Monday, April 23, 2012

Dubai Here I Come!

Heeeeeeyyyy alll :D

I am sooo excited for the weekend! Finally my dad is treating me like a grown up and he is allowing me to travel with my friends :D So this weekend I will be off to DUBAI! I am so extremely happy about it.. I need your recommendation in where to go? I know there are a lot of stuff to do and to go in Dubai! But I am just spending 3 days there “the weekend only” so I wanna know where are the best places to go in these 3 days! Places for activities, fun, restaurant! Anything comes in your mind! I don’t wanna miss something there I wanna enjoy the whole weekend!

 Appreciating your help :D

PS. I heard that there are real penguins in SKI Dubai where you can touch them and take photos with them! Is that true?


Standy said...


go wild :p

and enjoy...

Butterfly Chick said...

Hahahaha planninngggg toooo :P
Thats why I am looking for some recommendation :P
+ OMAN is my next aim :P

I'm Farsilla said...

lucky u girl!!!! im dying to go to dubai but never gt the chance. inshallah in the future :D have fun n plllllzzzzz take pictures


Standy said...


i cant wait for you to come to Oman..

i will take yyou all around..

Anonymous said...

Hey you csn check

Burj al Arab

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Museum

Ski dubai , the ski in the mall

The Dubai Mall

Anonymous said...

okay forgot to add my name , lol


Anonymous said...

Yes, you can touch penguins and take photos too... comes at a price, not sure how much (and there are specific timings)

Butterfly Chick said...

hahaha inshalla you will go soon and enjoy it!
I will sure take a lot of pix :D Thanks sweetie :**

I cant wait :D I will tell you once I am planning to come :P

thanks dear.. Yeah I am planning to go to Burj Khalifa & Dubai mall, ski dubai b3d abee bas my friends dun wanna go there, they went before so they aer not interested :P but I will see what will happen there..

Oh specific timing? I didnt know about that, I know that its expensive, I guess around 17 BD so thats why my friends are telling me no we wont go LOL
thanks dear appreciate it :)