise lol

– First thoughts waking up: Mr. M :$ .. Hmm maybe also “I didn’t have enough sleeping lemme sleep a bit more :P”
– Food: I love food :P For me living is eating and sleeping lol.. No seriously I love food & for lunch I have to eat rice or I will cry :P Yeah! Sometimes I miss rice so much that tears roll on my eyes when I know that mom didn’t cook it lol

– Greatest Fear: Death – Esmella 3laina! –
– Goals: I just finished studying for my professional certificate.. So now maybe getting married? lol
– Get along with your parents: Yeah I am close to mom and currently working with dad :P

– Hair Color: Dark brown
– Happy: Thank God so happy in my life =)
– Holiday: I will take one soon :P Gonna travel to Thailand :D

– Ice Cream: 3adi bas etyeeni sa3at e9eer 5a6rii feeh :P

– Jewelry: Hmm not much a fan too
– Job: Working at Tatweer Petroleum

– Kids: I love kids!
– Kickboxing or karate: None!
– Keep a journal?: No, but having my blog is somehow like a journal, I write stuff many don’t know about!

– Love: Love life and it will love you back
– Laughed so hard you cried: Yeah many times :P

- Milk flavor: Nothing specific
– Movies: I love cartoon movies :$ + 7adi waiting for the smurfs :S
– Motion sickness: Emm, madri :P
– McD’s or BK: McD’s

– Number: El arqam el zawjeya :P 2, 22..

– One wish: Yarab e9eer ely fee bali by the end of this year!

– Perfect Pizza: Not into Pizzas :P
– Pepsi/Coke: Strawberry Miranda :P
– Perfume/Cologne: Many

– Quail: Isn’t it a bird? Lol what is this? :P

– Reason to cry: Sometimes I cry for no reason :P it’s a girly thing I guess lol and yeah min el qahar a9ee7 or when I am really mad!
– Reality T.V: I don’t believe on it.. Kela FAKE!
– Radio Station: Asma3 wayed ma76at!

– Song: Mafee shay fee bali now oo mabee afaker fee shay latne6 li e’3neya bay5a o matfareg mo5i :P
– Shoe size: 38-39
– Salad Dressing: 3adi whatever :P ma3endi moshkela weya el akel kelesh :P lol
– Skinny dip: --

– Strawberries/Blueberries: Both
– Sport: Not into sports :P But yeah maybe swimming!

– Tattoos?: I wanna get one on my back :$ A small butterfly :$ I have the picture of the thing I want bas I sure wont put a tattoo :P Maybe instead black 7ena :P I tried it before it was nice lol
– Thunderstorms: Fun when you are sitting with friends or family :P

– Unpredictable: If it is a good thing then it is most than welcomed!

– Vacation spot(s): A place where you can have a lot of fun and relaxation!

– Weakness: Forgiveness maybe
– Who makes you laugh the most: Mr. M
– Worst Weather?: Emmm Dust maybe

– X-Rays: Yuppii

-Year it is now: Year of loving it – well started to love it starting from May – and waiting for a year even better
-Yellow: Shay flash ebe6 el 3ain :P lol

– Zoo animal: I love animals so everything..

Thanks Vainglorious =)

I will tag
konphuzed, chickflickjournal , Zainab & Standy

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Strawberry Cake

I received this email a couple of days back.. I liked the recipe.. 7aseetha easy to make.. bas yamama cake? which kind of cake is this? anyone knows? ya3ni hal 6a3mha hal gad 7elo 3shan I use it instead of something else? :P if someone knows abt it or have a picture of it or somethin please lemme know ^^.. Enjoy with the recipe =)

المقادير :

ايس كريم فانيليا
ڪيڪ اليمامه بالفانيليا
جلي فراوله
فراولة طازجه

اتبعي الصور

الطبقه الاولى:
ڪيك اليمامه

الطبقة الثانية:
جلي بالفرآولة

أتركيها تتجمد

الطبقة الثالثة:
فراولة ورصية بشكل قلب الفراولة يكون ظاهر من برا الكأس

الطبقة الرابعة :
آيسكريم فانيليا

الطبقة الخامسة :
أغمسي قطعة كيك اليمامة في الجلي حتى تتشربة ثم ضعيها فوق الأيس كريم

الطبقة السادسة :
فرآولة فوق قطعة الكيك

ثم طبقة أخرى من الآيس كريم

أخيرآ زينيهـآ بالفرآولة وسكر بودرهـ وقدميهـآ باردة

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ابي اتزوج

hahaha yahaaal hal zemaaan :P!!


Don't give me promises when you know that you can't keep =)

I hate it when you do that..
I hate it when I ask you to do something and you tell me you will do it just to shut me up..
I hate the fact that I wait and wait and wait when deep inside I know you wont keep your promises..
I dunno till when I will wait.. I dunno till when I will believe.. I dunno till when you wont keep a promise..!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love NoteBook Gift!

If you got the chance to make a notebook for the person you love.. For your anniversary, valentine, birthday or whatever the occasion was.. What are the things that you think you will include?
Let's say you have 20 pages.. Tell me how you will fill these pages..
Imagine.. Think.. Love.. Let me know how far you will go in this :)
Will be waiting ;)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How far will you go if you love someone?

How far will you go if you love someone so much and you want to spend your whole life with them! What will you do for him and what will you give up!

Will you marry someone who your family don’t agree on? Will you stand on their face and say I want this person and I want to marry him/her whether you said yes or no I will take them!

Why families say no when that person is poor! Being poor is not a shame is it?! I mean why don’t we go on the person himself, how he is, his behaviors! Why do families always go for money and how he will make their daughter live! Is he going to give her all what she was getting at her home and maybe even more!

So be honest in this, will you accept marrying someone you love when his/her living standard is less than yours?

Will you accept marrying someone you love when his/her level of education is less than yours?

Will you marry someone you love even if your family are not agreeing on?

Waiting for your honest answers :)

Obama & Ramadan

Monday, August 1, 2011

Shojoon On Zain Adv

Shojoon really looks great here :) I love her.. The way she acts.. & her style here is really amazing :)

Ramadan Series - تغطيات رمضان

Hello guys.. For those who missed today's series, you can watch some from the links below :).. I did not check them really.. I only checked one video.. It takes time till it loads.. Hope they will work inshalla.. Have fun ;)

مسلسل ساهر الليل 2
الحلقة الاولى

مسلسل الجليب
الحلقة الاولى

مسلسل فرصة ثانية
الحلقة الاولى

مسلسل الملكة
الحلقة الاولى

مسلسل بنات سكر نبات
الحلقة الاولى

طاش 18
عنوان الحلقة (التعايش)

غشمشم 6
عنوان الحلقة (الرالي الجزء الاول)


علمني كيف انساك
الحلقة الاولى

فوازير مريم فارس
الحلقة الاولى

الحلقة الاولى


The love of your life asks for your help to die. What would you do?

Seriously.. What would you do if you love someone so much and they get really really sick and had a daily pain and one day they asked you to release all this pain by killing them! Would you do it for them? [away from it is haram]

In this story the man killed his wife because she asked him to.. He said that in a relationship its always 70-30 or 60-40 - Never 50-50! .. Which means that one would love the other more.. & since he loved his wife so much he was welling to do whatever she wanted..

So what do you think, if you are in a relationship do you think you love your partner more or they love you more? How will you rate your relationship? & will you really do anything for them even if it is killing them - As I said leave the Haram part -

I recommend you to read this story.. I bet you will enjoy reading it.. & you might know if you are the one who love more or being loved more..