Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jena Bakery

A few days ago was my birthday, my dearest brought me a delicious chocolate cake! Somehow here in Bahrain most of people buy their cakes from la chocolat or Lilou, which both are really good, but to break this I got a real good cake from Jena Bakery! I totally loved it! The cake I got was full of CHOCOLATE!!! & I also got the chocolate diamonds which was also so delicious!!

I even took it with me to work and all the people at work complimented the cake! One said that even when he doesn’t like dessert he really liked this cake!
To be honest I have never been there, but I am planning to order from it soon! My mom also told me to order a cake for our family gathering!

So, let’s take a deeper look at Jena Bakery:

about Jena Bakery:

""One day I read a book called 'Like Water for Chocolate' and found my calling. It was a tale about longing, love, magic and food. The heroine was born in the kitchen, was passionate about food and possessed the ability to create strange dishes that evoked different emotions in people.

The book confirmed to me a feeling that I always had; what I was doing in my free time as a hobby- the food fairs, the cooking courses, the food literature- was actually what I should pursue as a career. This was my passion and I was ignoring it the whole time.

A chance meeting with an old friend - who later became my supportive business partner - put the Jena project on a roll. And with the help of an amazing support team, I was able to formally produce Jena desserts.

The idea behind the creation of Jena was to provide high quality, elegant desserts that taste like they were baked at home. Just like the heroine in 'Like Water for Chocolate', I believe I posses the ability to give happiness and pleasure to others through food. With this I want to be of help to everyone. To a housewife who has unexpected guests and needs a last minute dessert, to the person who is driving back home after a long workday and is craving the comfort of a cupcake or a brownie and to every person who wants to celebrate any special occasion of the year. I also just started to cater for corporate events, weddings and supply many restaurants with our desserts.

I do hope that I can help lessen people's stresses and be of servitude to them using my passion.

The best feeling in the world is to do what you love. Everyday I come to Jena, I get to experience that.""

A special offer for Mother’s Day:
Jam Crumb Cake
For this Mother's Day, why not treat your mum to some tea and a delicious crumb cake ?
The cake is made with vanilla sponge swirled with homemade jam and topped with a yummy crumb topping. So simple yet so good.
Serves: 6
Weight: 1 KG
Price: BD 10

Their location:

Their Menu:

For more details:
Twitter: @jenabakery

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My 2 Thumz said...

Try their vanberry cake, its to die for!

Anonymous said...

looks so yummy ! :)

I'm on a diet so can't eat cake :( .


P.s Your name rhymes with mine ,lol,it's Fatima right ?

Butterfly Chick said...

Really?! I will go there soon inshalla and I will try it for sure:) thanks!

I wish I can go on diet :P I love food! lol..
Yeah my name is Fatima :p