Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sara Lee Chocolate Cake!

Good Tuesday to all !

Those who follow me would know that “recently” I started to love spending time at the kitchen! Well I started to enjoy cooking and trying new recipes! I usually go for the easy ones!

I have one new easy yummy recipe for you today..

All what you need is

Sara Lee chocolate cake

2 small KDD thick cream (Geemar)

4 dream whip (or you can use 2)

Hershey chocolate syrup

Oreo (optional)

All what you have to do is cut the cake into pieces and put them on the plate then mix the thick cream, dream whip, oreo and the chocolate syrup together.
After mixing the ingredients, pour some of it on the chocolate cake then put another layer of chocolate cake and pour the rest of the cream you have!
And finally you can decorate the upper layer with the chocolate syrup!

Simple.. Easy.. & sweet !
Enjoy it!


Standy said...

why didnt you document the steps..

we are not lazt but pictures speaks 1000 words :p

yala post the steps of the layer and all that :P

Butterfly Chick said...

I didnt take pix my bad :$
I promise I will try my best to take pix for any new recipes I am posting.. I know pix help MUCH MUCH MUCH more :P..
bas it is easy trust me :P bas 7e6ai el cake 9efeeh then el 5al6a 7e6eeha fooga then 9efi another layer of cake oo el 5l6a and tereraaaaahhhh its ready lol

zainab said...

Super easy! gonna try it one day :)
agree with standy, we want more pics<_<!

Standy said...

Yet again you went to EXPLAIN.. wallah it didnt read like english and i stand my my words..

I DEMAND,,, no wait,, me and Zainab,, WE DEMAND,. you redo this sweet and post pics for it :p

or better yet, INVITE us for it so we can see it :p and of course eat it :P hahahaha

Butterfly Chick said...

okay next time lain basweeh ba9awer:P moshkela betfshlooni ! may9eer emrataaaab LOOOL :P bas inshalla I will next time :P

Anonymous said...

When u say dream wipe do u mean the powder or the cream ( powder + milk)??

Butterfly Chick said...

Its the powder only :)