Thursday, August 25, 2011


First of all I apologize for the title of the topic.. I thought that this criteria has decreased, but then I realized that I have grown up and started to communicate less with people..
I am not here to say whether what they are/do is wrong or right.. I am here to put you in a situation and see your opinion on it..

So let’s say, your sister/wife/daughter/best friend/etc.. is in a friendship with a lesbian girl.. What would you do about it? Would you see it normal and we shouldn’t ignore those type of people because they live with us and some are really nice? Or would you try to ask them to stay away from those type of people because they can drag others to their path?

What would you do.. & why?

Going deeper.. Do you have this type of friends? How do you act in front of them? How do they act in front of you?


M7md Ghazi said...

I had a friend back in Amman , she was a "boya" , she dresses better than me sometimes :p we weren't that close , but we used to hang out !!
she was kind , funny and everything
but I always wanted to tell her , you need some medical treatment .. xD but I couldn't :p
I'm so againt hal sewalef .. <.<

zainab said...

i'll feel uncomfortable with them around i guess!
i never had to deal with these kinds.

Anonymous said...

Ana ma3ndi friends chthii wala abi :D
Oo leen achoofhum fy el madersa a7shum
Chna 9byan 9j *b3'6hum* :|. Oo el wa'63
eykoon '3areeb lol xD.
Enshallah mafi boyat hal sna fy 9afi

Laila -.-

Anas84 said...

Embala enty almafrooth ehneh ench tgolen ena hatha kha6a2 ! o kha6a2 kbeer , ashwa enna beredon altajneed 3ndena bel kuwait 3lshan ma nshof methel hal ashkaal

Butterfly Chick said...

lol @ she dresses better than me sometimes :P
well I agree, these type need some treatment, but I am not sure if those treatments are available in our countries or not! ya3ni hal lazem ero7oon 7ag 6eb nafsi wala shelsalfa?
Allah yahdii el kel inshalla :)

Butterfly Chick said...

I wud feel the same I guess if I had them around..
Its good that you never did deal with them! Allah yab3edech 3anhum :)

Butterfly Chick said...

allah yab3edhum 3anech lil siso :*.. its better to stay away from them oo inshalla mafee fee 9afech hal sena ;)

Butterfly Chick said...

ana magelt enhum 9a7.. bas gelt mawthoo3i mo ehni 3shan agool enhum 9a7 aw 5a6a2.. allah yahdeehum yarab oo yahdeena ajm3een inshalla..
tajneed ? is it for guys u mean? ena ed5loonhum el jaish? beswoona ejbari 3endkum?! hathii momken e7el moshkela el gays (el reyayeel) bas moshkelat el boyat (el banat) shloon beten7al?!

Chick Flick Journal said...

st'3frAllah EW

Abdullah Malik said...

Well it's okay to have friends who are different from normal sexual orientation as long as they don't cross the lines. I have had few gay/lesbian friends when I lived in the United States. However, in Kuwait you need to be a little more careful - they don't understand 'border' and 'respect' here. :) yes I love to criticize, it's what I do in Kuwait all the time, and maybe soon I'll have a 'Travel ban' lol

Butterfly Chick said...

LOL yeah esta'3fer allah oo allah yahdeehum yarab..

It is good to see different way of thinking and different comments here..
So you said its okay to have them as friends as long as they dun cross the lines.. What lines ur talking about here? & how will they cross it?!
I am sorry to say this.. But I guess people here - in gulf let's say - are being lesbians because it is a *haba* thingy .. A lot of girls turned to be boyat,lesbians, because they wanted to explore this world! I strongly believe that these type are sick people who need a treatment.. I wonder where could they have this kind of treatments and why our countries dont provide treatments for them!

malik said...

The lines I am talking about are when you meet alone it just stays like the way you meet outside, but in the gulf countries they love crossing lines and then saying oh i'm sorry, which doesn't help what they already did. Not all are like that, but majority of them.

