Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love NoteBook Gift!

If you got the chance to make a notebook for the person you love.. For your anniversary, valentine, birthday or whatever the occasion was.. What are the things that you think you will include?
Let's say you have 20 pages.. Tell me how you will fill these pages..
Imagine.. Think.. Love.. Let me know how far you will go in this :)
Will be waiting ;)


Standy said...

wow.. i"ll fill is with quotes that made sense to us, with the silly things that made us laugh,, i'd draw, rumble, exprece how much i love the person, and in the end, put a picture of the both of us togather =)

zainab said...

wow that's a lovely idea<3
you made me thinking to make one for my fiance and give it to him on our wedding day!
for me i guess i'll fill it with pics and dates!

BlueGem said...

i will make it like a novel The name of The Book Will Be mmmmm ( my heart made to only love you ) I'll be start by writing quotes we wrote then i'll write everything in our story sad,happy moments,i will draw somethin beautiful mayb i draw her ( she'll be amazed i think ) finally i'll never fill the last two pages bcoz i want her to fill it to me abt her wishes n everything then the book will be made by me n her,but b4 i gave her the book i'll take her to our first place,it was so special,she will read the book while listening to westlife - i do ~ thanx ^_^

ren_crow said...

I would include pictures of muffins because thats what I would like them to make for me one day.

Chick Flick Journal said...

scrap book. pictures, letters, gift wraps, maps, a lot! Love it!

Butterfly Chick said...

Nice :P.. I realized that many people will draw.. I suck at drawing lol
It will be nice to start it with a picture of you together and the silly things that made you laugh is good one :P

Butterfly Chick said...

lol do it if you know he will read it :).. Yeah it will be nice on ur wedding.. You can also include all the pictures of that night.. Your ring.. His ring.. Your pictures.. Be creative :D

Butterfly Chick said...

Dont we have a romantic guy here or what :P.. Writing your love story idea is good, writing all the moments you shared together *thumbsup*.. hahaha and agaaain with drawing :P bas its lovely really to draw her.. & I loved the idea of leaving two pages empty for her to fill it.. loved your ideas ;)

Butterfly Chick said...

LOOOOL.. Honestly.. No comment :P loooool.. You made me laugh walla :P

Chick Flick..
A map? That clicked something on my mind :D

Thanks all.. Loved your ideas.. Really creative ones ;)

BlueGem said...


um glad u liked it siso ^^
BTW We would like to c ur ideas too ^_^

äмän ♥ said...

Nice blog :)i am your new follower :)

Wedding Favors said...

Hi chick your image is not load properly

Butterfly Chick said...

Well.. I would write reasons why I love you, what makes you the best, pictures of us, pictures of the places we visited together, the story of how we met, our love song, our chatlogs, msgs, emails.. etc :P see I have many ideas la? :p lol

Butterfly Chick said...

Thanks dear.. Welcome to my blog and glad you liked it :)
I'll be visiting yours soon inshalla ;)

Wedding favors..
Thanks sweetie, I fixed it :)