Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today.. Its either a beginning or an ending ..
اللـهـــم إنـي آمـنـت بـقـضـائـك وقـدرك

Morning to all


I'm Farsilla said...

sabah alkhair :P im taking arabic class for my 3rd language . i hope im gonna improve since im preety lost while im in da class :|


Butterfly Chick said...

morning dear!
we can always help u :) lemme know if u needed anything ;)

amalikrunner said...

Every end is a new beginning :)

Butterfly Chick said...

True :)

amalikrunner said...

Life so much to say yet so little comes out... so much injustice yet we let it happen.. so much hate yet we let it grow... so many deaths yet we let it happen...

We say 'It is what it is' when we should say It has to be like this and not like this but we're afraid to speak among the crowd.. you've lost that courage.. you've become so numb like the entire world you don't know what is happening..

The pain was always poking inside of me but I learned to take it - I wasn't going to let injustice happen in front of my eyes I'd always speak that's why I've been to jail for a day but I didn't care

What is wrong is wrong - It didn't matter if you're a king or a democratic president, a royal family member or a member of queen elizabeth's family..

It just mattered that we are all equal yet we've created so much in-equality among each other that we have forgotten we belong to each other and that is why there is no peace..

No peace in our hearts, in our minds.. our restless eyes.. our awakened minds.. we're so lost.. you know it, accept it..

My vision is so blurry now that I may be making some spelling mistakes but I knew where I am going as my inner visio nwill never be defeated or desroyed.. no one can take it..

I lie, you lie, we all lie for our benefits.. but we don't realize how many people we affect and hurt...

We hurt people.. we hurt each other.. what kind of a life are we living...

Some days I am so tired.. some days I feel suicidal, you all do - don't say you havn't..

I wish to jump in each families house and stop domestic violence.. do you know what that poor child is feelig when you both parents argue.., fight..?

You don't... because you are so selfish.. think of him or her..

Domstic violence is a big issue in the world.. but no one cares we say 'It happens in every house' alright, but why?! Why don't you start opening your big mouth and make a difference than just giving some lie-hopeful words with no hope in them...?

Life is extremely difficult, extremely strange.. but we have power inside of us to conquer it.. but most fail as you cannot face change, you want to sit in your comfort chair.. you cannot face your fear... you are a coward hiding behind materialistic things.. come out of that cage..we're all just killing the world every day :)

/me looks up.. and wonders.. what has he said..