Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Love You!

I love you and I don’t care whether they believe in you or not.. Whether they believe in us or not.. I love you and that’s what all matter!


Standy said...


Butterfly Chick said...

7abeebti entii
muah :***

amalikrunner said...

Sometimes that's what only matters. Love you have for someone or something.

However as we grow older in time, we start to understand life... we realize who we are... sometimes we look in the mirror and don't recognize our own reflection...

We've become so bitter... so selfish.. so blind... so materialistic.. we have forgotten who we really were..

We forget that we were ever born once.. we forget our troubles... we become pain-less..

We go through so much pain and then one day even if someone sticks a needle in your skin you'd be numb... a living numb being.

But anyways believe in what you do, as with true believe nothing can be taken away.

Believe in yourself, believe in your vision, believe in your dreams...

Sincerely, A Malik 'You believe, God believes and that's all you need to achieve...

amalikrunner said...

I know many may think does this man have a life than just writing comments? Lol Sure I do.

Infact I have a great yet challenging life, fulfilling, yet incompleting, happy yet sad, hard yet easy at times kind of a life.. confusing...?

It's 6:42 PM, KWT - About bed-time sure you know I usually go write on a website where I have been for 2 years whenever I have this feeling which I currently do.. - Obviously I know the fact that I or you cannot go in the past of our lives.

Although sometimes we wish we could.. I sure wish I did things differently in my marriage... It wasn't just her fault, or mine, but both of ours.

It's hard many nights - If a brain scanner was used for my brain you'd know how many times throughout the day the thoughts of past haunt me.. some nights I can't sleep.. some nights I can feel the wetness of my tears on my pillow..

The highway lights... the empty dark street I glare at early night hours... no cars.. just lights.. dark long road..

Life is such a road in which we sometimes have no one behind us.. front of us.. or next to us.. we're all alone.. we must remain strong.. we must believe we're going somehwhere.. we'll reach someplace.. sometime.. today or tomorrow.. later or sooner..

Why am I even writing all this in this comment blog..? Maybe it has nothing to do with the topic or this isn't the appropriate place for me to share some daunting feelings which challenge me every-day... but I don't know I just felt like this..

Maybe we feel better knowing we're not alone right...? Yet deep inside as I type this eyes turning red.. we all know the truth.. the pain we all feel, you, I, them... we all don't hide.. don't lie... don't pretend.. you're as weak as a ant... maybe weaker.. just admit it.

Wow I think I should stop typing aswhen such feelings get on me I write for hours... just heard a plane over the house.. people in it flying... some happy some sad.. some angry.. some with fear.. what kind of life is this we wonder sometimes.. we don't know the answer..

Imagine knowing the answers to all the questions.. you'd be a master heh...? Well stop dreaming...

Gnight! :)

Sincerely, A Malik 'We never fail, we just learn another lesson'

Butterfly Chick said...

I am one of the girls who likes long comments.. I enjoy reading long comments and I really appreciate them becuz I truely feel that this person is reading and is into whatever I write.. I am glad I am having particular people who are commenting here and I am sure glad that you are one of them :).. seeing their & your comment light up my day :)..
The purpose why I wrote this is, sometimes people try to ruin what you have maybe they dun really mean it but what they say really change your feelings.. they just try to tell you that this is wrong and this wont last and you keep thinkin abt whatever they said and perhaps change on the person you love.. I know its wrong.. But this is what most of girls do.. I dont need someone to tell me whether what I do is wrong or right, whether this relation will last or not.. No one knows this guy as much as I do so no one has the right to talk abt it! Wow I talked much about myself didnt I :) I guess I said stuff that I shudnt say it but I still feel like writing :)..
I do believe in myself.. I believe in what I do.. I believe in him.. & I believe in us..
I am sorry I really dunno how your relation ended.. but I am pretty sure it wasnt easy.. maybe or as I can tell from your comment you still didnt get 100% over it.. it happens :).. you always can correct your mistakes.. if you believe there is a second chance, why not go for it? if you both can fix the wrong stuff you did before why not? I am not here to guide you.. I am sure you know better whats best for you.. you are still young.. 21 right? this is what I read in the article if I am not wrong! your way young :P you still have life infront of you.. for me.. 21 is still young for marriage, I believe you sound older, specially the way you think and talk as I can tell from your comments, but still.. perhaps 25,26 is a good age.. okay this is my opinion I am not sayin dun get married now :P!

