Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Secret Blog!!

Good morning bloggers..

Some of us here are hiding behind their blogs.. They spill everything out in their blogs.. Their feelings.. What they did.. Who they love..
Maybe they didn’t tell their family, friends nor lovers about this blog.. They just need to talk and talk without hurting someone's feeling or they just dun wanna share all these details with someone who knows them well..

Somehow for me, I might be talking about stuff in the blog I wudnt talk abt in real life.. The blog gives me this safe area where I can explain and express myself and no one will know who am I! Well, yeah my sisters know about it, but still they know everything about me!

Now this is not my topic all about actually.. What I would like to know.. What if you love someone and you discovered - by surfing in the net - that they have a blog and they never told u about.. & the annoying thing is that they somehow talk bad about you there.. They actually talk about ur fights.. About how bad they felt the other night.. About how they cried.. About what they hate about you.. & sometimes in an anger about how they think of breaking up with you – when they actually dun mean it - .. etc..

Will you freak out and get mad at them? Will you talk to them about it? Or will you find it as a way where you can really read how they feel and try to improve yourself and your relation?

Just think about it for a moment before deciding..


Bo-Ya3gooob said...

For me, if this ever happened to me i would definitly talk to that person because i think not all personal issues should be discussed in a blog... And to be honest if its someone i love i would expect him/her to tell me what they think to my face not complain behind my back... ;)

Anonymous said...

I would not tell him that I know about the blog. I would secretly surprise him and make him happy again :D

Standy said...

i agree with C.. i would take thier insecurites and be a better person and make them write all love and butterflies =p

but if still after all my efforts they still dont apprciate me, i would simply walk away.. no need to tell about thier blog =p

äмän ♥ said...

i agree with C :)

zainab said...

hmm? well am not sure.
i'll start with asking him if their is something wrong or is he mad of me!

Anonymous said...

A7la part hay > my sisters know about
it, but still they know everything about

E7m e7m :D


BeRo0Q8 said...

Well As For Me..
That Person Kept It A secret For A Reason..! So I won't Tell..
I'll Just Keep On Reading..
And If He worth It I May fix My Mistakes.. And I'll Show his Mistakes Not In The Blog..
But In Our Realtionship :P

Nice Q :D Loved This Post

Butterfly Chick said...

True.. Not all personal issues need to be discussed on their blogs, but they are looking it from the side that no one here knows us and we can talk abt watever we want cuz no one will know my partner or me!
& I am sorry to tell you.. Even if that someone loved u from all their hearts.. Sometimes.. Some words are better left unsaid.. & for us girls.. It is so hard to really tell u whats inside us expecting u to figure things out, which never happen.. But this is how girls and guys are :P!

Butterfly Chick said...

C & Standy..
I agree with u both.. I guess even if it will hurt me to c how badly they are talking about me.. I will still shut up and see where I am going wrong in this and what I'm doing wrong.. I will try to be a better partner do what they want.. I'll try to listen to him through this blog and improve myself to improve our relationship.. Then I will sit back and be happy watching him writing butterflies love about me..

The problem is.. What if I was mistaken and this wasnt his blog a9lan :P LOL

Butterfly Chick said...

So this make us four now ;)

I guess if he wanted to talk abt it he wud from the start.. But yeah there is no harm of asking whats wrong, he might just talk abt it and things get better ^^

Butterfly Chick said...

Kelesh mat7been a7ad yemde7ech :P

Agree.. You may change if this person worth you changing.. I am not saying we wud change 100% just for their sake.. but we will try to improve ourselves if we really want to improve and stay in this relation..
Glad you liked my post dear :)

Standy said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL @BC.. your reply 9ara7a.. now if you are wrong then you just wasted our time trying to make u feel better coz you discovred something that wasnt there a9lan.. loool..

but as your frinds, we forgive you..

