Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Late thoughts

It is so easy to say I love u these days :)..
Love just lost it meanings!
If u just know how much it hurts me everytime u say it :)!
Good night all..


Anonymous said...

so true.. love has lost its meaning with some ppl

D said...

It's easy to say it when you don't mean it. But it's the hardest word to come out of your mouth when you do mean it.

Butterfly Chick said...

It did and it hurts so much to know that ..

Totally agree :)!

Thanks dears :**

amalikrunner said...

Love has never lost its meaning, You, I, We, They, Them, all of us has lost our own meaning.

A true I Love You comes with a tear rolling down :)

Sincerely, A Malik 'I was out many times, they loved it, but I didn't let it last long' :)

Butterfly Chick said...

Maybe you are right.. it is us people not love..!

BlueGem said...

hi butterfly how r u siso?
long time no c the wonderful blog.
now um too busy coz um studying in university & working..so i never have a time to a7ek my head << aham shaay a7ek looool ma a3arf m3naha in english someone help plz.

btw in my opinion: Love Will Never Be Lost,But Some People had Crushed The Alphabetical of love.

good night ^^

Butterfly Chick said...

loool scratch my head? :P lol
hello dear, nice to see you around..
good luck with your studies.. study hard and leave everything behind.. la7eg 3la kelshay!..
loved ur opinion! so lovely words and true ones :)