Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Facts about Women

Something I read and found it interesting to share.. Enjoy and tell me what do you think

• Women brush their hair before bed. [[ Hmm I do it bas mo dayman ]]

• A woman feels awkward if she does not carry anything in her hands. That is why they always carry their handbags around. [[ hahah truee ]]

• Women do not want an honest answer to the question, "How do I look?"

• Women do not want an honest answer to the question, "Is that girl good looking?"

• The two highest IQ’s ever recorded belong to women. [[ e7mmm ]]

• When a woman yawns, she covers her mouth with the palm of her hand, not with a fist . [[ this sentence made me yawn yawn and yawn lol and yeah its true ]]

• Sitting down in public transportation, women keep their legs together. That is why men often prefer to sit next to a woman because in this case they can sit spread-eagle.

• When a woman dresses up to go out, she puts on a blouse first. Pants come second. Men work it vice versa. [[ hmm im not sure of this one! ]]

• After taking a bath, a woman grabs a towel and makes a turban on her head from it, at least for one minute. The reasons of such a weird oriental ritual are unknown.

• Women love to talk and talk and talk some more. For some reason they feel that if there is silence going on they need to fill it with some sort of drivel. This also falls along the lines that women love to gossip. Sometimes, we can’t think of anything to say or talk about, so we GOSSIP!

• Women love a bargain, even if they don’t need the item. So, if we see a purse that is almost exactly like one we already have, but it has been marked down 75%, we are going to most likely buy it because we think we saved money on it!! [[ loool agreee ]]

• Women know more than they lead on. They don’t want to show up by knowing more about sports than you do, so women "play dumb" just to give you the satisfaction when women are really thinking about how dumb men really are on the subject!! [[ hahaha sometimes yeah bas not on sport ]]

• Women like to smell good and this is why they have so many smelly beauty items. Whatever can be bought that has a smell, women usually do buy them. This includes shampoo, lotion, soap or body wash, and toiletry sprays.

• Women hate to be ignored, especially by their significant others. Even if you are out with your friends or a group, you better be paying attention to your woman, or you may just pay for it when you get home. Also, if you start talking to someone you know and we have never met them, you better introduce us right away or you are going to have one angry woman at your hand.


zainab said...

i liked the post though i don't agree with some of them ;P

Butterfly Chick said...

hahahaha.. I did not agree on some points too :P

Chick Flick Journal said...

haha omg some are sooo true. bw i just found your blog very interesting you profile cracked me up "anything related to laziness" ROFL

Butterfly Chick said...


Thanks for your sweet comments dear..

Yeah I'm sooooooooo lazy more than you can expect it :P all my friends know that I love sleeping :P even my co-workers lol!

but I do have fun and I have a life believe me lol :P