Sunday, September 18, 2011

Me & salads!

I dunno why I am bringing this subject.. It just pisses me off! Ok Ok kelwa7ed 7or oo kel wa7ed kaifeh adrii bas b3d it pisses me off !!
Yesterday I went out with my friends to coco's .. its a restaurant located in Adliya.. We ordered many things becuz I guess we were so hungry :P.. we shared the food >> this is what girls mostly do :P.. So after like 10 minutes one of my friends called saying she wanna join us.. When she came we were done eating but there were some leftovers.. So we told her she can eat it.. She was like no I wanna order salad becuz I am on diet!!!! Oh crap! She is not even fat! Okay I am not here talking badly about her.. God knows how much I love her.. Just those people take my nerve .. Why would anyone go to a restaurant to eat salad! Grrr I am so not that person! Okay I might order a salad as a starter but I will eat something else! come on people its food enjoy it!

It is not like I dont like salad! Tara I do.. Bas I don't like to eat it as my only lunch or only dinner! I sometimes do it when I am really full.. But its raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrreeee :P..

So tell me about you.. What type of person you are? Do you go out just to eat salad?! Don't worry I wont hate you :P I just wish I am not the only girl who loves food and thinks its wrong to order just a SALAD :P

Guys.. Do you really like a girl who just eat salad? I mean imagine your going out with your wife and all she eats is salad! Is that really fine with you? A9lan can you eat while all what she eats is salad? :P!


amalikrunner said...

I am friendless (Due to being committed to my dreams turned goals) as I wake up at 3 am and am in bed no later than 8PM. It scares people, however I don't care as they will give me nothing :)

Wow, what type of a person I am - If I started I wouldn't stop :P - Hmm.. To keep it to the subject, I go out and eat sometimes and always alone - although I get stares as it is rare to see in ME someone sitting alone and we shouldn't forget 'Staring' here is a habit :) which I really HATE.

So yes, I do go out and sometimes eat salad only. To change my mental perspective, to change my emotions and to divert my mind sometimes.

I wouldn't have anything against a female who I may be in a relationship with if she likes to eat Salad only (Although I am not in one now plus if I do she must be able to run 1 hour non-stop so in ME it's hard to find that lol :P)

Sure - It'd bother me sometimes but I'd make sure she doesn't make eating salad a habit, but if she does, hey! If you love someone, you should accept some of their things :) no matter what. If I said 'I love you' then I must mean it despite some stuff if she does bothers me - Love is more stronger than that..

Sincerely, A Malik 'Once you reach the end of the rope, tie a knot and hold on'

Butterfly Chick said...


Well.. Well.. Isn't it great how our dreams turn to be our goals! I congrat you for this! Hmm.. Your life is a bit tough :P Why do you wake up at 3 am?! Do you go jogging at this time or something? & WOW ! You really sleep early! & I call one of my friends who sleeps at 10 a chicken :P lol JK JK :$.. But seriously.. What do you do in life? I guess I gotta read your article again because I only had a look at it! Well, it doesnt scare people but I guess it makes people - like me - wonder :P

For you guys its normal to go out and eat alone, its okay, I wudnt stare at a guy who is eating alone.. But if he was a handsome guy I wud say I wish I am sitting with him :$ LOL KIDDING :P.. So yeah maybe girls stare at you because your handsome? & wish they were sitting with u? :P :P

lol 7ram 3laik! Why wud you make ur girls run for one hour! Do your running alone :P!! Hahaha I really hope you find your dream girl :P.. What you said last was so sweet.. You have to accept the person you love the way they are!

BTW.. Loved the quote :) " 'Once you reach the end of the rope, tie a knot and hold on' "

Anonymous said...

I love food! I love to EAT! I can EAT a lot which is scary :D I enjoy every bit of it :P I never stop myself from eating eventhough I always nag about diet :D

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

This is the problem with alot of people they think SALAD means that they are dieting the right way, which is wrong... For example i am not that fat but i still diet to lower my Body Fat %, and my diet has everything salad, chicken, beef, fish, i could usually eat whatever i want and on my cheat days you don't want to even know how i spoil myself on cheat days...
Another thing if you see my blog you would realize that the love of my life is FOOOOOOOOOOOOD, I Love You Food, so i always like to go out with a person being boy or girl that eats alot, not only salad... A7eb illy yakel 3ashan yshaheeeeni iny akel ma3a...
When my mother opens the subject of marriage, i always tell her if you find me a girl that can cook, eat as much as i do and she doesn't gain weight i will marry her... :P She says back 'Mo ila 3ayal don't get married, mafee bnaya chithee'... :P

Butterfly Chick said...

HooOooorraaaaaaaay Girl :D I love food toooooooooo.. I adore it.. Yummmmyyy yummmyyy yummmmmy... I actually wanna eat something now :( but at work I dun eat! I have to wait till 3.30 to go back home and eat lunch :( poor me :( haha.. It's good to know that someone shares loving food with me :$

Butterfly Chick said...

TOTALLY AGREE! bas tadrii 3ndi yakloon salad ahwan min may6lboon el denya wel deen oo then they drink diet cola :P !!
& I also agree when you said ena u like going out with someone who eats.. waaaaaaaay ma7eeeb a6la3 ma3a nas matakel!! atnarfaaaaaaaaz!! I cant eat walla! ast7iiiii akel etha el nas ely m3ai matakel! here at work there is a girl with me, mara sawaw 7afla oo yabaw shgad akel.. I cudnt eat well 9ara7a cuz she didnt take anything! ge63tain bas? oh for god sake! I loveeeeeeeee fooooooooooood!! I eat but thank god I dun get fat :P tuf tuf la a7sed roo7i.. ya3ni ana min el noo3 el akool :P ely esa3ed 3al akel :P i cud eat and eat and eat and eat andddddddd eaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt :P
so tell ur mom 5atdawer lak 3adel feeee banat takel o matemtan trust me :P

Butterfly Chick said...

