Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who Is Your Role Model?!

Like mother like daughter
I never thought I will end up like my mom.. Not only the look but the personality! When I was a kid I used to tell her that I will end up raising my kids different than her, that I wouldn’t be so strict on them like she is, that I would let them go and do whatever they want. I used to think that her parenting is wrong!
Now, as I grew up, I can see myself a lot like my mom! Maybe I am not married and have no kids but still, my thoughts have changed! I started to think exactly like her! I took the good stuff and the bad stuff too from her! & by the bad stuff I mean that mom forgets, forget faces and usually she doesn’t concentrate and a lot of times when someone on the road or something raise a hand to say hi she doesn’t recognize that person or she usually don’t really see him/her! & yeah I got this from mom and it sometimes lead to misunderstanding specially with those who don’t know us well!
I love my mom so much and I am so happy that I ended up like her!

So how about you guys? Who did you end up looking and acting like? Mommy? Daddy? Someone from the family? Or someone else?
It would be nice to share your story too =)


amalikrunner said...

I learned we all end up alone. It has been 4 days ito my major eye surgery and hell my soul can't stay still...

Typing this now in my darkest black shades I hit the gym th enext day of my surgery because i cannot run outdoors for 3 weeks and everyone thinks I am insane but hey they just don't know that I won't let aything get me down..

The first two days of th surgery it was hell... I was crying and in pain... the burning... the tears... I realized how alone we humans are and people are so fake :)

Once you are out of sight they forget you... I just learned only your parents are there to help you and for you... my mother gave me my drops every hour... every hour..

My dad took care of me as well as I couldn't see the gym machins so every machine he held my hand and took me as people stared ad thought this man is crazy he should be resting not workig out...

But little do they know what a grat future I am building...

In thse few days I learned to truly appreciate the small things God gave us.. all I did these days alone was work out very hard in the gym doing cardio type machins to sweat with my music and prayed in my room.. I was in dark 3 days.. all alone.. and I realized.. everything we have is a gift..

I learned this time to truly appreciate everything God gave me..even my hair in the head.. my nails.. everything...I learned to use everything I have been gifted in the right way I promised him....

God is great. There are only 4 entities who I truly believe are there for me or most of us in our lives.. Our parents and God and myself..

God and I had a deal he believes in me and my dreams and I believe in him and his plans for me..

My role model is God, My mother... and believe me when I say it.. on your hardest days you will realize you are all alone :) There is no friends, no lovers, believe me and stop living a illusioned life. :) Open your eyes and take care of your future!

I'll come back later in few days i can barely see properly now

Standy said...

hmm... i look like mom (they say) personality wise i think too hehe... something to think about..

Butterfly Chick said...

Hey dear, how are you doing? How was ur operation and ur eyes? I hope u feel better and u get better soon inshalla..
Just chill and relax.. Dun do tiring stuff.. Stay in bed till u get better..
Not true.. Out of sight is not out of heart or mind.. So not true.. People might be thinking of you even if they dun ask.. It's weird and might be stupid but its true.. I just dun believe in this quote!
Sometimes people get busy with their lives that they forget to ask..
May God bless your parents.. Parents are amazing.. Caring.. & they sure love us the most.. I wish we cud repay them half of what they do to us..
Trust me you are not alone.. If you were, ur parents wudnt be there for u :).. Smile dear.. Life is still good.. Maybe love is missing so u feel alone.. But you are sure not :)..
Will be waiting for you.. Get well soon

Butterfly Chick said...

Well isnt it great to end up like our moms? :)

amalikrunner said...

HI, FM. Hope you're great. It will take 3 months to fully recover but I am getting by - I'm happy because I will be out running again startig tomorrow although now with some Polar - Polarised sun shads which will ofcourse make more female heads turn lol :P great excuse to even look good eh :P

I'm alright - just keeping myself on track and away from distractions that's all..

Take care - See you around.

Sincerely, A Malik 'Silence speaks'

Butterfly Chick said...

Hey Malik.. I prefer calling BC rather than FM :P..
I hope you get well soon inshalla.. Try not to go running much if it will have bad effects on u or something!
You take a good care of yourself and of your health
See you soon :)