Butterfly Chick said...


la la el salfa mo 9ij :P mafee la secret blog wla shay :P it is just a question that clicked on my mind it is not related to me :P

its nice to see how others think though

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

I know girls and guys work differently, but for us guys some things are better said to us rather than just wait for us to figure it out especially things that make u sad or things u dislike... Im gonna be honest here i think that guys dont figure things out because we might try to figure it out today but tomorrow we'll just forget the issue... For me i think if its of high importance to u ladies than it should be said out loud coz lets say we never figure it out then its always going to be an issue between the guy and girl until its said...

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

BTW regarding that no one knows about the blog believe me there is always at least one person who knows who u r, so not everything should be said...

Butterfly Chick said...

What I think is or what I believe in is we need to talk to guys straight away.. In a direct way.. Just tell them whats inside us instead of waiting for them to figure it out.. Guys usually ask whats wrong and when we say nothing they believe us because for them when they say nothing is wrong they actually mean it, while for us when we say nothing, we actually mean everything!
somehow its complicated.. the way we think and the way you think..

& yeah.. LOL u freaked me out :P
I just remembered that I am sharing my blog on my FB I guess I have to remove it from there :P

anyway.. egool el methal latboog oo lat5af.. for me I am not scared if anyone read all what I am sayin here even if that person knows me :)

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

When we guys ask u girls whats wrong and u say nothing... Honestly we know there's something wrong even if u say otherwise but for us guys when someone says nothing is wrong that means they don't want to talk about it...

Butterfly Chick said...

Hmmm.. u sure this is what u guys are? :P I've read books << **5air e5ti? lol** and asked some guys :P they told me when they say nothing they really mean it :P
anyway :P how wud I know, it might depend on the person b3d lol
thanks for clearing things to me ^^

Chick Flick Journal said...

hmmm as long as my identity isn't known then I'm fine with it. I'd feel a bit like "oh why didn't you talk to me about how you felt maybe"

Butterfly Chick said...

good point lol maybe ur right, as long as ur identity is not showing then its fine :P

amalik said...

Ofcourse it will be bothersome, however I will do my best to improve my relation and open a better communication between us both. I was married for 2 years then divorced, and during my marriage I never spoke about many things which I didn't like and I guess not speaking about them brought us both to being divorced today. However, after my divorce, two years and till today I write a entire story daily related to my marriage times, everything... - feelings, emotions, anything.. :)

So sure, it may be somewhat hurtful but then however we must understand we are all different and we can never know anyone, it can take a life-time, therefore - we can always do our best to talk and improve and let the 'fresk-out' mode go away.

Butterfly Chick said...

I am sorry about your marriage but it is good that you learned stuff out of this relation.. I hope things get better in your life inshalla..
& I believe that writing really helps.. At least your letting something off your chest even if there is no one to read what you wrote! Perhaps one day we will be reading your book ;)..
I agree.. It might be hurtful but it cud also improve our relationship..
Thanks for passing by .. Glad to see ur comment :)

amalik said...

You are most welcome. Sure - we all have a story to tell in this world - but the difference is if you're willing to be an author or just an audience.

Thanks for your reply though. I appreciate it. You live in Bahrain? Unless you refuse to give out any information, just wondering.

Butterfly Chick said...

Yeah dear.. I live in Bahrain.. You can see this from my profile too :)..

Addictioneer said...

It depends on the blog. One of my cousins has a blog where he talk about and discuss political issues. I can participate in that one.
If it was a personal blog I wouldn't participate. I'd just be a silent reader. I'll not tell him that he has a personal blog. He made this blog and hide behind a nickname to talk freely about some personal topics and views. It's his space and I'll not screw it even though he's talking about me
If I didn't like his blog, I'll just avoid reading it... like what I do to any other blog

I have a blog and twitter. I don't want family and friends know them cause I write about real deep personal things. only two of my cousins know


Butterfly Chick said...

I liked ur comment :) so you will just walk away and ignore this blog.. I guess you wud be doing the right thing :)