Monday, September 26, 2011

Brain Talk!

Dear Brain,
At 3.30 I will go back home eat my lunch and take a nap!

Dear Brain,
Oh please please Butterfly Chick think right think think you read this somewhere!

Do you have those kind of chitty chat with your brain? Do you speak to your brain? I believe all of us have thoughts inside and keep talking to themselves! This is not what I wanna know really..
What I would like to know is in what language do you talk to yourself! In what language you have your thoughts?

For me, I sometimes talk to myself in Arabic, & sometimes in English! Okay I am not proud of doing it in English but it just sometimes happen :P

So how about your brainy brains? What language do you communicate with your brains? :P


zainab said...

sure Arabic!
I find it weird to do it in engligh ;P maybe coz I'm not that well in english!

amalikrunner said...

English - however sometimes I and my thoughts talk through sign language, we just understand each other.

Afterall, it's my only companian. :)

Sincerely, A Malik 'If you have the will to win, you have achieved half your success; if you don’t, you have achieved half your failure'

Standy said...

loool.. i do that all the time and i argue with it ba3ad and it has the nerve to reply me.. can you believe that??

all langauges go.. i do it in whatever language i speak!!!

its fun =D

amalikrunner said...

This is out of this context, but - Goodbye is one of the hardest words we use in our lives...

We all once in our lifetime have to wave a goodbye while our heart bleeds in within but sometimes we have to go through it..

We're made to be tested, we're made to be challenged, we're made to be pushed around, but we must also realize we can build ourselves to overcome all of this..

All of the sadness, all of the lonely nights you go through, pictures racing through your mind.. some nights you wake up, go back to bed, wake up and watch through the window.. the sky... the cars passing by... the honks of the impatient people..

The accidents around us... the bloodshed around us... the corruption... the prostitution... the hidden black secrets.. some of us want to change it.. some of us wish we could change us and some like me believe and know we will change it very soon despite the severe consequences from the lost people who are heading onto a collision with themselves in their lost lives..

Living falsely... faking a smile... pretending to be happy... saying what they don't mean...

Many things I've done I regret, but then I don't as I learned from them... Many things I wish I could change... I wish I could turn the life back around go back to being a child.. I'd live differently ofcourse..

That's why they say life can be live only onced... because if God us the chance to go back we'd all go back... and change the way we did things..

We don't realize our actions cause others problems... our words can hurt some feelings... our not telling the truth can shatter glasses...

I guess you're thinking what in the world is he saying everything mixed? lol

Sincerely, A Malik 'I look down but I am going up'

Gold Medal Ribbon said...

I do it all the time ahahaha!!! but of course in Arabic! ;p

Chick Flick Journal said...

I do talk to my brain sometimes mostly in English I do feel kinda crazy but it's okay no one know:p

Butterfly Chick said...

Well you sound pretty good in English :) Dont underestimate yourself ;)

hahaha I know what you mean by sign language :P I sometimes speak to myself loud! which sometimes freak me out LOL

hahaha its good to know that I am not the only one who is doing that :P
So how many languages do you speak? :P

Butterfly Chick said...

LOL sometimes the brainy brain becomes so noisy :P :P

Hope u dun feel crazy now since u know ur the only one doin that :P

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Lo0ooooooL i do it but of course in Arabic, it feels weird doing it in English... :P

Butterfly Chick said...

loooooool is it?
its creepy sometimes to be honest LOL