Monday, June 25, 2012

New Blog.. Yes or No?!

I am thinking of creating a new blog! I don't know why! I just feel like I need a change!

Shall I go for it or shall I keep this blog?!


Anonymous said...


I'm Farsilla said...

up to u sweety. but if u do, plssss inform me


Anonymous said...

Hey , it's up for you ? , just keep us informed about the other blog :)


Yasmin said...

i think yes,,, u hardly post on this blog so if u will get a new one u wont keep it so empty :P

Waleed Addictioneer said...

I would say no
The question is what will you do with the new blog?
blogging about life and personal views
then I see you don't need a new blog for that
you're already doing great job here

I mean if you want to change the design of this blog then you can do it here
if you want to change the title of the blog then go for it and keep the same web address. The web address shouldn't bother anyone

I thought about having two blogs long time ago
one blog about my life and personal views
the other one about programming and tutorials
It didn't happen cause I ran into health problem. Plus I don't do programming anymore
Plus plus, I can't manage two blogs in a time that moves so fast :)

It's up to you tho
Anyways, you'll be a great blogger Butterfly in any blog you participate to

Butterfly Chick said...

hahaha I expected yes from u :P I guess u like change and change is good :)

Silla, Maha..
Will do so for sure :)
Thanks girls..

lool .. yeah I know.. inshallaaaaa I will do it soon.. yaraab :P

What would I do with the new blog? Well I dunno.. write more maybe? lol.. Emm perhaps post more about Bahrain.. Asoolef more.. Post some new stuff.. I have the ideas I just feel lazy of creating a blog alone :P.. I need someone to support me with it to push me to help me to give me ideas.. I know I can do well and I can do more, I just got bored of this blog because perhaps I see myself going no where on it..
I appreciate all the sweet words you said.. I am flattered.. You are somehow right about changing the design and the title and everything.. I mean I know I can do all this here.. I dunno.. I need some time to think more and perhaps I will finally decide something!
Thanks again for the compliment :) !