5atdawer = 5ala etdawer.. maybe my accent doesnt make sense for u lol :P

Standy said...

hehe.. sometimes i eat salad when i am on a diet with the girls but if its 3ozooma and going out with girls and all,, salad who are we talking about :p

you shuold invite me =D

Butterfly Chick said...


if no salad then you are sure invited :P
I wudnt mind salad for starter though :P

Standy said...

of course NO SALAD!!!


so when shall i expect this invitation to take place?

Butterfly Chick said...

when you come to bahrain ? :P

yallaaaa metaa betyeen lets go eatttt

Standy said...


inshallah soooooooon...

amalikrunner said...

Sure - It is a great feeling to see your dreams be your goals and you live them.

A bit tough? Lol live with me a day and see - but whatever worth the price is worth the fight in life.

Yes - My day starts with running, not jogging. As at such early hours the high-ways are free of cars and I can run freely on the road without anyoe hitting me and killing me. :)

I do everything in life.

Handsome? Me? Well sometimes. (lol) A fact most handsome men are alone. :)

Just to see if she is healthy so when we have kids they are healthy and not just some lazy give me everything easy type :P Yeah hard condition I know but I am willing to put my future wife on a probation period and give intense training to hit 1 hour run nonstop lol

Thanks :) Quotes can empower you if you understand them well and post them all over your work place, room, etc.

Sincerely, A Malik 'You can't beat up a person who refuses to give up'

zainab said...

definitely no ;P resturants for trying and enjoying new kinds of dishes!
never tried this one before!

Chick Flick Journal said...

I'm not a salad person and I wouldnt order salad unless i heard that its so good:p but calm down girl:p

Butterfly Chick said...

Will be waiting :D..

Okay it waaaaaaaaaay tough :P! I am not saying it's not worth it bas b3d its tiring :P I am such a lazy girl and I adore sleeping so no way I wud be doing what ur doing :P!! running in the morning? Oh God I tried walking at night and I didnt last a week :P! lol
so most alone men are handsome? Oh please find me one :P LOL I cant see any alone man here :P! regardless if he is handsome or not :P lol most men are taken I believe! at least men in my age :P lol

Hmmm healthy? dun tell me u r the type that wont let his kids eat fast food? Come on this is really really unfair ! Not even junk food?! & excuse me? a probation period? omg you must be kiddin :P! looooool u want her to run 1 hour nonstop! oh my! Okay find a sporty girl for you please :P

P.S I love your quotes :) & yeah I believe that they can empower us!

Butterfly Chick said...

Yaaaaaaay! So I am not the only girl? :P LOL thats great :D

hahahaha I am calm :$ lol I wudnt order salad too unless its a starter :P :P ok to be honest ams met3shya taboola o waraq 3enab bas :P LOL bas cuz I ate too much at lunch oo klait chips oo chocolate later so I was full :P

amalikrunner said...

Things which are tough in our lives make us strong. They build our future. They are what you can feel proud of.

Doing the opposite of the crowd is what makes you different, unique, you can be a great legend. A human talked about in history.. All this depends on your dreams, what dreams you turned goals and how hard you are working non-stop to achieving them... and while you are on the way you must impact people along the route...

Our experience makes our dreams and mine has made mine... big ones... great ones.. very hard ones.. but I know I'll make it through.. I'll be standing in front of millions of people and sharing my story I know I will :)

Nothing great is found, it simply comes to you depending on your believe level system.

Ofcourse - I will make sure they are educated properly from childhood. I want to empower them, show them that dreams can be achieved.

Healthy living, healthy family, healthy environment - OFcourse cheat days exist but we m ust be discipline, teach self control, self tolerance. I will never let them join the young society like today's.

It is heading in the wrong direction. It has been blinded by false dreams of money and fame. False information which will lead them to dead-end road.

I am serious, well not 1 hour, maybe 45 minutes. It's easy :) Sure, I'll perhaps run into her, but love is never found, it just happens... just happens...

Thanks. I'm glad you find them useful for empowerment.

Sincerely, A Malik 'The different between ordinary and extra ordinary is just that 'Extra' do it and see it and you will live it'

Butterfly Chick said...

Your comment made me smile :).. oh wait all your comments draw a smile on my face :P.. talking about things which are tough build our future and make us proud reminded me of my studies.. lol okay I am not trying to be a nerdy here, but it did!

Agree.. doing the opposite always makes you unique! I loved the faith you have.. the hope.. the great thinking of your future.. I really wish you all the best in it.. you deserve the best :).. it is nice to see that there are guys thinking like this.. no offense really.. but its nice.. seeing how your planning for things is great!

Love is never found.. I am with you in this .. it just happens! hope it happens for you one day.. soon hopefully :)

amalikrunner said...

At least you got something to remember of whatever makes you proud, nevertheless the reason. :)

It takes courage to stand out the crowd. Thank you, sure we all deserve the best depending on our intentions, yet otherwise.

However, we also get many things we never deserved :)

If I don't plan, no one will for me :) Times changed.... people changed...

I'm sure it will, no rush :)

Sincerely, A Malik 'Change your should's to musts and see the difference'

Butterfly Chick said...

'Change your should's to musts and see the difference'

great quote! gotta do this :P

all the best dear :)