Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are you ashamed of your age?!

So if someone asks how old are you? What would you say?
Why people are ashamed of their age?! Why when someone asks me about my age and I say I am 25 my friends look at me and say never reveal your age! What the..!! I am not ashamed of being 25 and being single! I am not ashamed of even being 30! I will be saying my age in the next coming years! Perhaps when I reach 30 I will stop LOL I am not sure but the age is not a big deal for me!

So is it like when I say my age people will look at me like oh look this old lady is not married?! So what if I am not? I have accomplished many things and I am so proud of myself! I don’t need a man to complete me just for people to shut up! I don’t care whether they say I am old or not! I don’t see myself old.. Not that old! I am still young and I have life in front of me and I am enjoying it! Enjoying being me! Enjoying my 25 years!

Hmmm.. Did I complain much? Lol I think I did!

So.. Will you reveal your age? & why?!


I'm Farsilla said...

yesss n i just turned 22 last month on the 4th :D bcoz age is just a number ;)


Butterfly Chick said...

Happy belated birthday dear :)

Yeah age is just a number! Totally agree ;)

I'm Farsilla said...

thanx sweeeety :D


Butterfly Chick said...

welcome :**

amalikrunner said...

Hello, BFC. I hope you're day is the results of your thoughts (hopefully positive).

I'm doing excellent! :) Thanks to God and all who come across my life, the pull-downers (who cannot see you succeed) and the pull-ups (those who sincerely want you to succeed). Lol I made the how am I like a whole paragraph. :P

Obvioulsy you do not need a man in order to make you full (However it can be that 'Two is better than ones' if both have similar life-goals, etc but hey one can always wait there's no rush.

Age is just a number in many cases (Unless some exceptions apply in some situations) but in general there is no big deal of sharing your age - It is your age, It is your time living. People tend to see revelation of age a big deal when it is not - It is the society most of us live in and we have many false beliefs, so break them and be out of the crowd.

Second, My x-wife was 9 years older than I am. I married at the age of 18, while she was about 27 that time. 20 I got divorced.

Age is not a problem :) Do not worry! Write your goals, put them in sun-light for universal energy and see the results! Obviously don't forget to implement them and act as well, don't just plan, but act.

Great luck! (Yeah I sometimes sound like a lecturer).

Sincerely, A Malik 'Time will go whether you are happy or sad, so be happy and run to chase your dreams'

Butterfly Chick said...

Well no u dun sound like a lecturer.. your helpful and kind :)
& I sure will take the advice to plan and act not just plan for something :).. Hopefully will do this soon
Thanks again dear

amalikrunner said...

You are most welcome.

Sincerely, A Malik 'Time will fly, don't waste it, use it'

Standy said...

hmm i alwasy say my age and i dont mind biggy wallah and i dont get what the big fuss is!!!

iam forever 12 :p

Butterfly Chick said...

I will stick with forever 20 :P :P

Anonymous said...

my coworkers always ask my age because they know I don't like telling it. I am 60, they are younger in their 40's and 50's.