Thursday, August 4, 2011

How far will you go if you love someone?

How far will you go if you love someone so much and you want to spend your whole life with them! What will you do for him and what will you give up!

Will you marry someone who your family don’t agree on? Will you stand on their face and say I want this person and I want to marry him/her whether you said yes or no I will take them!

Why families say no when that person is poor! Being poor is not a shame is it?! I mean why don’t we go on the person himself, how he is, his behaviors! Why do families always go for money and how he will make their daughter live! Is he going to give her all what she was getting at her home and maybe even more!

So be honest in this, will you accept marrying someone you love when his/her living standard is less than yours?

Will you accept marrying someone you love when his/her level of education is less than yours?

Will you marry someone you love even if your family are not agreeing on?

Waiting for your honest answers :)


Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Let me be honest with u before i answer the questions... i think marriage doesn't have to start with love, u can get married then love the person ur married too... For me my family is the most important thing in my life whatever they say i would agree on hands down, aham shay 3endi bidenya ritha ilwaldain oo bkil shay 7ita izawaj...
Q1: as a man its ok, but if my standards were less than hers i wouldnt get married coz she would expect alot more than i could give...
Q2: Yes it doesnt matter...
Q3: No, NEVER, wouldnt even think about it...

Chick Flick Journal said...

Honestly I woudnt. I mean you love each other okay but then he has no education no money later on how will you guys live?

One thing I've learned from my experience that never go against your family cause in the end they're always right and if you do it'll be like a curse.

I mean I'm dying to marry a guy but I can't. Not because he's less than I am but because my family won't accept the idea of how we met "love" and marriage,

That's my honest opinion love

Kuwait'S Blog said...

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

"The whole world is pleasure, and the best pleasure of the world is the righteous woman.”

Money,beauty,status is secondary to me what matters is the internal beauty

Money is dirt of hand it goes and comes, beauty fades away but the main things is character.

As far as my family is concern my mother is the weak point of my father even if she disagree on anything i would try to convince her i have my own baby tricks :P

At last our parents knows best for us

zainab said...

my fiancé his level education less than mine and we are okay with that! Actually he keeps encouraging me to learn and study more!
and NO i'll mot marry someone my family not agree on, i guess i don't have the courage!

Vainglorious said...

Money comes and goes and education can be acquired. I think the personality of the person is the most important thing.

I know a woman from a wealthy family that married a normal guy. Her education level was higher than his. But he was ambitious with a great personality. She supported him all the way. Now he has a phd and a prestigious job and more money than her family.

It's all about the personality. il tawafiq il fekri wil e7teram wil tafahum bain il sha59ain ohwa il asas

Anonymous said...

1. Money is important! Its sad but its true! At least he has to afford us!

2. Maybe yes, maybe no but I guess no :P

3. YES! DEFINITELY! This is me, the rebellions C! My ideology is like this - I fall in love, even if I fall, turn out sad and get hurt, I won't regret because I have try!

I'm too rebellious to get tame by my family btw!

BlueGem said...

OMG,Sends an arrow straight into my heart,abt ur quiz ( Will you marry someone who your family don’t agree on? Will you stand on their face and say I want this person and I want to marry him/her whether you said yes or no I will take them! )

I've Done tht first my mom didn't agree but after i get down on my knee & told my mom all what i want is her i will never n ever marry another girl only her then my parents agree but her dad doesn't now she's married with someone else abt 2 months ago,we're in love mayb from highschool till we're graduate from university even her mom (my Aunt)said yes, b4 she gets married she's crying so hard then she wanted me to move on with mylife i promise her if i had a daughter she will had her name.

everything in mylife reminds me of her everything listenin to the radio watching tv go to my grandpa or grandma house every single place every single word everything reminds me of her.did u no i still have her sms it's (hi) only (hi).

Love is when you shed a tear & you still want her, it's when you're together but u had bad circumstances Parts u & you still love her, it's when she's married to another guy but you still smile & say im happy for you, when all you really do is cry.I feel like this everyday,fake smile is all i have so no one can figure it out what i hide inside( Um Dying ).

thanx for sharing siso & sorry for this large comment, thanx again coz i feel little bit fine now coz i figuret out a few ^_^

keep it up siso

Anonymous said...

