Monday, December 17, 2012


There is something wrong with me, with the blogs, bloggers, or nah with me?!

I love posting, I love writing, I love reading,! but lately been so busy to do all of this! lately I have nothing to post or write about!

Well,, I just got married and I guess I have been busy with marriage life! busy with work.. not having time to sit online and post or think of something to post..!

I have seen many bahraini blogs rising! so happy for that..! and seen some old bloggers returning back which also made me smile :) !

I never disappeared.. not completely I mean! I go and come, go and come..! I guess I will be posting recipes these days! staying at home made me cook! hahaha I am so proud of myself! I cooked rice today! for the first time on my life! I COOKED! Yes it is HUGE for me :P !! I never cooked! well you learn all the things when you get married :P ! Don't believe them when they say you have to learn from now naaah I never cooked with mom lol !

hmmm.. It is late.. sometimes I wonder, do people write on there blogs for other people to read or for them to just write and let go?! In my case.. I write to write! I know I always jump from one subject to another! but hey this is me :P I just write to write!

& yeah.. I removed the chity chat from my blog.. Sorry to all who were chatting with me there.. I will miss u! but the box was not fitting into the blog's column and it looked really bad so I had to remove it! if I found a better chat box I will try to add it to my blog.. I hope this doesnt stop you from visiting my blog :)

Good night all.. & Happy National Day Bahrain