Saturday, October 1, 2011

Old is Gold!

I just miss those days where cartoons had meanings!


Anonymous said...

lol i know what you mean but there are better shows now:) you got to look at the bright side<3

Butterfly Chick said...

Which shows are better? All what I can see is people fighting lol .. These days cartoons have no meanings .. No story.. Well.. This is what I think at least.. I used to enjoy watching cartoons.. I still love watching the old ones.. But not the new ones! Unless its a cartoon movie :P..
Thanks dear for passing by ;).. What a lovely name you have :)

amalikrunner said...

Everything and everyone has a meaning and a message only if we understood them :)

Sincerely, A M - You sit and wish, I act and live.

amalikrunner said...

9:09 AM, KWT. Just got back home and ready to take up the challenge for prepare for one of my exams.

9:09? Strange time eh... well sometimes many strange things occur only if we noticed..

As I was driving in the highway returning home - The traffic, the angry people, the upset faces, the fearful thoughts of people around me on the road.. I could feel it... see it on their faces..

Why are we afraid? Why are we hiding behind our big luxury cars when we feel so insecure...? Why are we hiding behind a whole box of make up and black shades... when your eyes are screaming to shed those tears you're holding...

Why so much grudge against others around you...? Why not just smile at anyone... you don't need a reason always...

Why not let those fears fly... because half of them are not even there but you made them in your mind!

Why the hate? Why the rude behaviour...? That pride.... it'll all come back did you know..? It's coming...and it is coming very fast... it will hit you like a fast train without you even knowing it..

IT's not late but it can be...

You know it eats me inside seeing people not caring about others around them... our actions affect so many around us... think before you act...

IF you're a child, think before you act, or you will hurt your parents so much... This is from my experience.. many things I didn't do.. .but I did them..

As life goes we start to learn more and more responsibility... - I realize everything I do affects the people around me..

Take time out and apologize for the things you've done....- for things which havn't occured yet...

Admit your mistakes.... say I am sorry I did it, say I am sorry It was a intentional or unintentional mistake.. and you will not repeat it.

Do you know the sleepless night she went through maybe...?

Do you know how much he might've cried when you're not around just for you to realize he loves you so much?

Do you know they hugged each other and felt the pain inside... the last touch but didn't say a word about it and just went away..?

I'm sorry for many things I've done - I'm sorry for hurting you, him, her, them, they, everyone..

I am sorry for the night I called the police on you dad - IT runs like a nightmare till this moment 3 years on.. tears come down like rain when I think of it..

I'm sorry I didn't say I love you as much as I could've when we were together..

I'm sorry for those lies I'm sorry for those hurtful moments I caused in your life, and their lives..

I take the blame and I am not ashamed for anything I've said or done.. I learned from it..

I realized we humans are so weak... a little flu and we're on the bed.. why are we acting so tough?

You're not tough. Admit it. Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror... right into your eyes... do you see how much pain you are going through.. those lines of blood flowing right to left... you want to cry don't you..?

You want to escape.. but you cannot escape.. you want to run, but you know you will be caught. you want to hide but you know no place is hidden..

Stop running, stop hurting, stop playing.. .

Start changing yourself... start asking forgiveness... it's not so late.. we sometimes make things look so much harder than they are...

Life is so much than our eyes can ever see or will see.. - Life is full of lessons, not a silver cloudly line..

I'm sorry for all the wrong things I've done..

I really am.

Sincerely, A Malik 'The pain you hide inside is visible through your eyes'

Butterfly Chick said...

I have to disagree here with you.. I am not a fan of these days cartoons because they really dun have a real story.. The ones in my childhood used to have meaningful stories on them, even parents agree on this because they used to watch with their kids! Yes my dad and mom used to watch with me cartoons not because they had nothing better to do but because our cartoons were nice with a story, they tought us many things and many of them educated us! I can see nothing of these now a days! I am sorry for being old or an old fashion lady but I really hope they come up with those cartoons or at least with some ideas similar to the ones we had before!
So you study? Good luck in your exams :) I know how studying is sucks :P but hey its better than doing nothing :P
Well people hide because they are scared of becoming the real them! sometimes they dun wanna share everything with others so they pretend, act and hide! & yeah people cant stop their fears! Ok perhaps they can, but I guess its hard to do so!
why people hate? I cant answer on this! why people are rude? I somehow like dealing with those type of people :P lol just being nice to them make them more rude and angry lol so I enjoy talking to them :P
saying sorry is so hard for some people! a lot of people refuse to say it even if they are wrong! they just think saying sorry is a point of being weak! which is so not true!
I am sorry for all the things you went through, but hey be easy on yourself.. we all make mistakes and we learn from it :) so as long as you are learning from yours then you are walking at the right path!
I wish you all the best :)

amalikrunner said...

I meant in general people - not the typical today's cartoons :P Even some songs are nonsense but some mean alot... :)

It is one of the developments I do 'Study' out of millions :). Thank you. They're not hard as long as you prepare yourself properly.

Study keeps me busy and so do many other things. Studying is one of my life-long goals keep it going. :)

I love it. By the way when I wrote that I just said it out of what I felt didn't intend to expect an answer :P just what I was feeling that very moment and how it relates to me - But thank you for your answers, I agree.

Sure, fears are hard to stop, but the problem is people let their fears hold them back but a human who has the courage will keep going. It is courage to go on even when feeling the fear.

It's okay, no pity needed. I am happy for everything I did - It had to happen whether I liked it or not :) What will happen is bound to happen but how you act in that moment is entirely up to you.

Sincerely, A Malik 'Don't say it, mean it, Don't make it, be it.

Butterfly Chick said...

I know u didnt expect an answer :P I was going to tell you that :P lol
True.. You gotta be happy for everything u did.. Never regret :)

amalikrunner said...


Sincerely, A Malik 'Signs are indications of words'