Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hello All.. I missed you.. Missed blogging world.. << adri wayed gelt hal 7achi :P
First.. Embarak 3laikum el shahar..
Second.. Well.. Hmmm.. I am a lazy lazy lazy lazy lady! Yes I am and I sometimes hate it!
How are you all?! How's Ramadan going on with you? For me esta'3fer allah all what I do is watching tv and sleep.. Okay I do read qur2an but I know eni emga9ra and I can read or do more...
I am so not an out going person so I usually spend time at home.. I wish I was an out going girl! lol..

So feeni sowalef :P min zeman masoolaft! shet6al3oon fe ramdan shetab3oon? sheno 3ajebkum o sheno mo 3ajebkum?! ana matam shay machoofa :P min 2 PM emjabla MBC Drama lee 5 PM!
Hmmm.. What elseee... I am seriously thinking of creating a new blog called lazy something :P LOL.. well I am trying with my fiance so hard to create one with me, & since we both are lazy I dunno when this blog will be born :P
I love ramadan.. I love home.. I love sleeping.. I love talking.. Adri wala shay min ely geltah foog la 3elaqa eb ba3ath but I really missed talking here! I missed talking about anything & everything! I am currently at work doing nothing just counting down the hours to go home :P!

Take care all o 3eedkum embarak moqadman in case e5tefait b3d :P


Standy said...

lool.. you are funny :)

zainab said...

Hi U!
you have been missed<3

Hope said...

hey girl
It's good 2 knwo I'm not the only lazy blogger out there =p
I, like u, have lotsa things to say, I wanna post but I'm too lazy & I hate my self for abandoning my blog & neglecting it

I'm not watching anything on T.V, nothing seems 2 B worthy of my time, I only watched a few scenes from Saher elail, wasn't that bad

Welcome back & I hope 2 hear from u soon =]

Waleed Addictioneer said...

Hi butterfly
تصدقين عاد انا ما اتابع ولا مسلسل اللهم تناتيش من مسلسل عمر بن الخطاب وانا مسطول عالسحور
كل تركيزي على الاولمبياد. حتى مكنسل النادي عشان اتابعها
طالع نازل على هالجزيرة الرياضية وابوظبي


Can't wait for your blog to kick off
Or I should say am too lazy to wait for your blog to start... Start it already :-D plz
And Yay two bahraini will contribute to it. Even tho they r lazy... I can't wait
And seriously who's active in the age of tech