Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine.. Are you prepared?!

Hello February!!

Valentine is within few days!!

Happy Valentine in advance too all!

So how do you usually spend valentine's day?
Do you believe in valentine? Do you celebrate it?!

What was the best valentine's day and the best valentine's gift you ever had?
What's your plan for this valentine? How will you spend it? What will you buy for the person you love? What will you do?!

I have many ideas for Valentine's gift.. For homemade gifts.. Perhaps if I saw people interested in valentine I will share my ideas here :D

Have a nice lovely day!


C said...

I 'celebrate' Valentine Day with Mr B lol :D Its a big hoohaa here, you will see lots of couple wearing couple t-shirts, flowers and soft toys are selling everywhere.

Honestly I forgot what is my Valentine gifts or how we celebrated it for previous years! Its been so long lol. For this year I have no idea what to get for Mr B yet nor where to go yet. I was thinking of pen but I want to get it for his birthday! Any nice idea? Please share!

Butterfly Chick said...

For me valentine is for giving simple things which mean a lot!
You can bake him something, flowers, candies, or a scrapbook will be a nice idea!
I will gather some ideas and post them soon inshalla *I hope I get time to do this*! But will try my best to!
Yup keep the pen for his birthday, for valentine go for somethin simple ^^ this is my opinion

Sadness4ever said...

for me now stayin at home watchin romantic movie of tv shows like friends or HIMYM

mmmmm btw siso C

i have great idea give him a ticket or something change his mind to go out while ur preparing for his birthday when he's back let everyone shows up i bet he will be missin u at this time, hide behind a curtain , everybody brings the cake then walk slolwy till u be behind him then suprisely say " happy birthday ... etc "

i think of tht idea before mayb it will never happen >_<

will happy valentine day for u all ^_^

C said...

@Sadness: Thank you so much for the idea. Its really romantic! Love the idea!

Vainglorious said...

I'll be doing a lot of nothing.. it's just a day like any other nothing special.. Does that make me a loser? ;p

Leilana said...

Unfortunately, The Boy and I live in different cities so we won't be together on Valentine's Day. BUT, we have a trip planned the following week to a ski resort which should be lots of fun :D

Anonymous said...

Well i will
bake a heart shaped cake for my lover , or will bring cute cupcakes for him .
I will bring him a perfume or polo shirt .

I guess he has to do the rest and more for me ! :)


Butterfly Chick said...

Lazem you watch romantic movie on valentine ya3ni? :P
loved ur idea for C ^^

hahahahah NO IT DOESNT :P .. It makes you a pretty single girl who is having much fun and doesnt bother herself with valentine's day :D Hurrraaayyyy lol.. I wudnt do much on that day either :P

wow! this sound fun! well you know you can still do stuff while you are both away from each others:P just be creative and spread the love :P

I am thinking of baking some heart shaped cake too.. I have some recipes which I am planning to try soon.. If you have any I wud appreciate it if you can share it with us here ^^.. If I failed on baking, I might order some heart shaped cookies/cakes or mini cupcakes.. Yup he loves dessert!
I hope he surprise you with something you love!
thanks for commenting its nice to see new ppl around :)

Sadness4ever said...

la molazem ana kel youm ashooof
romantic movies or tv shows or anime reading manga or novel looooooool
btw um not joking hhhh
n um glad u like my idea too ^_^

Anonymous said...

Well , i usually bring betty crocker cake mix or devil's food cake mix and just do it , the mix is in all you need to add is water , oil and eggs , then add the frosting which you can find ready in the supermarket.


Butterfly Chick said...

Lol enjoy ur time to the max!!

Betty crocker is awesome!! 7da fan and so yummy! I just bought their pan cake mix and cooked it today for my friend for breakfast! 7da yummyy :p