Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Pictures

Good afternoon All,

Well.. its 2 PM here and I am leaving work in one hour and a half and I am soooooooo bored right now! So was looking at some pictures and felt like sharing them with you :).. So here we go..

You remember the topic I wrote "Strawberry Cake" I made this cake and my birds loved it so much :P LOL

One day I saw my sister's display picture on black berry and I couldnt stop laughing! This is my cousin wearing a mask! First I thought this is not real pic or a fake one! But no he is wearin Mr. Bean mask! I found it so hilarious in a freaky way! :P

Well.. Well ! Do you agree ? :P I totally do :P

It might be a fake conversation, but still its funny :P

Yup I am the old sis :P :P

Back to my birdos.. He loves my dad so much! & he was tryin to go inside his room by pushing himself under the door! LOL aya 3laih :***

So pictues I adore =)

Well thats it! It didn't waste my time much :P ! It took me only 15 minutes pff.. Can't wait for 3.30! Have a nice day all =D


Standy said...

since you are bored, you could have continued the photo challege that you have =)

love the bird in the cake...

but thank you for sharing,...

perfect ending for my day ;)

Butterfly Chick said...

ma3endii el pix for the challenge :P I shud take new pictures and I have some pix at my laptop at home thats why I cant continue it here lol

amalikrunner said...

Three pictures I appreciate it.

The love one and the best thing ever happened...

If birds can find their way to what they want to achieve, why do we compalin? :P

Sincerely, A Malik 'Pictures are memories alive'

I'm Farsilla said...

awww those birds are sooo adorable :D


Anonymous said...

Awww love all the pics! I love the message of last pic, simple and means a lot :)

r.alsharif said...

Loved the pictures! And LOL at the Mr Bean one! :p

Anonymous said...

Laish ma 7a6eety 7amood oo ehwa labs el
Mask, el 9oora kant a7la malt 7amood xD


Chick Flick Journal said...

it sucks when you have to stay at work for so long and on top of that its boring. i love the randomness of the pictures. OMG that mask is scary and that facebook thing is so true hahahaha. the conv cracked me up! lol the lil sis thing pisses me off awal mara ashoof big sis so now im happy again:p awww the rest of those pics are so cute i wanted to post something similar too i will soon inshallah xx

Butterfly Chick said...

My fav is the best thing ever been mine <3..
haha I am not complaining about the birds! Never do :P I just find it adorable how they can find their way to what they want hahaha

They are :** !! Thanks dear

Its my fav! I love it too the most!

Butterfly Chick said...

LOL Mr Bean one is a bit freaky :P!

ma3endi 9oorat 7amoodi :P I only found this picture :P

hahaha yeah the mask is scary but funny :P glad you enjoyed watchin the pix.. Will be waiting for your similar topic x x x

amalikrunner said...

Hello, BFC. Hope your day is going great with lots of challenges to make you strong and make you give up at times in your life! :)

Never complain? Hmm.. I'll let you think about that :P

It is because they believe they can find a way...

Sincerely, A Malik 'There always won't be a way, so go make a way'!

Butterfly Chick said...

hahahah I love them so much :P I cant complain about them :P!

& thanks my day is great so far! hope the same to u too !

P.S .. Impossible is nothing ;) so for sure there is a way for everything!

Amu said...

Totally agree with the facebook thing ;)

zainab said...

I'm the big sis too! :D
cute bird and BB conversation

amalikrunner said...

The day I woke up was the day I died...

Some moments in our lives struck us so hard that we think what just happened...

Some momemts which are caused by own our actions yet we question why it happened..

We question the things we have the answer to fix... we question the things we created ourselves..

We look for blames, we look for scapegoats... we never take responsibility for our mistakes, our actions...

We allow evil things to happen around us, we remain quiet when we see something wrong fear of being told 'It's not your business' but it is your business, you live in this world, how can you allow something wrong to happen when you are seeing it...?

Yet you are chained by your wrong belief.. as a child your parents told you don't do this and you didn't..

As a teen you were told don't do this and you didn't... as a adult your told by society that your dreams are not realistic, just too big.. and you believe them..

Learn to fly... learn to break those chains open.. Learn to stand without having to give an explanation..

Learn to help, learn to give, learn to accept and learn to lose.. - if you feel alone, that's okay.. I bet you right now more than 1 million feel what I do, you do.. we're never alone... we're surrounded by lonely people who are pretending..


Sincerely, A Malik 'Some nights you go to sleep wishing you wake up'

sadia said...

the birds are so cute!!!!!
and the last 3 pics made me smile!! ^_^

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Great random pics, loved them... ;)

äмän ♥ said...

Hhehe love alla the pics :)

Butterfly Chick said...

lol yeah me too :P

hahaha its cool to be the big sis :P

Butterfly Chick said...

"we're surrounded by lonely people who are pretending"
loved it! it simply made me smile! its so true somehow!
I hope you never feel lonely dear :)

they arrrrrrrrreee I love them so much :$
glad that they made you smile sweetie :)

Butterfly Chick said...

glad you did ;)

thanks for your comment I'm glad that you did :)

amalikrunner said...

I'm glad it brought a smile on you. We're all lonely, so don't worry I'm not alone in this game. :)

Sincerely, A Malik. 'The harder I work, the luckier I get'

BlueGem said...

You Know What's The Most Beautiful Thing ? Read The First Word Again .. I Really Love This Quote Thanx Siso ^_^

Butterfly Chick said...

Just dont think that you are lonely.. be positive.. :)..

Hello dear.. you've been missed :).. yeah.. your quote is so lovely.. it made me smile too :).. I simply loved it!

amalikrunner said...

The thing which has kept me coming from where I am to where I stand today and where I will stand tomorrow is my positiveness despite the so may challenges some can never imagine. :)

Sincerely, A Malik 'Don't be the effect, be the cause' :)

Butterfly Chick said...

Glad to hear so :) all the best dear!