Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Me & Ages!

What is wrong with me! Seriously! I am never good at guessing someone’s age! And I always assume that they are younger than me! And I start treating them like they are younger!

Okay.. Okay.. I will tell you what is all this about..
You know I used to go to courses at night.. All the girls were on my age or younger and also the guys.. There was that cute guy who I ASSUMED that he was younger than me! My friend had a little crush on him and I was like “min 9ijech! Shtabeen feeh yahel!”
After one year with him.. After I ended studying.. I discovered that he is 30 !!!!!! OMG and I thought he was 24!!!!! What’s wrong with me =O!
I know it is not like I wanted to be in a relation with him “a9lan ebe6 el chabed kan lol” bas what I mean here.. When I see a younger guy I usually “age6 el meyana naw3an ma” I don’t put lines between us assuming that he is younger! & I guess I was treating that guy chee! Which is “FESHEELA”!!

Today also, a guy from work called me, I like this guy and I respect him so much – as a brother –, so he wanted something and I asked him to give me his CPR, and when he did I started to blush! I thought he was born on 1987 and the fact is he was born on 1984! Which makes him 2 years older than me! I blushed then I giggled! I told him you are 84? =O I always thought you were younger! Lol he laughed.. I swear I felt so stupid! No wonder I thought all guys in my age are taken! This is because I never knew that these guys are on my age or older :P I always assume that they are younger! Lol

I guess I should stop assuming people’s ages! I hate how I treated those guys as they are younger! I dunno a9lan why we girls treat guys who are younger different than those who are older! Or is it just me?!! Pff!!


Standy said...


tu7fa wallah!! no comments loooooool

C said...

Guess how old I am LOOOOOOL! Please say 18, 18, 18 *cross fingers*

zainab said...

people always give me age 3 years younger than mine - at least - and i like it ;P

sadia said...


"No wonder I thought all guys in my age are taken!"

From now on I hope you don't crush on young boys thinking they must be older than you :p

Butterfly Chick said...

LOOOOOL :P shaswiiii wallaaaah :P

hahahaha.. 17? :$ LOL :P

Butterfly Chick said...

people also say I look younger :P it is nice lol.. bas now I guess I look like 25 madri :P

WAAAA :'( :'( there was actually a cute guy who I thought he was older than me and then I knew he was younger LOOOL agool lekum kela a'3le6 fel a3maar :P! LOL

BeRo0Q8 said...

LooooooL It Happens :P
Almfroo'9 tet2kden gablha :P
I always Try To Get To Know Bs bshakel mo mbasher :P

Chick Flick Journal said...

LOL this is so funny and it does happen a lot but isnt it nice to discover that cute guys that are older than you are still available and around:p

Butterfly Chick said...

LOL shloon at2akad :P I cant go ask the guy how old are you :P hahaha I really suck at this :(
if you have your own ways I will be more than happy if you teach them to me :P

Butterfly Chick said...

3ad 3gb shenoooooooo :P ! Its too late to know that they are older now LOL
hahah im jk anyway (a) I am not interested in anyone of them *e7m* lol

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Lo0oooooooooL 3adi mafeeha shay dam ur guessing younger 5al yistanson ishabab... :P ana astaghreb min inas illy they guess my age, fee nas guessed my age right and others 3a6oni 5 years older...

Butterfly Chick said...

looool ay yestansoon :P I am loosing all the guys chee la LOL JK JK :P

lol 5 years older is too much :P ma3endhum nethar malak 5a9 :P .. I guess its nice ena guys look older somehow :P lol

Addictioneer said...

When ppl guess my age, they often give 5 years younger. It makes me feel that awkward feeling that they are treating me like a baby :p

Butterfly Chick said...

eee la.. this is exactly what I do LOL