Exploring the world by turning your sexual taste to something else is the worse way to do it. This is not exploring, it is exploiting yourself. It is very wrong and I do not blame these young people because gulf itself is very conservative but has everything for those who hold money/power.

The countries ofcourse will never take serious steps which is educating them, holding free seminars, etc because they make money from such people... just like gulf accidents no way they will make police be so so strict here, or else how money will come? It is all a business, sad to say but many never have the courage to speak the truth, as they say you are free to use freedom in gulf but when you do, they will take you to jail but hell I'd love that lol I am not afraid at all.

These are not sick people, simply lost and out of social touch. You see, like in Kuwait all government schools are not mixed, from childhood till highschool you see guy guy guy, guy teacher, everything.. imagine when your urges are high and all you have been around is males...? Suddenly you see females outside then you stare at them like a 'dog' which is normal here and end up raping her and also coming out due to something called in gulf 'WAASTA' - then most arabic families if your a female and say 'I have a male even just as a friend and I am going out with him for a walk' lol they will kill you. So therefore people end up hiding and doing such things, or turn to being gay or lesbians as no other outlet is available....

wow I talked alot

Anonymous said...

hello, the title really attracted me!AWAL SHAY 7ABAIT AGOOL BELHADAWA READ MY COMMENT, LATKOON FE RADAT FE3IL 3AKSIYA, WE7TERAM ELRAY YDEL 3ALA SHA59EYA MU7ATARAMA,THANKUUU. i think this subject is really intreseting infact! First of all i'd like to agree with Malik. Those people arent sick. there are two kind of boyat/les/gays i can say after my long researches about them. Some are born biologically that way which means they arent the cause of such thing yet if they took medical treatments they can overcome this situations and this can be done by "6abeeb nafse" but alot of them dont have the courage to confess to their family since we live in a close islamic comunity i can say.. And "3adat o taqaleed" had destroyed all people's minds. Plus people in kuwait look at people eli 3endihom marath nafse bnathra ena elensan is maynoon not like any other sickness.

Talking about people who are born with correct bioligical genes, those are the ones who have the choice and may say did the wrong choice.

looking at the country, we can say no medical treatments were offered to them yet, bad treatment was given which increases the problem, because not interacting with such people isnt gonna help yet it will make it worse.

eldawla sannat 8awaneen which isnt mentally for their good. for example 7ag elgays 3e8ab ena they cut his hair "gar3a" o ena yge6oona belsijen which will make this person learn how to look like a boy physically bs mendakhel ya3ne between him and his soulmate or his boyfriend they can do everything secretly, which isnt helping in decreasing the number of people who are sick. maybe trying to take such people to phsycologist to give treatment may solve thi problem 7ata law ako small percentage ena yemkn esa3ed better than those rules who arent helping!

I think its the job for every citizen to interact with those people since they are people first of all and second of "lama net7asha" those people we are increasing in this problem. yet lama n3aref halsha59 chethy 3adi we interact o get closer and closer and then give a helping hand.. 7ata allah wa9aaana "nsa3ed elnaaaas" o bna5et ajer men halshay e9laaa7 bani aaadam mo shay shwaya..

i had 2 friends boyat o interacted with all respect 7atan 3araft bel9edfa enhom chthy cuz 6ab3an belkwait etha elwa7ed e3taraf beshofona eb nathra dooniya, plus matkalamt o geltlihom wela kashait bel3aks wajbi eny asa3ed wel7imdela elfathel la allah eni i got close wil7imdela gltlihom enru7 bru7na blsir na5eth treatment since surely she wont confess to her family o 3ugb mu7awalt wayed she agreed, o she now a ordinary girl!

Try doing something new, try helping rather than "te7el6em" except people from different sexs respect and help ..


Butterfly Chick said...

