Thursday, August 30, 2012

Truth or Dare

I was never a big fan of this game.. I always get embarrased when I play it! Perhaps because I am a shy person so I don't feel comfortable to be asked some private questions! I dunno why people ask these kind of questions! Such a stupid ones and the purpose is just to know more about your private life! It sucks!

Okay let's play? I wanna know more about you, your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend and the questions go into a very deep details! I sometimes also wonder how could people answer to these questions! Why would you answer? Why would anyone say the truth? Or are they saying the truth?

** Have you ever tried any drugs?
** Hmmm.. Silence << which would let you think that this person did try drugs.. Then a smile.. Then a NOOOOOO of course NOT!

Usually when someone asks me a private question I go red! I dunno what to answer and I stay silent.. I don't play this game I get forced to play it.. YEAH LET'S PLAY! LET US ROLL THE BOTTLE .. BOOM BUTTERFLY YOU ARE THE FIRST TO BE ASKED! ....!!

I also wonder why its easier to answer questions rather than accepting the dare! Perhaps because when people answer they can lie, but there is nothing to lie about in daring!

I suck at answering questions & I suck at even asking questions.. I thought this game is fun, but since I have been there I knew that people only play it to get into each others privacy.. Or perhaps it is how people do it here..

I am off to bed.. I have a bad headache today.. I have been thinking a lot on shutting this blog of.. I might be doing it soon.. Perhaps yes and perhaps not.. Will see how it goes.. Good night all and have a great weekend..

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

just for me to stay awake!

Oh God.. I am soooooooooo soooooooooo soooooooooooooo 7adi very much sleeeeppppppyyyyyy!
I cant work, kelma ashte'3el 3yooni t'3ame'9! seriously I am falling asleep.. gabel cham yoom.. chee I was working o ada5el numbers.. mara wa7da chaaan.. 5oshh .. '36aat 3aini.. LOL min 9ijii I slept for 1 min :P rasi kan be6eg fel desk so thats why ge7a9t LOL.. esta'3fer allah .. I love ramadan.. I do.. bas dawami wayed mut3eb in ramadan.. I have to wake up at 6 am cuz dwami at 7.. o I try to sleep early but I also wanna spend some time with my family at night.. I usually sleep at 12 these days so next day adawem metkasra.. 5wati now ejazat el 9aif 3endhum so they all stay up to 2 am yets7roon weya ba3ath.. ela ana 7ta su7oor matsa7ar :(!! ga3da afaker a5eth ejaza a5er yoom fe hal sboo3 shraykum?! abee arta7 shway + thyabi el 3eed la7een ma5l9thum! bas agool 7ram el wa7ed ya5eth ejaza fe ramdan! ya3ni its only 6 hours laish a5aser ejazati.. Hmm let me c cham yoom 3endi.. ee walla agdar a5eth! madriii hmmm..
b3d shenoo.. I only do this for me not to sleep.. zain shway 9a79a7t! shakli rada b3d 3gb shway to talk bas 3shan I dun feel asleep!