@BlueGem: Too romantic! No way! I'm so sad for you :'(

Butterfly Chick said...

Bo Ya3goob..
"Marriage doesnt have to start with love"
I guess many people believe in that.. They say love comes after marriage and it will be a true one.. I am not against this at all.. But I would rather marry someone I know on someone I dont!
About family.. I know it is so hard to stand up on their face.. But laish we dun give it a try? Why we dont try once, twice with them.. We cant give up on the person we love like this! I am totally with you, I wudnt do anything my family wont agree on.. Bas I guess I'll give it a try at least..
About the standards.. I agree with your point of view..

Enjoyed reading your comment :)

Butterfly Chick said...

Chick Flick..
I am totally agreeing with you.. I guess when it comes to guys it is different because they have to afford money to their wives, so it will be fine with them marrying someone who earn less money - I am not sure about the less education part - But still it is easier for guys.. We girls have to think 1000 times before marrying someone who has less standards than us.. I am not underestimating anyone.. But this is how it is!
I am sorry for what happened to you dear.. & I am sure God will give you something better and you are going to live happily every after just believe in that and move on :)

Butterfly Chick said...

Kuwait's Blog..
True.. But these days we cant marry someone only for his good reputation - and I am talking about us girls - We need to marry someone who we know he is going to afford a good living for us.. Being poor is not shame.. But staying poor is shame.. Some people dont try to work harder because they dont want to while they can! I dun wanna marry someone who wont work harder because he believes that he was born poor and die poor!
Lol about your family.. Well it is good for you that you can have one of them in your side :P
& yeah our families know better :)

Butterfly Chick said...

This is great.. I am glad to hear that.. I mean it is good that he is telling you to study and encouraging you for that :) ! I believe that you should encourage him back and ask him to continue studying if he still wants to ;)..
Yeah.. Most of us dun have a courage to do so.. Perhaps it a good thing!

Butterfly Chick said...

Vainglorious ..
This is what I am talking about.. Staying the way you are is a shame.. But being a better person is all what we want.. But somehow, I guess these days it is hard for two couples with different level standrads - both money & education - to live together.. Maybe before it was easier.. But now I am really not sure of it..
& I truly believe that those who are educated think different than those who are not.. beye5telef el tafkeer.. Maybe cuz I had an experience before thats why I am saying this!

Nawarti bel comment ^^

Butterfly Chick said...

Money is important I agree.. It is not everything but he should afford his family at least!
about the family part, yeah I said we should at least give it a try.. Just give a try! & see how it ends!
Stop beng rebellious :P lol, maybe it is something good in you who knows :P

Butterfly Chick said...

I am so sorry for what happened dear.. Sometimes love hurt.. specially when you love someone and you have to leave them for no reason but cuz your families are against this love.. Maybe they know better! Maybe not.. In some cases they know better and in some they actually dont.. But as hard as it is we should stuck to our family, they will last for us and we have to listen to them even if it kills us!

I know how it feels when you love someone so long but then you have to end it like this.. I know how you keep thinking about them and only them.. Reading your msgs over and over again.. Remembering all the nice memoires.. Remembering the times you laughed.. The times you cried.. BUT.. Tell me how it will help you to move on? & dont tell me you dont wanna move on because you have to! Just be strong.. Start with deleting everything reminds you with her! It is hard.. It is harsh.. I totally agree.. But you have to do it.. Delete the msgs.. Delete the memories.. Everytime you start thinking about her just STOP.. Stop yourself from hurting yourself more!

Love is about loving yourself too.. Love is about letting the person you love live their life.. Dont go so hard on yourself.. Smile.. Love life.. & trust me.. Life will give you something better.. Trust me.. You will find someone who will make you forget.. Just give it time and be ready for a new love instead of grieving on an old one ;)

You are most than welcome dear.. I enjoyed reading your comment.. I actually enjoy reading everyones comment :).. I love long comments so dont stop :P

I am sorry if I was harsh on you on my reply.. Just think about it and you will know that you have to move on :)

& yeah.. writing will make you feel better.. So you can express yourself anytime.. Here or anywhere :)

Good luck!

