Monday, June 20, 2011

Perfect First Date

What's your idea of a perfect first date?
Where would your first ideal date be?
What would you wear on your first date?

Okay.. So dream if you never had a perfect first date! What is your fantasy on the perfect date ever? Where would you like to go?
Cinema? dinner at a fancy restaurant? A walk? A romantic holiday? Two of you alone at an island?

I wanna hear your fantasies.. Just close your eyes and imagine? What would be the best date ever.. How will it be? What you will eat? What you will dress? What will you do? Just give me all what’s inside your mind! Even if it just an imagination!

If you already had it, what was it, where was it and what were you wearing?


Anonymous said...

Imagination: Back pack travel in foreign country and met someone special :P Have a cup of coffee and talk about life. Would love to wear cute maxi dress and sandals!

Real life: Invited by B to his birthday, only me and him. Had Korean buffet barbeque, missed that place! Then a movie later :) Wear destroyed jeans and black singlet and converse :P That was way back in uni, 3 years ago :D

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Hmmmm first dates i dont know actually but i guess it would depend on her interests... I would prefer something more adventurous than a regular date and after the adventure maybe a romantic dinner alone and i mean alone not a restaurant maybe kashta on the beach :P a table at high level floor on a balcony with the best view ever... Ya3ni this is my imagination im sure its not gonna happen, these things only happen in movies...

Butterfly Chick said...

regarding to your imagination.. lol so you mean like meet someone that you dont know before? interesting :P ..

about your real life.. may you stay forever with Mr.B.. I guess this is the typical date that happens every where.. dinner/lunch and cinema.. I'm sure you enjoyed your time.. the most important thing that you spend it with the person you love <3..

Butterfly Chick said...

Bo Ya3goob..
a big big BIG AWWWWWWWW <3.. that is reallyyyyyyy romantic idea.. LOVED IT!!.. well about the adventure part I guess it would be really nice to do something chethee for the first time together.. facing fear and excitement together.. so lovely.. then dinner <3.. the two of you alone <3.. on the beach <3 .. hahaha wayedddd dashait jaw m3a ur date idea lol.. it is sooooo romantic and lovely.. its nice ena we see guys thinking this way lol no offence :$ but most guys dont like romance I guess! ..
& comeon.. I know it is maybe so hard to do it, bas you can take your wife in the future inshalla to somewhere and do all this together lol.. make the movie come true :P

haha what a long reply :O :$

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

LooooL it might happen but not on the first date, its just hard with 3adatna... But afterwards inshalla u never know... 3asa bes illey ba5eth-ha ma ti6la3 5awafa... :P oo chinich 6abaitay bishabab shwaya, LoooooooooooL...

Kuwait's blog said...

LOL why first date what happened after marriage: P

First of all dating is haram in Islam

Second I would ask her if she likes online adventures games like world of war craft or runescape etc etc

Then we both would play all day long how romantic <3 it is it: P: P

Butterfly Chick said...

Bo Ya3goob..
loooooooool :P shway bas la? :P lol ..
well ee adri mo min 3adatna bas im just telling u guys to imagine :P and you have done WELL on this :P.. hahaha allah ya36eek wa7da nfs matabeeha inshalla oo te6la3 m3ak oo etsawi kel adventure u want :P

Butterfly Chick said...

enzain hathahwa la.. ya3ni if you got married you wont get out with your wife in dates? :P its the same! shloon tabee el date ekoon m3a zoojtek fel mostaqbal :P..

ok ok I know dating is 7aram im not tellin u ppl to go date lol.. just imagine :P..

**now ZAF time**
Ent min 9ijeeek!!! LA LA min 9ijeeek?! LA LA tet'3shmar :O !!
hahaha sheno online games 7ram 3laik !! hai el perfect date a7een:P!! u know what ! inshalla 9ij hal shay e9eer oo she keep WINNING 3shan tenqeher oo etkaser el games oo tamshi :P :P hahaha im so devil *angelic*

thanks for commenting ^^ << 3gb el zaf a7awel akoon nice :P

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Thnxxxxx butterfly inshalla... Oo u 2...

Butterfly Chick said...

You are welcome dear :)

Kuwait's blog said...

kaak kaaak lo sholoon inshAllah ana faiyz kul mara hehe if you are talking about this type of dating then i would make it the best one :)

Butterfly Chick said...

la wallaaaa? :P wayed watheq ya3ni ena you will win!

how you will make it the best one la? :P ur not sharing ur thoughts here :P

Kuwait's blog said...

is blushing

Butterfly Chick said...

lol :P

Anonymous said...

@Kuwait Blog: Hands up legs up agreed in World of Warcraft, I will die for it! Well dating is haram in Islam but why so serious?

Anonymous said...

@Butterfly chick: Yes meeting someone new is fun but now after you have someone :D I'm very faithful and loyal haha :D

Thank you so much 7yaty! Same goes to you, may you live in love and happiness forever with your love one :)

Standy said...

hmm.. i dont ask for much.. its always the little things that matter..

a perfect date for me would be something fun and something new to do for the both us =)

Butterfly Chick said...

lol aya 3alaich dear.. u r welcome and thanks back to u :)

7elo ena el wa7ed ekoon qanoo3 :)..

allah ya36eech 3ala gad neyetech ^^