Sunday, September 25, 2011

Give Me My Money Back!

Will you ever stand on someone’s face and tell him/her these words?
Let’s say someone borrowed some money from you – and let’s be specific – it’s equal or less than 100 BD – $ 267 – and it has been like forever and they didn’t return your money back! Will you go ask for it?
I guess people are a bit sensitive in these situation! Some might even get shy! Even if that money was theirs but still they would feel shy asking for it – I am one of those persons! –

So if you know that this person has money now and you can see them spending on some silly stuff will you ask them to return back your money? Is there any limit for you to ask your money back? Let’s say if it was only 5 BD - $ 13 – for example will you still ask for it? After all its your money isn’t it?!

So tell me, have you ever been in a situation like that? Ever borrowed someone money and they didn’t return it back? Ever asked someone to return back your money!
Tell me what will you do if you have been there!


zainab said...

if it was someone close I guess it's okay to ask for my money back in a nice way?

amalikrunner said...

If it is money you worked for and the term 'borrow' was used. Sure - ask them and do it directly and also allow them to know you do not mean to be greedy or anything but this is more to do with moral and ethical values than the amount you may have lended.

Sure - I have done this and I usually ask directly, whether you are close or not a close person - If I give you something and we have a deal, then we must fulfill it, even if is 10 dollars.

For me it is more about the character, morale, value and ethic, not how much money.

Or atleast without me having to ask, let me know what's going on and we can see but don't pretend you forgot, because I bet you havn't :)

Hope you're doing great with your studies/life, etc and family is well :)

Sincerely, A Malik 'From the top everything looks great, but you don't know how much hard work was done to put it together'

D said...

I guess I'm with you on this one. I would be shy to ask. But there are other ways. I can create a situation where they pay a little amount for me (at a Starbucks for example when I don't have any change) and the next time I see the person I would make sure to pay them back. That usually reminds the person in case they forgot, or embarrasses them in case they were pretending to forget :P It does the trick. But if it still doesn't then the person is not paying you back on purpose. And then I would imply the issue in an indirect way. If that still doesn't work them the person is very ill-mannered and you shouldn't be friends with them anyway :P

Standy said...

if the amount is 100BD i would certinly ask.. bas like 5BD i would be like forget it..

plus it depends who the person is :)

äмän ♥ said...

Depends on the person :)

Vainglorious said...

Nah I always let it go, consider it 9adaqa ;p

I rarely borrow money, I even hate asking my parents for cash I only do it when I really really have to!

Missed you ;*

Anonymous said...

I think I would be shy to ask. Maybe I'll try to ask someone to ask it back for me :P

Butterfly Chick said...

& a nice way will be..? How? :P

What if you asked and they said okey I'll give u next week and when next week comes they still dont! and if you asked again they will say ur cheap! and this is what actually happens.. if someone asks for his money they say he is cheap!
I guess you are right, even if it was just $ 10 you have to return it back.. for me sometimes when we go to cold store or something with my friends and they pay me like 500 Fils or less becuz I dun have change I make sure to pay them back - most of the times they dun take it really - or I try that next time we go to the cold store or sth it will be on me, otherwise if they are really close to me like really really I just say pay me this 100 fils and no I wont return it back or I dun have to say it really :P

I am doing great thanks for asking dear :).. & I finished my studies .. Just having fun at work :P

Butterfly Chick said...

looool.. well I liked the idea :P.. bas some ppl ya ama they really forget and you have to remind them or they just wanna keep pretending that they forgot saying to theirselves we dun have enough money now to pay back! Although you can see that they spend money on stuff they want, they just dun have it to repay back!
lol I wud say if this doesnt work then dun give them money again :P its better than not being friends with them :P lol .. the problem is I cant even say NO when someone - who I know wont repay me back - ask for money which I can give! I guess I have to be stronger in this :P

I guess yeah it depends on the person bas b3d even if it was ur best friend sometimes you get shy to ask back your money!

Butterfly Chick said...

as I just said, yeah somehow it depends but it is somehow feels wrong - EVEN IF IT IS SO NOT! - to go running after the person asking for ur money!

hahaha nice to consider it 9adqa :P but I am sure fe ppl who deserve hal 9adaqa more!
I dun borrow money too.. I cant ask for it! Even from my parents! Although they have to pay bas b3d I dun like to ask for money!
Since I was at university the government was paying for my studies so I had some money in my hand, and now I am working so I got used not to ask for money! It's not like not at all, ya3ni they do pay for my dinner or lunch sometimes - or lets say a lot of times - but I dun like to borrow as borrowing a huge money from them! allah e5aleehum inshalla oo allah egadrni a36eehum badal ma5eth minhum..
I miss you too hun so much :**

hahahaha,, well thats cool :P this idea is pretty good :P

amalikrunner said...

