Monday, November 2, 2009

About Me

This is an old email.. But it would be nice if we answer these questions to know each others more
Name On Birth certificate: ToTo
Free Smiley Courtesy of
birthday: 4th March 1986
School: Graduated
Location: Bahrain
E-mail: ----
Height : Emm.. Well I am not sure, but I guess around 158, 159 or 160 CM
Brothers/Sisters: a brother (26 years old) & two sisters (19 & 14)
animals: My ChoCho (L).. I have a cocktail bird.. Two actually, one is mine and the other is for my sisters.
When is your bed time? Recently I have been sleeping late.. Around 12 or something
*Ever been so drunk you blacked out: I don't drink alcohol
*Have U tried smoking? No
*Put a body part on fire for amusement: No
*Been hurt emotionally: Yes
*Kept a secret from everyone: Yeah
*Had an imaginary friend: No.. Is a staff animal considered as an imaginary friend? If it does, then yes :P
*Cried during a movie: lol Free Smiley Courtesy of yeah so much
*Ever thought an animated character was hot? No :P never thought about it
*Been on stage: Yes, in school :P
*Cut your hair: alone? or at a salon? Salon


* Shampoo: herbal essences, bas the new one shway ma3ejbni :P
*Soap: I like peach soap
*Dream car: I am not into cars really o ma3rf 7ag el seyayeer.. But I like Honda
*Fave Cartoon Character: I dunno many old cartoons characters
*Fave add: Nothing special really
*Fave Movies: Nothing special..
*Fave Ice cream: Vanilla and Chocolate
*Fave subject: English
*Fave drink: Water!
*Fave person to talk to online: Emm.. walla many.. Zoozti.. Had.. H.. M.. Madri ba3ad :P
*-------------RIGHT NOW--------------*

* Wearing: Now 3abaya..
* Drinking: Nothing
*Thinking about: Sleepinnnnnnng!! I am so tired!
*Listening to: Nothing

*----------------IN THE LAST 24 HOURS-----------*

*Cried: No 7amdella
*Met someone new: No
*Cleaned my room: No
done laundry: No
*Drove a car: Yes

*----------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------*

*Yourself: I do
*Santa Claus: No
*Tooth Fairy: No, but I do love fairies!
*fate: Yes
*Angels: Sure
*Love: Yeah
*UFO's: No
*Love at first site: I guess I do

*----------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------*

*Who have u known the longest of your friends? Nouf
*Who's the weirdest? No one!
*When you cried the most? Emm.. Walla I dun remember
*Worst Feeling: when you get betrayed from the closest person to your heart or from your best friend :)
*Time now: 9:59 A.M
*last words: I wish those who will read this topic comment back and reply on their blogs with the answers