Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lazy Rules

Hi everyone .. Here are some lazy rules that I read and loved.. Enjoy reading and sharing any rules you have..

Lazy Rules #1:
The farther away the remote is, the more you like what's already on TV..

Lazy rule #2:
If you have to say something more than once, its not worth the energy..

Lazy Rule #3:
If you spill water, it will eventually dry..

Lazy rule #4:
i'll tell you later!!

Lazy rule #5:
Don't charge your phone till it says 5% remaining..

Lazy Rule #6:
Screw the "Terms & Conditions. Just hit Accept..

Lazy Rule #7:
If its not on the 1st search page on Google, it doesn't exist..

Lazy Rule #8:
Why make your bed when you're just gonna get back in it again..

Lazy Rule #9:
If you are late, dont go..

lazy rule # 10:
if you drop the ice cube, just kick it under the fridge..


Prince Abdullah said...

Lmaoo, they are awesome!!! especially the first 1, i liked it the most! lol

Standy said...

LOOOOOl..loved the rules.. maybe i should live by them =p

Butterfly Chick said...

Prince Abdulla..
Hahahaha so true la :P

Maybe I am living by them :$ :P

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

Lo0oooL most are true... Its funny im reading them and recalling memories where they actually happened... :D

Butterfly Chick said...

hehehehe yeah maybe a lot of us done this before :P

nice to see your comment on my blog dear ^^