Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You & Other sites!

Alohaaa !

How are you all today! I am feeling super extra fine!

Me have something which I would like to discuss with all of you..

Let’s say you have been visiting a site/blog regularly and leaving comments on it. On the other hand, this site’s owner has never ever visited your site or left a comment on your site/blog!

Now you don’t know the reason behind that, this person might be busy (although you see their comments on other sites) or maybe your site was not a site which he/she would be interested in!

Would you still be active on their site/blog and post comments? Or would you just visit and be a silent reader? Or would you stop visiting them?!


Standy said...

if the person is interesting enough and you like thier sites, its ok, there shouldnt be peronal feelings on why they dont visit or comment on your blog..

its ok, i write and comments on some blog but the never bother with mine and that is fine, i am not in thier circle of intrest..

Its not always a 2 ways street plus there is no rules in blogging..

Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable and do it for yourself and not for others :)

zainab said...

Yes it bothers me not to drop a comment from time to time, well I don't think that I'm that boring :P
but I won't stop visiting his bolg if I was intrested in :)

Anonymous said...

Not at all :) If his/her site is interesting, I will still continue visiting :)

Sadness4ever said...

mmmmmm yes i will be active no matter what f i like a blog as u have too siso ^_^

keep it up ^^

Vainglorious said...

I totally agree with Standy! It's not like a comment for a comment.. Sometimes that person is following your blog and really like it but doesn't have something to add and that's why they don't comment.

Don't take things personally :)

Anonymous said...

Well i don't have a blog but can imagine how bad it feels for you not to have comments on your blog , or for knowing that your friend has a blog and doesn't bother to comment on yours yet you comment on hers .

don't comment on those who don't comment on yours :)


Butterfly Chick said...

"there is no rules in blogging"
liked it :)
I agree.. I didnt bring this subject because I feel this way.. Its just nice to see how others think..
For me I wudnt mind if I was commenting on some blogs and they are not even visiting my site :P

hahaha no you are not boring! but yeah to be realistic it might bother some people and its okay to get bothered :P

arent you such a sweet heart!

Butterfly Chick said...

thanks dear for the compliment

Yeah I agree.. I sometimes like some posts but I get speechless lol I dunno what to comment :P

Its nice to see you here :) welcome and thanks for commenting..
well, yeah sure you sometimes wud feel bad when you see no one is commenting on your blog, for me I get kinda upset when I see no one commenting on my posts but still I dun stop writing:P my blog is the only way I can let everything inside me go away.. I can be upset I can cry I can complain and people dont have to handle all this which I truly understand!
I wud respectively disagree with you onr your last point, that I shudnt comment for those who dont comment on my blog.. Perhaps they are not interested in my drama :P lol

Waleed Addictioneer said...

A very nice and complicated question

usually I comment on the blogs that I see they share something in common with me. If they did comment back on one of my posts then it's a sign that they would follow my blog. Then we would keep following each other.
If they didn't then they don't want to follow and I can just be a silent reader

I would do the same for the new bloggers who comment on my blog. I would do my best finding a nice post on their blog and comment. Showing appreciation for they passed by my blog and comment :)

You know some bloggers are selfish and this is a big concern of the social networking. Many of them only care about more followers more comments and more ads thus more money. They are commercial and I don't like bloggers think commercial

I used to comment on political blogs and I made good friends who talk on political matters way better than me. I barely comment on their blog nowadays though I comment and keep in touch with them via twitter. They liked it

Having or leaving comments is not the goal to me. the goal is interaction.
No interaction == selfish self-sufficient ppl networking
interaction == social networking

great post :)

Butterfly Chick said...

I would reply to you as you replied to my post!
" A very nice answer"
Really I liked the way you answered the question, I guess no one thought about it the way you did, you were so honest and I liked the way you think!
Well I guess we all usually comment on blogs which share something in common with us or to some posts which are interesting to us!
I agree in encourging new bloggers and commenting on their posts, I like to do this too and I like to comment back on those who comments on my blog, and by that as you said we try to build or to interact with each others and I like doin that :)
I liked your comment so much! Thanks for it :)

Yasmin said...

i Dont own a Blog but i am a Huge Blog-a-Holic Girl i check alot of blogs but Never comment . but now i feel like commenting on urs :p

Butterfly Chick said...

awww! I am flattered :$ lol
well I hope ur always in the mood of commenting :D! Its nice to see new faces around :)
try making a blog? why not ;)!