Friday, June 17, 2011

Exaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamz !!

Hello all..

I hope you are enjoying your weekend ..

For me.. I will start enjoying every weekend, every day, every summer and every winter on September *HOPEFULLY*..!

On September *INSHALLA* I'll be finishing my studies.. I'm currently doing my CIMA and my exams will be on July & August..! I'm trying to study at the weekends but it is sooo hard to do so
!! .. I don't know why! Every chapter is like only 8 pages! & some are only 4 pages! and it takes me forever to read them!! !! I used to study double of these books and finish them in the exam night when I was at university! What changed now?! Am I getting older? Pff!! ..

I just need to let it go out of my chest and perhaps I wanted to run away from my book shway.. Pray for me all to pass
!! I just wanna PASS.. I don't care whether I get A B C D.. I just wanna see that my result is 65% !! yeah my exam is computer based so I'll get the result as soon as I finish !! ..

Wish me luck all


Anonymous said...

Mabrooooook babe! Can't wait to see you finish soon! No worries, its faster than you thought then you will start to miss school when you graduate :D Good luck in your exams! Kisses and cookies :**

Gold Medal Ribbon said...

Alaaaaaaah ewafgich 7abeeeeeeeebtii!!;** wesahil 3alaich inshallaaaaaah!! o mabroooook muqadman;**

Butterfly Chick said...

Everyone tells me that I'll miss studying when I'm done and I might even think of studying more.. BUT,, NO and No and No :P lol I just wanna finish and enjoy my life with no books 5laaa9 !! lol
Thanks dear for ur wishes.. Inshalla yarab I pass :)..
**hugs and kisses**

Butterfly Chick said...

Ameeeeeeeeeeeeen yaraaaaaaaaaaaaab :(
Thanks 7abeebti matga9reeen :***

Bo-Ya3gooob said...

'Am i getting older' Lo0ooooL... Miss Studying HA never... i never missed my university days and i dont think i ever will, even when i pass by my college i still feel angry and hate the fact i was in it... :P
Neways alllah ywafgich oo ysahel 3alaich ilexaaamz shiday 7ailich so u can enjoy your vacation...

Butterfly Chick said...

looool.. since i started doing this certificate i started to miss uni somehow :( lol.. bas now LA LA oo alf LAA :P i dont miss uni and i will never ever ever ever miss studying *HOPEFULLY* :P

thanks a lot dear :)

Saifullah said...

LOOL you are my twin i hate studies but i bet the time you are spending with your freinds in uni you would miss them like hell these are your days girl enjoyyyyyy and dont take your studies as burden study them like you are reading some novels

InshALLAH dont worry i believe in you.You will pass

Butterfly Chick said...

hahaha I wish i cud read those books like I read my novel books :( I just cant !!
Thank God on everything and Inshallah I'll pass in my exams and will take a rest a bet before thinking of studying again lol

Standy said...

wow.. all the best and i think indeed your getting old =p j/k

muwafaqa inshallah...

and inshallah you will pass with flying colours =)


Butterfly Chick said...

hahahaha yeah im getting really old :( lol..

thanks dear for wishin me luck.. passed in 2 failed in one :P yalla 7amdella