Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Traffic Traffic Traffic!!!

Good lazy morning to all..

How are you doing?

Today abee at7al6am shway :P ..

I would like to talk about the stuff that piss me off early in the morning!

Well.. When I am driving.. & there is a traffic jam.. & I am waiting *7alii min 7al ely jedami* etyee sayaraaa min a5er shay oo tash5e6ha fel trab oo etda3es roo7ha to be the first one!!
3AIB ! WAYED 3AIB! Kelna met2a5reen 3la dawamatna! Kelna nabee enwa9el ebser3a! oo kelna na6reen!! 3AIB enak et6awef kel hal nas ely kanat na6ra for more than 5,10 or whatever minutes!
I wish there was a law or something to punish those kind of people! At least let them pay some fines or something! Walla it takes my nerve when they do this! La oo edshoon 3laik mra wa7da oo e5zoonak ena HEY ! SAW LENA 6REEJ ! WTH ?! wala chena ‘3al6aneen!!



Okay one more thing!
I hate it when they drive on the left side *where you are supposed to drive fast* and they drive sooooooo slow that you feel like crying when you are behind them! I don’t like to use my horn bas I keep so close to them hopping ena elfoon aw shay bas LAAA abaaaad! They stay wala chenaaa! Oo el qahar a5er shay elfoon yemeen!! ENZAIN LAISH EMYAWDEEN YESAR E9EER A3ARF? :!!

Hmmm.. b3ad! I hate it when there is a car infront of me oo maraaa wa7daaaaa etlef without a notice! Enzain please! You have signals! Just use them!!

Emmm!! Enough te7l6em min el 9b7 la? :P

9ba7kum 3asal :$ << too late? Lol..

So tell me what kind of things that piss you off when you drive? And are you one of those people who do the stuff that piss me off? :P I know many people *even from my friends* who do some of these stuff and I keep yelling at them when I am with them telling them not to do so :P ..!


Chick Flick Journal said...

omg!! I soo know what you mean! All of these things piss me off too. Doesnt it feel good to let it all out haha

Butterfly Chick said...

hahahaha it sure does :P

zainab said...

can't say more! that's why i used to love to be droped to work lol ;P

Butterfly Chick said...

hahahaha.. ee walla ! 7elo ena a7ad ewadeech o eyeebech mokan matabeen lol

Standy said...

and your not aloooonneeeee =p

poeple damhum thaqeeel..

you know what they say, you can know the persons personality by the way he drives his car!!

i believe in that =)

Butterfly Chick said...

hahaha never thought abt it et9adgeen:p! well it make sense kind of lol

Vainglorious said...

Hold on a sec! Are you bahraini wila kuwaiti? Or are u living in Kuwait? ;p

Lol all these things piss me off as well and here I thought it only happens in K-town! Guess kilina bil hawa sawa ;p

One more thing to add to ur list.. I hate when 2 idiots in different cars drive next to each other, open the window o talk while driving o akeed to do this both cars have to slow down o e3a6loon ishri3 warahm!

r.alsharif said...

T7al6imay wallah ma tinlamain ;*
I get pissed off awal ma arkab ilsayara :P

Butterfly Chick said...

looool.. I am a bahraini living in bahrain :P .. yeah I guess kelna fel hawa sawa :P perhaps its a gulf thingy lol..
yeah true.. I hate b3d etha el share3 two sides wa7ed e5leech etlfeen yesar o wa7ed yemeen.. eyey ely belef yesar the right side o e6eg signal enah yabee eroo7 yesar oo e3aa6el kel el seyayeer warah!! this morning chee 9adeni :@ lol

shaklha el list wala bet5ale9 :P

Butterfly Chick said...

hahahaha.. is it us or is it the people who drive? :P