Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoughts Out of Mind!

I feel so bad that I need to cry.. Feel so bad that tears are rolling inside my eyes.. Why did you visit me.. Why did you come to my dream last night.. I know I got over you.. I know I did.. Then why I am so upset about this dream! They say when you dream about someone who you weren’t thinking about it means that this person is thinking of you! Are you thinking of me? You didn’t forget me? Didn’t get over me? I cant do this to you.. I don’t wanna harm you.. What was between us.. It was pure love which ended.. Ended because they said so.. Because they knew better.. & I believe they did know better..
I am feeling so bad because I am remembering everything was between us.. Because I remember how hard you tried to be with me.. because I remember how even after we broke up you were still talking to my friends after years telling them you still cant stop thinking of me and be with someone else while I already moved on..
Am I a bad person? But I can’t stay on a memory that will never happen! We tried.. You tried.. I tried.. & I honestly believe that you were not the one.. Not the right one for me.. I loved you.. I really did.. But you were not the one..
I am sorry for all the things I did.. Please let me go.. Please stop thinking of me.. Please stop coming to my dreams.. I can’t be laying in someone else’s arms and be dreaming of you! Please set me free…

>>Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars I could really use a wish right now<<


amalikrunner said...

That sure is heart-breaking - I will surely put more informatio regarding this as I am in a hurry now but in short - Cry if you'd like.

I am not sure if they say if someone thinks of you, you dream of them - but if you've been with someone and loved them physically/emotionally/mentally and spiritually - You will never forget them, however you will be able to move on and be with someone else.

This is normal - maybe it's just one of those days. Things happen in our lives you know... and it hurts us.

You know what made me win one of the marathons out of thousands of runners fw months ago? The thoughts of my x-marriage, the hurtful events and the anger.. the sadness of many problems in my life and I forgot I was running so fast for over 20 kilometers... and the pain wasn't there.. I was lost..

Sometimes we can use it to our advantage... Don't you feel bad, you are not a bad person, no one is but good people can make bad decisions and we must learn from it..

Talk to you soon, be safe and cry and then smile :) Take care of yourself, BFC.

Sincerely, A Malik 'As I always say, wounds heal but scars remain forever'

lil.D said...

Sometimes dreams make you see what you really want to see, you can't ask and insist not to let (them) visit you! ... that will make them always bright your dreams! ... Don't feel sad! .. be strong .. if you feel pain because of a dream, then internally you are not healed yet! .. *Tight Hugs*

Standy said...

sigh,,, no commetns to this..

but i say, wish on whatever you want to wish on. You never know which fairy will make it come true ;)

Butterfly Chick said...

I've been avoiding commenting here because I have nothing to say and because it hurts me to read this over and over again.. Excuse me for this.. Thanks all for your replies.. I read them well and I appreciate every word u wrote.. I just dun feel like talking abt this again.. I am sorry.. Thanks again..

Prince Abdullah said...

I hope you feel better by now. Sometimes what we get is different than what we want, but we always gotta be thankful for it. Cuz Allah didn't put us in this life to sleep the night nd have fun during the day; we experience life, we practice to control ourselves, and at the end the winner will be determined. Just live your life dear and don't let the past pull you back from the future, think only about today and tomorrow.
And I'm sure whoever you're thinking about is still thinking about you too. Cuz what u wrote doesn't describe just any two lovers, it is sure hard to forget that but as mentioned earlier, you will be able to move on anyway. and time heals all wounds no matter how painful its.

Take a good care, and stay safe for yourself first, those surrounding you and your future people who will love you as well.

Love always

Butterfly Chick said...

Prince Abdulla,
Thanks for your sweet words, they made me smile.. Well.. I guess I am better since I am here in this post again and I can read it and reply on it.. " don't let the past pull you back from the future" well said.. Loved it and I will keep it in my mind thanks for that!
You too take a good care of yourself and thanks again for your kind words :)