Friday, September 16, 2011

Love.. Hate.. Pain.. Hurt...

Talk.. Speak.. Shout.. Cry.. Laugh.. Smile.. Hurt.. Pain.. Depressed.. Love…

How can one person has all those feelings together? Is it possible? Can you love someone and hate him in the same time? Can they bring pain and happiness in the same time? Can they make you cry out of pain and out of happiness in the same time?
Why do we love..?! I wish I could stop my heart from loving.. I wish I could just shut everything away from it.. Can anyone do that? Why the hell not! Why this stupid heart has to fall for someone! Why it never listens to the mind! I’m just confused.. Way confused.. I don’t know what I want.. I don’t know what I need.. Do I need you? Do I want you?

I just need to disappear.. To think.. To decide.. To make the right thing..


amalikrunner said...

I sure have been in that situation when I was married before. However after my divorce I have had some relationships with arabic female/s but I have started to become stereotype about all of them (no offense).

We sure can have all those feelings and more at the same time. Emotions sometimes are not in control as our human nature's habit is always reacting at the first instinct.

You can love someone and hate them same time - they can bring pain and happiness sure - sure can they make you sure and bring happiness on other occasions. It is a part of a love relationship, however in today's day people find it easier to 'drop and leave' instead of thinking logically and working together and rather work against each other thinking I am right, not compromising and rushing.

WE all deserve better, we will never find anyone perfect but perhaps someone who will love us truly and make us happy and yet they will have some things which we may dislike but we must accept them.

We love as we have a heart - the heart has a brain in within. You can love any minute, with anything or anyone it has bo boundaries or limits or reservations. There is no age for love.

You cannot stop yourself but block yourself but sooner or later you will have to break the wall as you may block someone great who will love you and make you happy.

You can shut everything away but not forever :) - IT's stupid heart that's why it falls. Love is a great adventure, dangerous game and an amazing experience.

It will never listen to the mind, but if we practice thinking properly and then letting heart re-act then it can help us at moments of despair.

You need him, and you want him, but you also don't want the pain but you have to decide right? You cannot disappear and you cannot quit. You can think and make a wise decision.

Right the positive and negative and see which is heavier and if you have a GUT feeling, listen to it. Even if it means saying 'Goodbye' and it hurts but I am 100% sure the gut feeling is right.

Me, Experience.

zainab said...


Anonymous said...

yeah the heart can hate and love the same person at the same time. It's confusing why but we do..
I hope u feel better hun, he's not good for u if he didn't fight for u. I don't know the story but in time things will be better. Inshallah it's going to be less and less painful.. going through the same thing right now and i know it sucks..

Anonymous said...

Hope your fine sweetie *hugs*

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Try to listen to your mind instead of your heart... I think the heart takes you to places you desire and want even if its the wrong way... The mind, if you think hard enough it will tell you whats right even if its against your desires and wishes... Stick to the mind and let the heart for more important stuff...

Butterfly Chick said...

I really hate how we cant control our emotions! I wish we cud! but I guess ppl can tell how we feel.. specially those who are close to us..
I agree with you.. ppl these days go to the easy path.. dun waste ur time and just leave when ur not happy.. but it make sense somehow.. why wud someone stick to a relation which brings only pain! I am not saying dun give it a chance! bel3aks, try and try but when u feel that all the doors are shut just leave becuz u sure will find someone better!
for me.. I am not searching for the perfect guy.. I dun want him to be perfect.. no one is perfect! But sure I will be searching for someone who loves me and cares for me.. Thank God I have this someone although I was so mad at him for no reason to be honest.. I was mad at myself and that made me mad at him I guess!
I agree with u.. there is no age for love.. Love can come at any minute.. without u even knowing! & you are totally right.. I have been trying to block it.. but at the end I cudnt! it came and I cudnt really stop it..

Thanks a lot for your kind comment.. I guess if I wrote the positive and the negative the positive will be heavier.. I am happy with what I got but everyone has some ups and downs on his life.. thanks a lot I appreciate ur help :)

Butterfly Chick said...

*Hugs back*

I believe in that too.. I dun want someone who wudnt fight for me.. sometimes you gotta give them a timeline to see what they wud do.. I am feelin much better hun thanks for asking.. and I am sorry to hear that your going through the same.. hope you feel better soon **

Butterfly Chick said...

I am fine thanks dear :**

"Stick to the mind and let the heart for more important stuff..."
what are the more important stuff that the heart can decide?
Inshalla.. I will try my best to think with my mind not heart.. thats what I am tryin to do really!

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Leave the heart for God, family and friends as an example and ur future husband inshalla...

amalikrunner said...

Welcome and if all doors seem closed - Open the window :)

Butterfly Chick said...

inshalla I will :P

looool well yeah good idea :P

Chick Flick Journal said...

omg honey *hug* i sooo relate to you! yes you can love and hate the same person at the same time yes you can get all these mixed feelings i dont know why this happens i just want to get married, settle down and be happy with the guy

Standy said...


Butterfly Chick said...

I so agree.. I just wanna settle down.. be happy with the guy I want.. I dunno why its takin him so long to make this step..! Perhaps thats why my feeling are mixed up!

Sigh back..!
x x x