BlueGem said...


hi again ^_^

i don't no where to start...

did u know tht u told me the same things she said to me exactly mayb in every single word, n i no ur right & it will be the only solution for me but i regret it, i wish for her best good luck but i'd rather b with my family than to get married to someone tht i don't love, it's complicated i no but mayb my destiny is to live mylife alone,btw thanx for the advice & i tried so hard n i can't do tht mayb f i'll b in a coma someday,one of my family or her removed everything then i wakeup remembering nothing<< good story hah XD

u said ( & dont tell me you dont wanna move on because you have to!)

i don't wanna to move on I'll be waiting for her mayb till my god take my birth away

i no now um like a dead man who can walk to his own grave

as i said i love to be alone it's to good for me n for everyone

thanx again good luck for u too ^_^

P.S: Bluegem = Lost

Butterfly Chick said...

Hello dear :).. Yeah I realized that you are lost :P..
I did not tell you to marry someone you dont love.. I said time will heal all this pain.. Time will make you forget.. & time will bring you a better person to love.. I am not saying it will take a day, nor two, not even a week, not a month.. Some people stay single for years after a hurtful relationship, but others, when they truely find the one, they move on..
No one has a destiny to live alone.. We choose.. El ensan mo5ayar mo mosayar.. We choose whether to be with someone or to stay alone..
Dont do this to yourself, because as I said, you have to learn to love yourself to love others.. We all been there.. Don't think that you are the only one who has been hurt out of love.. I guess most of us, we have been hurt from our first love in a way or another, and no, you are not the only one who got hurt this way.. Just stop feeling sorry and regreting.. Trust me it is not worth it.. Not now.. She is married to someone else so you have to lose hope on this.. Move on dear.. Open your eyes and your heart.. Believe in yourself.. Tell yourself you can do it.. Because you know and I know that you can do it :)..
Try it at least what will you lose? :)

BlueGem said...

oooooooh butterfly pleaseeeee stop sayin tht i didn't like it when u said ( time will bring you a better person to love ) i hate tht sentence so much ... u reminds me of her when u talk like tht omg ...!!

even if it will takes a zillion years i'd like to stay alone n abt choosing I'll choose being alone,i don't like to marry a girl n live a lie,f my mom mayb gets upset coz she wants me to get married i'll be married under 3 condition:

1st: the girl must accept tht there's another girl in my heart..
2nd:if we had a daughter her name must b the name of my first love..
3rd:( it will be so hursh )f my first love is back i'll marry her
f she accept these i will marry her.

i must be honest to her from the first time coz i didn't want to live a lie so tht mayb she will find a better person n then she live happily never after ...

i'll never n ever love another person & yes it's worth it,as i said b4 i'd rather to stay alone than to b with someone else..n i will wait forever..

i'd love to c her everytime in my toughts n my dreams everywhere n every moments in mylife,i no it hurts me so much mayb i get tired but it's OK for me i liked it..f i open my eyes i'll c her and she is the only one who has the key of my heart,i can't do tht n i don't want to do tht,f i try i will lose her thts why i didn't want to so my heart will be closed forever ..!!

sorry f i said somethin botherin u sis but thts what i tought about it,thanx again doctor foz << just kiddin ^_^

thanx for trying to help me get over this, i appreciate tht ^^

Butterfly Chick said...

Loooool.. Okay I am sorry for being a pain :P lol.. Okay I'll stop acting like Dr foz :P loool
I do wanna comment on all what you said but I am afraid that we get into an argument and it looks like it will never end :P

Best of luck in all what you wish for,, & if you ever need anything we are here to listen and to act like Dr FOZ :P :P

BlueGem said...


f u do wanna comment then say whatever u wanted to say don't b afraid,you have green light ^_^

btw it really looks like it will never end

just wanna say something

bluegem he's dead in abt 2 months ago
all right!!
with her...
now all what i've left is her shadow

sorry for being stubborn


Butterfly Chick said...

