Monday, July 18, 2011

ChoCho 7abeebi !!

Birds Birds Birds

I love birds.. I adore them.. I so so so love them!!

My dad brought for me a cocktail bird.. I named him Chocho..

Here is the first post I posted about my adorable baby

Isn’t my baby so adorable? Fine not that pretty bas b3d he is so pretty in my eyes 7beebi.. I’ll leave you with some of his pictures

Whenever someone sits on the laptop, he jumps and sits behind it.. I dunno why

He loves this cow so very much :P !!

Chocho goes greeeeeen !! He likes green color.. e9afer 7ag kelshay loona green or flashy!! He loves this towel :P

I love him soooooooooo much.. I treat him like my baby, I do anything for him and I kiss him all the day !!

P.S. Eman & Hala.. Chocho is waiting for you


sadia said...

awww! he's SO cute!!! ^_^

Butterfly Chick said...

isnt he? :$

lol thanks dear <3

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Adorable.I want one too .

Butterfly Chick said...

Buy one you wont regret it :)
he is so cute and nice to have around !
But get a baby one let it grow with u

Amu said...

So cute and adorable!!

Butterfly Chick said...

finally ppl saying nice stuff abt my baby :$ lol thanks dear

Standy said...

LOL.. who said anything bad about him?

Standy said...

he was sooo cuutee when he was young!!

Butterfly Chick said...

looool my family members ! they always say he is the ugliest bird ever :( looool.. he loves them though! poor thingy he doesnt know what they say abt him lol

thanks sweetie glad u liked him :D

Amu said...

lol I never said any thing wrong even before :P I just said i dont agree with the last line of ur previous post ;p

Vainglorious said...

Cute birdie allah e5aleeeh lich ;)

Kuwait's blog said...

MashAllah so so cute i just love them i use to keep them pet when i was a kid but later they got killed by me so many times so i stopped keeping them as pet :(

Butterfly Chick said...

Looool.. I didnt say u said something wrong hahaha :P
its good to disagree with someone sometimes :P..

Thanks sweetie oo e5aleech :)

Yeah I had two birds before -different one- it was a Bulbul.. but they died :( it did hurt sooooooo baaaad.. I cried sooooo much.. But I so love birds.. I cant stay at home without having one!! I am taking a good care of thes one and inshalla nothing wrong well happen to him :)..

Addictioneer said...

So adorable
I have two birds at home
one canary which I really like
and one like yours but it's not an "adorable" bird. It's angry bird. it always shout and bite whenever we try to touch it
many times I thought of throwing that bird to the cats in our freej but I don't do it
I have r7ma :)

Butterfly Chick said...

looool.. My sis has one which bites me and doesnt like to be touched unless its my sis or my dad :P !! '3atheeth b3d bas meskeen a7ebeh lol .. he is colorful not like my chocho.. gray with orange blusher :P.. but chocho is nicer he doesnt bite at least :P.. and yeah he is older than my choch :P..

7ram dont harm ur bird lol

Anonymous said...

Hahahhhhahahahaa, shway I miss chocho,
Oo Mato mo '3theeth :| maskeen
I miss both of them :')


Butterfly Chick said...

How about lolo? :P
They all miss you too :):** and I miss u so much *we7shatni sowaleefek :P*

Anonymous said...

Ohhh maskeen lolo kela ansaaah XD
Mo mt3wdaa 3alih ee 7ta el ntfa w7shny XD
Hahahha la ta5feen leen rj3t basoolf eshkther oo btmlleleen

Laila :)

Butterfly Chick said...

hal netfa shee6an mashalla 3laih :P
kela 7abseenhum fel qafa9 5ayfeen ena matowat 5alo e3etha :P