Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 11-12-13-14

I am back with this challenge ;)

Day 11: Something Fun

Dream world is a fun place to visit in Thailand.. There are many games and the places is sooooo amazing if you like to take pictures.. It is a must visit place :D

Day 12: Close Up

Isnt he so adorable? You wont believe the story behind this bird :P.. Well I have a cockatiel bird named Chocho & my lil sis has also a cockatiel bird named Mato.. Anyhow.. Once my mom was in the garage and guess what? She saw this bird in our garage so she decided to catch it! LOL I dun believe what she did to be honest! she called my dad and he caught the bird and brought it inside.. & since Chocho & Mato are always outside the cage my mom cut this bird's wings so he can wander with them at home :P LOL she also named him Lolo after my lil sis Laila :P Lolo is such an adorable bird he is soooo tiny and he follows chocho a lot :P & I am pretty sure we are taking a lot of care of him I am sure he is loving it here ^^

Day 13 - From A Distance

Yup yup.. This is Thailand from a distance =)

Day 14 - Flowers

When we got back to Bahrain.. My aunt, her husband and their kids were there waiting for us.. My lil cousin 7amoodi is Laila's best friend :P although he is younger but she really loves him - as a bro - and she visits him often at their house - and yeah my aunt house is so near - .. So anyway when we got back we were surprised by those flowers.. 7amoodi got them for my sis Laila.. It was sooo cute! Love you 7amood mwah!


amalikrunner said...

Great pictures. Bonds of relatioships are always important and so near to us :) when gone we know the true meaning....

Doesn't everything look so perfect from far above... bu wait when you come down... you see how much work has been put it... the small errors.. the mistakes and the hurt :)

Sincerely, A Malik 'I never said no, I just havn't said yes'

zainab said...

i forget about this challenge._.!

Chick Flick Journal said...

hehe cute pictures <3

Anonymous said...

Your pet bird is the best thing! Love all the lil birdies!

Butterfly Chick said...

Glad you liket he pictures.. Well yeah the view looks so great from above! and I dun think you were talking abt the countries when you said that when you get down or lets say when you get closer you see the errors! it perhaps suits some people! when you dun know them well you think they are perfect and when you get closer you see the mistakes or how shallow -lets say- they are! Of course this wont apply on everyone!

yallaaah what are you waiting for? :P start la :P

Butterfly Chick said...

thanks sweetie, ur cutier :**

lol I love pets <3 they are soo adorable!

amalikrunner said...

I was referring to the people :) correct.

It applies to everyone (but some to the extreme and some now)

Great luck!

Sincerely, A Malik 'You don't need to see the whole stair case, to take the first step' Do it and see...

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Nice pics, i hope u enjoyed ur time in Thailand... Cute bird... :)

Butterfly Chick said...

Thanks bro :)

I did so much 7amdella.. Yup the bird is so cute you just wanna kiss him <3

am said...

Welcome, and Malik is enough :)