Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Being Single

Good morning all..

A simple question..

What is/was good about being a single?

Shall I expect a list here? :P


zainab said...

Hmm.. Let's see!
you don't have to ask him before going out lol
going to bed early not spending the whole night thinking about him<3
BUT I love being engaged and in love!
it's the best feeling ever<3

Addictioneer said...

oh this is a very good question
Here is the list :)
travel with friends
Coming home late
being more productive at work
Nobody asks you where you going
Nobody asks you where you coming
shopping only for your stuff
making friendship freely
hangout with friends
hangout with friends more often
being a loans-free man
going to gym
you can eat food at restaurants with your hands
No one asks to get bamberz for the baby
Having much time for playing PS3
You can even smile :p

shall I continue the list :p

I can sum the list mentioned above in a single word: Freedom

Sadness4ever said...

simple ~ its hurt :(

amalikrunner said...

Everything but nothing. :)

Leilana said...

worrying about only yourself.
not having to consider a second person while making future plans. thus having to make sacrifices.
not feeling guilty about flirting with different men.

there's plenty :p

Vainglorious said...

hmm.. Freedom? ;p

Standy said...

haha.. alot really..

its just the feeling of being light and free :D

Butterfly Chick said...

Helly our bride to be ;*
hahaha I loved ur second point :P sleeping without thinkin about him lol thats so sweet!
allah e5aleekum 7g b3th inshalla =)..

hehehehe.. lemme comment on some if you dun mind :P
1. travel with friends >> you can always ALWAYS traver with ur friend (UR WIFE AS A FRIEND) LOL
no really, u can still travel with ur friends :P but u need to take permission everytime and most times you might get a "NO" as an answer lol
2.being more productive >> EXCUSE ME? LOL what do you mean? la la plz eshra7 li shqa9dek :P !!!!
3. shopping only for ur stuff.. LOOL that made me laugh :P
4. being a loans-free man >> 3ad 7ram 3laik :P mo kel ebnaya bet5aleek ta5eth loan!! :P
5. going to gym >> LOOOOl why would she stop you from that? :P
6. you can eat food at restaurants with your hands >> waaaaaaahahahahahahahahhahahahaha I swear ur comment made me laugh :P I loved how you wrote these stuff LOL .. U still can eat with ur hands with her :P ! not in the first days bas LOL
7. Having much time for playing PS3 >> U can always play with her :P
8. You can even smile :p >> THATS MEAN :P! being with her will make u LAUGH rather than SMILE :P

Butterfly Chick said...

Awwww.. Come on.. Look at the bright side.. There must be a bright side here =((..

Every single word u mentioned is so true :P

lol yuppii freedom is great isnt it :P

lol light and free! nice one :P

Toomzie said...

not having to compromise.

Waleed Addictioneer said...

being Productive at work == being successful at work. They say "if you want to succeed at work don't get married" :)
and I realized that my friends who recently get married usually come office late :p

at the end... I'm glad to know that I made someone laugh here:)

Butterfly Chick said...

nice one :)

ent masema3t bel maqoola "wara2 kol rajol 3atheem emra2a" :P u cant say men are not being productive at work if they are married :P
and being late doesnt mean you are not successful :P

lol anyhow, its ur point of view I just like to debate :P