Grrrr ur taking my nerve :P
Stop acting like this :o!
Wait wait.. you gave me the green light.. so agdar azefek right? :P
Come on!! it is not the end of the world ! so what you loved and it didn’t work! So what you loved her like no one else! So what you cant forget about it! It is still not the end of the world! And no you are not dead you are still living! And no you cant stay like this and you wont stay like this!
Some people had worst than what you had.. and this didn’t stop them from living! You are just being so “metsha2em”! come on be optimistic! Don’t love mabeek et7eb :P! bas love yourself! Love life! I am not asking you to love a girl! Love life! You people underestimate life walla.. life is so great.. life is so beautiful.. love it.. enjoy it.. enjoy every moment of it instead of grieving and feeling sorry for yourself! To where it will lead you? To no where! You wanna end up alone..? you seriously think we people can end up alone? No we cant! You just got out from a hurtful relation and you cant totally get over it now.. you will need time I know.. bas remove those thoughts from your mind.. act like a young man! End that chapter and start a new chapter in your life! Open a new page!
Lol okay I was harsh now? :P sorry for that.. I know no one has the right to tell you what to do.. and you don’t have to listen to me.. you don’t have to do what I say.. you will do what you feel like doing.. but trust me.. you need someone to lead you to the correct path.. life is great just don’t forget that :)

BlueGem said...

so what..!!

the one who saved mylife is gone now..the one who brings back my real smile is never coming back,the one who i've been with all the time in every moments in mylife i'll never see her again..

i can't imagine mylife without her,dreaming we're still together n wakeup alone it's not's really not..

i never said ur wrong,ur absoultly right,i reall dunno how can i say tht

i think tht i have no idea what do now just live without hope or future waiting for a maricle happen.

p.s:yes tgdren tzefeen loool

b4 i no abt her engagement i had a plan hv a bachelor master's degree,i'll do tht when she's with me.. now she's not..

i've million plans when she's with me.. i lost the map n found it while every roads are fades so i can't keep going coz um afraid f i take the wrong way i lost her forever...

without her um nothing,i've nothing

now um just thinkin ok i study n graduate and then.. nothing

work n then .. nothing


life is great with it means nothing

i can b with my family my friend but i hate faking my smile..omg i really don't no what 2 say ..

in my life i have one book
it has a special key
and i've lost it because of me..

now it's covered with blood
so nor i can't look.
neither can't see

i'll stop writing now mayb f i have somethin' to say i'll say it,thanx again n hv a nice day ^_^

Anonymous said...

BlueGem, this is not an advice because I know you won't take one :p But think about what I believe in > "love someone who loves you more".
Dear BC, I love ur blog ;)

BlueGem said...


the one who loves me more is married n i wish for her best good luck ..

& she'll always be the one ..

thanx anonymous & thanx u all ..

Butterfly Chick said...

I guess the studying idea is good.. Continue with ur studies :) at least you will get busy doing something instead of thinking.. Do stuff for yourself.. This is your future.. Study & work so you get money and spend it on yourself :)..
Don't stop your life like this.. & you can write whenever you feel like it :)

Butterfly Chick said...

Hello dear.. Yeah BlueGem is so stubborn :P he wouldnt take an advice no matter what :P lol.. *JK Blue :P*
Glad you liked my blog :).. It will be nice to see you more often :)

Addictioneer said...

Interesting topic

I don't care about anything but love
Of course family can disagree though they should give reasons that make "sense" otherwise I would go ahead
Education and living standards are not reasons that make sense to me

Women on the other hand
Imho they should consider living standards and education.
When we say education we don't mean he should be a doctor
similarly, living standards doesn't mean that he should be rich
Man should be well educated and 3la gd 7ala

To me marriage is living with each other and building a family. Love isn't enough

Butterfly Chick said...

Exactly! You said all what inside my mind and couldnt express it :P
I agree with every little thing you said here!
& yeah it is diff to men and women..!
& yeah lel2asaf, love is not enough!