I appreciate your reply.. What I didnt get here is how the contry is making money out of them?!
& yeah I agree with you I guess.. You are right when you said they are not sick people.. They are people who simply lost..
But what u said abt skool and 3adatna.. Here in Bahrain we have mix schools.. I mean guys and girls can end up being in one class.. Even at uni.. But this didnt stop the fact that we have gays and lesbians! So we cant say that the problem is becuz we dun have mix skools! & also a lot of families wudnt mind that their daughter talk to a guy as a friend or even go out with him.. For me my parents wudnt mind me having a friend from uni or work.. Not going out with him, but wudnt mind if he called me out of work hours or uni hours to talk abt work or studies.. You got what I mean?
I really hope that someone look seriously to them and try to do something for them.. Allah yahdeehum yarab..

& you can talk as much as you want :P I like those who talk a lot :).. Sorry for replying late!

Butterfly Chick said...

Hello dear.. First of all.. I wonder why you started your comment with read my comment oo la akoon fe radat fe3el 3akseya :P .. I am always calm dun worry .. bas 7sait eni bansab ehni madri laish lol.. and also.. I thought that you are a gay/lesbian person.. No offence but with what u said I thought that you will start swearing at me!
I agree with you.. Some (who are rare to tell the truth) were born biologically like this.. But be fair.. Do you think ena thalathat arba3 el banat fel ba7rain wala fel kuwait were born like this? I dun think so! & I dun think families need a confession from their kids! Come on! some of them are so clear! you can tell that they are like this.. some families live in the denial and others hoping that if they didnt open this subject with their kids they will finally get back and grow up to be a better person.. and I know some families who are like this so I am not talkin out of no where!

See I am not against those ppl.. I do wanna help them if I got the chance to.. & those who were born like this "la e3terath 3ala ely katbah allah" I am with ena yet3aljoon and they can change their sex if this is what they shud do and if this is what the dr asked them too! We had a transfer here in bahrain.. a lady turned to a man l2ana hermonatha el rejoleya kanat akthar so this is okay if this is what the dr asked for! min na7yat el 6eb enha walad so she needs to change her sex..

I am glad cuz u cud change some of them.. Its really great.. the problem is.. some are enjoying what they are doing.. and they dun want u to change them! they really dun wanna talk abt it at all!!

I hope you can share ur experience - if u dun mind - so perhaps we can do the same and save those ppl :)

Its nice to see ur comment here dear.. I wud never get angry at someone's comments.. Its your opinion after all and who am I to judge someone's opinion :)..

ana sorry 6awalt fel rad oo 6walt fel 7achi :P

stay in touch :)

Anonymous said...

My friend who's muslim/yemeniya had a girlfriend (she's a girl) and she's experimented with the same sex. She never told me but I found out one day while I was on her facebook. It made me sad that she didn't have enough trust to tell me that she had a girlfriend. I never told her I knew because I wanted her to be able to tell me herself. I treated/treat her exactly the same as I do now. She's still a good person even though she did that. Around a year later I asked her something that would allow her to open up to me (that didn't hint that I knew) she rushed the subject while lying to me and changed it right away. I understood that she'd never tell me about it. So i left it at that. Right now she has a boyfriend whom I've met a couple of days ago and i'm happy for her. I dislike people who judge someone for their actions. Haram or not it's not my business. Bas Allah yastor min keda. I'd never want that for my sisters/children my family is my business... the rest no.

r.alsharif said...

If they're in a relationship with them then yeah you should worry because it would make them lesbo as well. I admit I have a friends that's gay we're not close but he's a really nice person. I know it's wrong but i'm ok with gay guys as friends but lesbians freak the daylights outta me! I guess knowing that you can be friends with a guy who won't want a relationship is what makes me feel more comfortable but if it's a lesbian then there's no knowing.

Butterfly Chick said...

Perfectly imperfect..
I went to the same issue u went through.. it hurts when they keep lying to u and not open up.. you really wanna help them but they just shut u away and keep doing watever they are doing.. for me.. ebte3adt.. cuz it was better for both of us.. i still love her cuz once she was my best friend.. still atmana leha kel el 5air oo allah yahdeeha yarab :)..

Butterfly Chick said...

yeah I dun think i wud be comfortable being around lesbians too.. I guess being away is much better.. they have their own friends.. their own parties which for sure i wudnt like being around..