Hi, BC- Hope your day is going positive, well only if you make it. I'm doing amazing!

Well when it comes to certain amount and certain situation you must speak up – You shouldn't do what others do and remain quiet.

Silence makes you a victim – however among friends it's alright as long as no one takes advantage of another.

You are most welcome. Fun at work? I'm glad to hear that, have fun, love it and you'll climb the ladder, or even fly it.

Sincerely, A Malik 'To win you must accept to lose'

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

This situation happens alot, and even now i have three of my friends who haven't returned my money... Friend #1 told me next January so i will wait and see, Friend #2 is wild 3ameti and he is very close to me and i dont really care if he returns the money or not... Firend #3 i think he knows that he owes me but keeps on forgeting on purpose and this friend i will ask for my money back...

To me i think lending money shouldn't be for all people, just lend the people who are close to u and people u trust... Returning the money back to u shows how the person is worthy of ur trust, u can find out how good a person is, t3arfeen ma3dan isha59...

And KD 5 or 10 or any small amount, i don't even think about it... Its like we were hanging out and i paid instead of them and thats it, t9eer ilyoum 3azeemti oo 3alaihom bil3afya... Bes asking for ur money back i think should only happen when a person comes to u and says i need to BORROW some money ma3a niyat ina yredoon lifloos... And another way to ask for ur money back is tell them u need them for something, i did it once, told a friend i needed them because i was going to travel and he returned them back the same day...

Butterfly Chick said...

True.. Silence can make you a victim and some ppl might take advantage of this! But what to say I am a nice person :P :P lol kiddin *angelic*
I am always tryin to be positive thats why I am loving my day at work :P<< well not really I was sleepy hours ago lol but yeah thank God for everything :)

Butterfly Chick said...

I liked ur comment .. I also like you have three friends waiting for them to repay me but I guess I will drop it :P last night I was talkin abt it with them and one of them told me just drop it plz lol so I said okey fine :P then she said okay I will get you a lipstick with the money lol so yeah its fine with me becuz those girls are really close.. But the idea itself is not nice, ena someone says they will return ur money and they just fool u! see as in ur situtation, when u told ur friend ur traveling he gave it to u the same day! it means he has the money bas he didnt want to give becuz maybe he doesnt care or watever the reason is!

"To me i think lending money shouldn't be for all people, just lend the people who are close to u and people u trust... Returning the money back to u shows how the person is worthy of ur trust, u can find out how good a person is, t3arfeen ma3dan isha59..." 100% with u!

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Also, i just want to make one more thing clear, regarding the friend who had the money and returned it the same day... Its not like he wouldn't have returned them its just that maybe if he does he might be in trouble financial wise so he was a waiting a bit more... What i mean is that some people have the money but need a bit more time... Neways i think u shouldn't drop the subject especially if its a large amount of money... I7na mo ga3deen 3ala Bank, when we give money we actually expect it back...
Dear Loaners we also have things planned to do with the money, it was just given to u because it wasn't needed at that moment of time and thats it, bes yimkin il7een nkoon mi7tajeeen, so return the bloody money... :P

Butterfly Chick said...

"Dear Loaners we also have things planned to do with the money, it was just given to u because it wasn't needed at that moment of time and thats it, bes yimkin il7een nkoon mi7tajeeen, so return the bloody money... :P"

eeee wallaaaaah :( LOL so you use "e7na mo ga3deen 3ala bank" term in kuwait too? lol "5aleejuna wa7ed :P :P"

Chick Flick Journal said...

Honestly it depends on who and when. Lets say if I was working and they didn't pay me the full amount I'd ask for it straight out flat. If my sisters borrowed money I'd definitely tell them to pay me back. I'd actually nag and nag. But if it's a friend, I'd let it go unless its a big amount I'd throw it in a conversation in an indirect way hehe

Butterfly Chick said...

hahaha true I wont be shy min my sisters :P I will nag if I really need the money and if I dont I wont
really ask for it 7lal 3aleehum :P