Thursday, July 21, 2011


Happy weekend to all..

A question just came to my mind and wanted to discuss it with you ^^..

Those who saw my previous posts might read about a post I have put about smoking and how I somehow find it hot!

Anyway, this is not my topic! The topic I want to share with you today is.. Will you marry someone who smokes?

Its for both girls and guys.. Would you marry a guy who smokes? Would you marry a girl who smokes?
If yes, will you try changing them? Or you will be just fine with them smoking? -Perhaps you will smoke with them?!- Will you put any rules for them?

For me, I wouldn’t say no for a guy who smokes, but I wouldn’t prefer it! .. I mean I prefer a guy who doesn’t smoke!
I would say yes if he was a good guy and everything but I would put some rules for him.. No smoking at the house! Perhaps not even smoking in front of our children or at least not smoking when they are around! Not smoking when we go out together!

How about you? Anyone here has a smoker partner? And how do you deal with them?

Waiting for your comments ^.^


M7md Ghazi said...

I hate smoking to be honest !
most of my friends are smokers .. and I'm trying my best to let them stop ..
and no I would never marry a girl who smoke , only if she promised me that she quit ..
I wonder why most of the girls find it hot xD
keep it up

Butterfly Chick said...

loooool.. I dunno why ! I hate it! Yet I somehow find it hot LOL :P
Well two thumbs for you for not smoking! You are a good guy :P I guess its hard to ask someone to stop
My dad is a smoker and we tried soooo hard with him but he just cant stop, he tried but cudnt!
Thanks for ur comment glad to know what you think :)

Vainglorious said...

I hate smoking! Like really really hate it o hope I don't marry a smoker coz the smell makes me sick one of my brothers is a smoker and I hate going out with him coz I'd always come home with the smoke smell stuck on my :/

Regarding the marriage question, 3ala goltich if he's a good guy I would marry him bs there will be STRICT rules

Anonymous said...

B is a smoker LOL but I hate it so much! I just love him the way he is, no matter he smoke or not, it doesn't matter to me :) Sometimes I will get pissed but I tried to control it :)

قوس قزح said...

I am smoking , look , i can,t stop smoking but i can follow the rules , No smoking at bed room , next to kids
Well : out doors i can stay a side at somewhere and got my Cigarette . Hard to recovered from addiction easily . The problem is that, the smell of smoke sticks to my cloth :( May be she would not like it

Nice topic

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

my answer would probably be a big NO. I cant stand smokers ;/

Butterfly Chick said...

hahahah go girls with strict rules :P
yeah el ree7a tal9eg 9ij.. ana I cant stand the smell of it too! I hate the smell of it! Every time dad smokes with us I keep saying *uff dadd basss 5ayastna** lol
try puting some rules for ur bro :P lol << so hard I know :P

Butterfly Chick said...

lol B stop smoking :P !! lol.. Yeah as long as you love him you will do anything and bear anything for him :)
May you stay together forever :**

Butterfly Chick said...

qoos qz7 -Rainbow- ..
since when u started smoking? I dunno why smokers say we cant stop, enzain at least give it a try what you will lose? halgad et7boon eltad5een ya3ni? :P hal gad ur enjoying it?!
Yeah perhaps a lot of girls wudnt like the smell of it, it sticks on ur cloths and the breath also!
yalla.. inshalla tegdar teg6a3 el tad5een yarab :)
best wishes ^^

Butterfly Chick said...

*two thumbs for you* I like guys who dun smoke ^^ its great to see that there are a lot *hopefuly* of guys who dun smoke!
stay healthy ;)

Saud said...

Currently am not a smoker, never smokes a cigarette in my life, nor shisha!!
But i do love my cigars, buying them, storing them, tasting them, rating them!! Oh yeah.. that's the good life.
a cigar or two in a week span won't hurt, and won't develop into a disgusting habit.
But yeah!! Cigar is the way to go, enjoying a vacation, a good meal, fun company..
And I do find it hot to smoke cigars

Gold Medal Ribbon said...

Seriously i wish not! but i don't mind;p cuz my father is an addict smoker so im used to the smell and everything ;p

Addictioneer said...

I would never ever marry a woman who smokes
and if the woman I'm going to marry is a smoker, I would ask her to quit
No quit >> no marriage
and love should do its magic in quit smoking

I have many friends/family members who smoke.Of them only One smoker girl though. All of them know that I can't stand the smoke. They would smoke in a way that the smoke wouldn't reach me :p
and I appreciate that

I tried smoking couple of times when I was a teenager. I've been told that smoking would give me nice feeling of a man. I didn't feel that. Plus, that time I didn't have money to buy cigarette :)
That's why am not a smoker :)

Butterfly Chick said...

Well well.. I thought you dont smoke as you dont at all :P !
So isnt cigar harmful than the cigarette?
Cigar always reminds me with mafia and business men :P are you one of them? :P JK :P
Well hope you quit it sure have bad effect even if you dun smoke it that much :)..

Glad to see you on my blog :)

Butterfly Chick said...

Yeah my father too! I really hope he quits bas its way too hard for him!
allah e3afeena sharha :P

Butterfly Chick said...

hahaha go man :P bravo :P ..
I'm really glad that you didnt have money back them :P or you might ended up being a heavy smoker ! "esmella 3laik :P" .. See.. Kelshay 5air lena.. Sometimes being out of money is good :P
All the best :)

Ra-1 said...

When my husband proposed he was a smoker but everything else about him was just perfect!
He promised to quit since I wont marry a smoker. and he wanted to quit even before proposing so it was not just for me, but when I said it, it kind of forced and heelped him to do it.
and Alhamdolillah I have never seen him smoke :)
Smoking is not just bad for the health, the smell is so auful! you need to live with a clean person who smells good!

Butterfly Chick said...

I am so happy for you! Really glad that he did it for you! and you actually helped him with that :)..
7amdella..!! .. He was willing to do it and there was someone behind him to support him :)..
& yeah I agree.. its bad for the health and it has really bad smell!
hugs and kisses for a great lady like u!

Chick Flick Journal said...

the guy im marrying is a smoker well as he quit a few months ago but its still hard for him. i wouldnt choose to marry a smoker but .... n9eeb

warag3anab said...

i would prefer not to marry a smoker, bs i dont know, im still 14 c:
but if i was a guy, i would certainly not marry a girl who smokes, wai3.

Butterfly Chick said...

Chick Flick..
yalla 7amdella 3ala kel 7al :).. Allah ehaneech yarab oo e5leekum 7ag b3ath..
It is hard to stop.. Bas try to help him, believe in him :)

Yummy nick name :P !
hehehe well good for you dear, no smoker *thumbs down for them*
Yeah its still early for you to think abt marriage.. Enjoy your life ;)