Sometimes.. when you get this feelin, of being alone, numb, sad.. just try to think abt something else.. its not easy I know, but at least think abt what you have now not abt what you lost! yeah we must remain strong.. actually we must believe that we are strong!
you can always write about anything dear here :) you are all welcome to express your feelings in my blog.. I can even share your words as a post in my blog I wudnt mind it! we are here to share what we feel, to talk abt it, after all I dun really know you and you dun really know me :P perhaps this gives people a push to talk more :)

wow my God :P I wrote a lot! good night dear and have a sweet dreams :)

& btw, which website you have? I didnt know you own one! sorry!

amalikrunner said...

You sure could beat me in long write-ups. It's 10 pm why am I up? I am not, just a bathroom call and a water break - came to answer some college emails, decided to respond to these comments as well and head back to bed!

Thanks, it's great to have a place to comment about stuff and express your feelings. Sure, people intentionallity or without knowing say things which makes us wonder why... That's okay, I am sure you will find out what works for you and who is best for you, today or tomorrow, you'll draw a conclusion.

Believe in yourself? Great, believe in what you do? Great, believe in him? No comment, believe in us? Good.

That's okay :) It was a great experience. Nothing is easy in this life. Well It has been more than 2 years I think I am over it, what is over it..? It's done and that's it :)

There are no mistakes, only lessons. Not everything has a second chance - Sometimes it is just once.

I appreciate your insights though, thanks. Yes, I'm 21. Oh yeah got married very young 18 and divorced at 20. Life is never in front of us, it's all around us (Lol I know I like philosophy :P)

No age for marriage, as long as you know you are ready, it's okay then.

Try, that's how the people are living today. I don't believe in trying, I believe in simply doing it.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind :) Sure you did, but nothing useless, only useful is what you wrote.

I don't own it, but all my writings after my divorce are posted on

Sincerely, A Malik 'A dead-end street is not the end of the road' :)

zainab said...


Butterfly Chick said...

lol its good ena 9ar lak bare'9 3shan etred 3al comments when you just woke up :P! I usually feel sooooooo sleeepy when I get such a call and all what I wanna do is go back to sleep :P!
I will be checking the site soon inshalla, its sure is interesting :)..
I am not saying there is an age for marriage.. but, at least this is my opinion, I guess its better to get married when you are a bit older.. many people are not fully mature in that age - and no I dun mean you, I am talking in general! - many people are not working yet, didnt finish their studies, so how will they open a new house? & many people in that age dun think about the future.. abt the responsibilities they will have.. they just wanna marry someone they love regardless to what this will bring.. Its good to learn some lessons in life.. I wish you all the best :)
'A dead-end street is not the end of the road' << its not? then it will be the end of someone's life for sure :P :P lol JK :P


amalikrunner said...

I know - I was just saying that :) You are right. I felt the same and I did it as well - that was one reason for the divorce.

It is much better to wait but I am glad I did it before so I won't do it again without being well equipped :)

Lol I guess if you say so :P

Sincerely, A Malik 'To achieve your dreams, you must first wake up from them...'

Chick Flick Journal said...

i hope you end up with the person you love xx

Butterfly Chick said...

lol @ without being well equipped.. its like ur preparing for a war :P lo good luck with it :P

Thanks dear, I hope the same to you too xoxox

amalikrunner said...

I guess some of my work experience brings such words out into conversations :)

Thank you.

Sincerely, A Malik 'How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. Money mistakes can be corrected, but time is gone forever'

Butterfly Chick said...

I can learn a lot from ur quotes :)