Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Facts about men

Soo, we read facts about women, its time to know some facts about men!! I am not sure if all these stuff are true.. But it is nice to hear the other side talking :P..

• "Are you doing something?" or "Have you eaten already?" are the first usual questions a guy asks on the phone just to get out from stammering.

• A guy may instantly know if the girl likes him but can never be sure unless the girl tells him.

• Guys hate girls who overreact.

• Never change your looks thinking that will keep a man from cheating or desire you more. [[ I somehow don’t agree on this! Waiting to see what guys think :P ]]

• Men hate it when you go through his personal belongings checking for pay stubs, bank statements, phone numbers, or cell records.

• Never ask a man if he is cheating, because he most likely is not going to give you the real answer.

• Men fall in love faster than women. [[ Hmm! ]]

• Men have a difficult time expressing themselves.

• Men do not like it when a woman loud talk them and don't give them a chance to speak.

• Never follow a man out of town away from your family. He may not treat you well. [[ agree ]]

• Men that hesitate or take a long time asking a woman to marry them, is either a commitment phobia, don't want to give up his player card, or he is still looking.

• Men do not like to be compared to another man.

• Men have a habit of asking almost every woman he meets about how many partners she had in her lifetime. My advice: Never answer this question unless you are not ashamed to answer. Most men ask this, because they are turned off by women who have had multiple partners.

• Men love to gossip more than women, and they love sharing bedroom secrets!


♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Interesting :)

zainab said...

Men fall in love faster than women.
really? and the gossiping thing i don't think so lol
thanks for sharing this : )

Anonymous said...

I dont agree with the last point!!!

Butterfly Chick said...

Thanks dear .. Nawarti el blog :)..

Well.. Lol Men fall in love faster? I don't think so :P.. But yeah men do gossip trust me :P

Looool.. Someone got mad here :$ :P .. Why guys always deny this! Guys do talk and gossip :P!

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

welcome !

xcomplicationsx said...

okay the last one sounds awkward. I know women who do that but men too? O.O

I can't imagine men sitting around sharing bedroom secrets. That is soo WEIRD. hahahaha

LOL who knew?

Butterfly Chick said...


maybe they share it with girls not guys *devilish* lol

Chick Flick Journal said...

interesting all of these are obvious and i agree on them except for the "they fall in love faster"

Butterfly Chick said...

lol yeah I guess girl fall in love easily :P!
I believe that in some cases, *maybe in their fist love* they love more than the girl!