Monday, August 15, 2011

وش اسم امك!

I received this video a couple of days back on my black berry.. It made me laugh but it also made me think.. Why do we think in this way? What if someone asked you about your mother's name? Would you say it?
Why when someone says his father's name he say it in a proud way and when it comes to his mom's name he keep quiet and prefer not to answer!
Which side are you in? Would you say your mom's name? If yes, you wouldn’t care what other people might think of you? If not, why not?!

In the video, you might notice, ena el sheyab ohma akthar nas kanaw egoloon esm omahathum and they were proud of it!

Allah e5alee lena omhatna yarab :)


Anonymous said...

LOL@ all their reactions! I heard that if people know your mom name, they will do black magic on you :'( I don't think I'm gonna tell as well hahahaha!

Chick Flick Journal said...

hahaha this is soo funnyyy! I wont honestly share my mothers name 3aib:p

BlueGem said...

loooooooooooool black magic loooooooooooool x 1000000000

same idea ( 3aib ) not just my mom even my sisters my aunts mmmm my elephant {{mala8a)XD ..

yemken hal shay t3almna mn w7na 93'aar..tht's y ^_^

Butterfly Chick said...

looool you shouldnt believe in these stuff :P Why wud they do this :P :P

lol it is funny, I wonder why we ppl share this.. el rasool 3laih alf el 9alat wel salam kan egool esem his mother.. laish maneqtedi feeh fee hal shay b3d.. we should be proud of our momz as we are proud of our dadz..

9a7.. yamken e7na te3lmna chethee min o e7na 9'3ar.. oo b3d I feel its harder for guys to say their momz name.. ya3ni shway el banat its easier lol madri b3d :P

zainab said...

yeah i received it too ;P
i don't say my mama's name coz i don't like though it holds lovely meaning!

Butterfly Chick said...

So I guess all of you here have the same answer :p
allah e5aleeha lach yarab :)

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Its just a name who cares if others know it... ya3ni asami om irasool oo banata oo zawjata n3aref asameeehom oo ohma ashraf inas fa ma atwa8a3 asami omahatna illy 3aib... Thats just me o0o 3endi wayid min rab3i nafs ishay ma ygolooon 3endihom 3aib, bes la7thaw ina libnaya itha tawha mawloooda 8asdi baby 3adi yingal isimha bes itha kbarat y9eeer 3aib, thats just stupid...

Butterfly Chick said...

You said all what I cudnt explain and say..
I totally agree with every word u said here (Y)

Anas84 said...


Butterfly Chick said...

Lol thanks for passing by dear :)