Thursday, January 12, 2012


Last weekend was a busy busy busy weekend for me! I enjoyed it to the max!
Starting from Thursday, I went out celebrating my friend’s birthday (ZJAY) and stayed out till 11 PM.. Friday, went to my friend’s house (FJAY) and stayed with her the whole day eating, talking and watched dvd with her, returned back at 10.30 PM.. Saturday, I wanted to spend it relaxing, so I stayed at home till maybe 7 PM where I went out again with two of my friends and ate dinner at the car..
I am not an out going person, I don’t like to go out much.. But last weekend I felt like I needed to go out.. Not to stay at home! & oh I loved being out all the weekend!
Sunday was an awesome day too! At work we had a meeting from 8 AM till 2.30 PM at Sofitel I didn’t take any pictures except this one :P

Later that day, my boss planned to take the whole department to race carting! OH MY GOD! I SO LOVED IT! First I wasn’t sure if I am going or not, specially that I will be the only girl there! But what encouraged me is that my dad will be with me – since we both work at the same department – ! So I said why not!
You have no idea how much I enjoyed the race! & I was so thankful that I wasn’t the last lol.. I wasn’t perfect but I wasn’t the last :P !!
I loved it so much! It was so nice experience! I would really recommend those who didn’t go to BIC to go and try racing there! If you are engaged/married and you want to surprise your loved ones take them to the race! I dun think any guy would hate this! Just go both of you and race together! I think it would be an amazing gift :D

So I will leave you with the describtion I received from them, I am not sure if this only applies to companies or it can be applied to any group of 10-15 persons, anyhow you can always call them on 17451745 for any more information or visit their site:

So anyway, For the group of 10 - 15 people they recommended three options - an Arrive & Drive, a Mini Grand Prix or a Grand Prix races:

1. Arrive & Drive
- 2 x 15min driving sessions
Price per person BD18 plus BD1 registration fee for all the new members. It is a subject of availability on the track and not an exclusive sessions.

2. Mini Grand Prix
- 10minutes Practice / Qualifying session,
- Race 1 – 9 laps
- Race 2 – 11 laps.
Price per person id BD40.000 and includes registration fees, karting experience, overalls, gloves, helmets and exclusivity on staff and all of the facilities.

3. Grand Prix
- 10min Practice
- 10min Qualifying session
- Race 1 – 9 laps
- Race 2 – 11 laps
Price per person BD56.000 and includes registration fees, karting experience, overalls, gloves, helmets and exclusivity on staff and all of the facilities.

I highly recommend to go and try it.. It’s so much fun trust me!!

No 7 was ME :P LOL


zainab said...

wow race carting! I always wanted to try that :D
I am not an out going person too,
well glad that you enjoyed your time dear! :*
enshallah this weekend you have a lovely times too :*

I'm Farsilla said...

tho i never do go cart b4 but most of friends said every1 soo gonna enjoy it. aww happy to hear that ur having a good time :)


amalikrunner said...

This is an important message hence I am sharing it without your permission, BFC. Sorry.

Butterfly Chick said...

I am planning to go again with my friends.. We are still planning for it dunno when we will decide :P

You gotta try it :P it was my first time and I loved it! I am sure gonna do it again

Its okay.. Thanks for sharing this msg :)..